Window Shopping at Toy Kingdom

Yes, window shopping! Because we ended up buying nothing. :-)

After our lunch at The Old Spaghetti House last Sunday, we headed to Toy Kingdom to see if we could buy something for Trev. I told Allan kasi that I wanted to look for a toddler table and chair for Trev. Something like this picture below.

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Aww, those toddlers are sooo cute in that table and chair. I'm sure Trev would love it too! 

Anyway, we found one from Toy Kingdom but it didn't satisfy my husband's taste and preference so we didn't buy it. He said we could try looking again at Trinoma. 

Trev enjoyed our window shopping though. :-)

Trev kept getting all the balls! :-)

And more balls!

Ayan, kasabwat na si Tatay niya, haha!

Unfortunately, we didn't buy him any of the balls because he already has a lot at home. He even can't play with all of those all at the same time. Haha!

Anyway, he sure had fun playing at Toy Kingdom. Good thing he allowed us to put all the balls back to their places after playing with it or just simply holding or touching any of it.

Trying out one of the toddler chairs. So cute! Napagod ata kakalaro ng mga bola, he took time sitting on that chair. 

Picture taking with Optimus Prime muna. Teka, si Optimum Prime nga ba 'to? Hihi!

Eto, alam ko, si Winnie the Poh 'to. Haha!

Okay, so, no finds for us at Toy Kingdom. Sad si Trev oh. That's okay, anak. Don't be sad. :-) 

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