OBM Baby Blast 4

After the Grand Easter Party at SM North EDSA, we had a chance again to attend another baby event, the OBM Baby Blast 4 at Trinoma last April 14!

We were supposed to go there at 10AM so we could watch the start of the program but Trev fell asleep and woke up at lunch time already so we went there at 2PM. I thought we missed a lot but I'm glad we did not. We were still able to catch a lot of fun-filled activities. 

At the registration area

Me busy with the registration/raffle entries. :-)

Just arrived! Wondering where to go first. :-)

Hihi! Smile anak! :-)

Trev loves balloons! :-)

And he loves books, too! :-)

Photo Description: Get at least 8 hours of sleep. A good night's rest and day time naps keeps you alert and helps you grow. :-)

Photo Description: Rock your smile. Brush after every meal. Floss everyday. Don't forget to visit your dentist every 6 months. :-)
There's an ongoing talk.

Listening to the talk.
There were talks about a lot of topics. But what I like the most was the talk about Unang Yakap and Unang Ngipin. Yeah, right, Unang Ngipin! You might be surprised to read that. I, too, was surprised to hear that from the speaker. I thought I misheard it. Hahaha!

Topic: Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC)
Topic: Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC)

I know about Unang Yakap, though hearing a live discussion about it definitely is something else. I learned a lot. I'm glad there's a topic like this at the Baby Blast!

I am just one of the lucky mothers who experienced Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC) when I gave birth to Trev. Note that I had given birth via Caesarian Section. Until now, I am so grateful and happy that my OB was so nice that she was still able to perform the Unang Yakap eventhough I was not able to give birth via normal delivery. I still remember very vividly the very first time I saw Trev. I was still all too groggy under the anaesthesia but I tried my very best to look at him and smile at him as they put him on my breast to latch. They also allowed me to kiss him. And the feeling was heaven! I felt so light and I fell instantly inlove with my son! Unang Yakap has also helped me to become more inspired and motivated to continue with my breastfeeding journey.

Unang Yakap and Breastfeeding. VIdeo Caption: "Exclusive breastfeeding starts at birth with colostrum feeding and continues for six months."

The speaker, I think I heard her name was Dra. Lorraine Co (I hope I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I'm wrong), also talked about Unang Ngipin. 

Allan said "Unang Ngipin?", baffled. 
I said, "Oo ata, yun din ang dinig ko." Baffled, too!

Hahaha, it was the first time kasi that we heard a talk about Unang Ngipin. And I'm glad. I have been constantly monitoring Trev's dental routine every single day because I don't want him to suffer from dental caries as early as now. He has 12 teeth so far and I make sure to brush his teeth daily. 

Video Caption: "Even babies can have problems with tooth decay. "

In the video but not in photo: Good news. Strengthening baby teeth can be simple. According to World Health Organization, fluoride is essential in prevention of tooth decay. Everyday, minerals are added to and lost from a tooth's enamel later through two processes: Demineralization and Remineralization. Too much demineralization without enough remineralization to repair the enamel layer leads to tooth decay.

Video Caption: "The fluoride ingested by a child alters the enamel of a developing tooth as it forms, making it more resistant to acid attack. "

In the video but not in photo: As fluoride is stored in plaque and saliva, this encourages remineralization and ensures that the enamel crystals laid down are of improved quality. Fluoride can reduce the ability of the plaque bacteria to produce acid, thereby preventing the acid attack on teeth, ultimately preventing tooth decay.

 At first, I was a little confused because I have read quite a number of articles about not exposing your child's teeth to fluoride as it could lead to fluorosis. Good thing it was explained in this talk. 

This talk about Unang Ngipin reminded me again to schedule my little boy for his first dental check up. Hmm, hope we could visit the dentist soon! Trev doesn't have dental caries but I just want to make sure that his teeth are really well taken cared of. 

While we were listening to the speaker, ayan, Trev was kinikilig while playing with the little baby girl beside us! Haha! :-)

There were also some dance numbers that everyone enjoyed! :-)

After the talks, we roamed around and checked out the activities going on in the booths. We absolutely enjoyed the free photobooths, hihi! :-)

So, there you go! Hope we could attend more activities for kids and parents again! Thank you OBM Baby Blast for this wonderful experience! :-)


Our Trip To Pangasinan!

After more than two years, I was finally able to visit my hometown again, Pangasinan. I missed the place so much but I miss my grandma so much more! She and my late lolo were the ones who raised me since I was a baby. When I got married then later on gave birth to Trev, it was really hard to find time to go back to the province. But I really wanted to. So last April 6, Allan and I decided that we could travel with Trev to Pangasinan. I was so happy! I was going back to my beloved hometown with my family! 

So, there we went. We woke up early so we could prepare for the long hours on the road. We rode the bus at 8:30am. I was hoping we'll reach the province after like three to four hours because the bus was travelling via SCTEX but boy, was I wrong! It still took us five long hours! Whew! Anyway, Trev was asleep almost the entire journey. :-)

At the bus. On our way to Pangasinan!

Few minutes after the bus started moving, nakatulog agad ang baby! Aga kasi gumising. :-)

Yun lang, ang sakit sa kuyukot! Hahaha! Imagine may nakakandong sa'yo na more than 10 kilos for five long hours or so nang walang tayuan! But, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. Nakakapagod pero masaya. It was Trev's first long trip! :-)

When we arrived at our stop, we ate lunch muna at the nearby Jollibee because it was already lunch time and Trev was surely hungry already. 

Trev having fun with Tatay!
Home sweet home!

Tatay and Trev playing at my Nanay's antic mirror/closet.

I don't know how old this mirror/closet is. All I know is it's long been there even when I was a little girl. I'm sure mas matanda pa sa akin yang mirror/closet na yan! :-)

I don't know if you can see it, but Allan's holding a spidey! :-)

I used to catch spideys too when I was a little girl! Hihi!

Sa ilalim ng puno ng aratilis! :-)

When I was little, I used to climb our roof just to get ripe aratilis and make ice candies out of it! My grannies would always scold me kasi baka nga naman malaglag ako from the roof! Hahaha!

Si Trev gusto ring magposo! Hihi!

Buti pa sa province, libre ang water! :-)

Relaxing sa ilalim ng puno ng mga saging. Enjoying the peace and quiet. :-)

Hay, isa 'to sa pinaka-namimiss ko. Enjoying the afternoon under the trees. Mahangin kaya presko. :-)

Si Trev naninibago sa lugar, hihi!

Haha! Hanggang sa probinsya ba naman! He saw this walis tingting and what do you expect? Ayun, nagwalis ulit siya! :-)

Tatay: Trev, abutin mo yung saging dali! :-)

With my beloved lola. We call her "Nanay".

Trev, di takot sa sisiw. Hihi! :-)

Trev: "Hello there little chick." :-)

Oopps, eto nanay nung sisiw. This hen's name is "Lovely Bite". Cute ng name noh? My cousin named her that. :-)

My mag-ama with Nanay and Tito. :-)

Our turn! :-)

I'm so glad we were able to go to Pangasinan. More than two years of not being able to go back to my hometown, I am already thankful for that short stay. We went back to Manila that same afternoon. We couldn't stay the night because of Trev. Medyo naninibago siya. Imagine, from the time we woke up that morning going to Pangasinan until we went home that afternoon, he nursed just once for like five minute only. Naninibago kasi siya sa place. Maybe on our next visit! :-)

Going back to Manila. Trev while snacking on Jollibee French Fries! :-)

I really miss life in the province. The simplicity. The fresh air. The nostalgic feeling. The trees. The food! My pillows, which are still there by the way! I miss so many things in the province! Most of all, I miss my lola the most! 

I lived there for 20 years before I went to the Metro to live with my parents and siblings. I had no choice because work was elusive in the province that time. The work that was available for me was here in Manila. So, even if it hurt my heart so bad to leave my grannies, I had to. When I was still single, I always take advantage of all the holidays and vacations I could get so I could go back home to my grannies. 

Anyway, going back there with my own family is a different feeling. I am so happy and overwhelmed by the fact that this time, I went back to my beloved province with two of the most important persons in my life, my husband and my son. I couldn't be any happier! 

Next time, I hope we could go naman to places in Pangasinan para mas masaya! Beach perhaps! Hmm, we could plan that! I hope by that time, hindi na maninibago si Trev. :-)

Hidden Cameras: You Think You Need One?

In this day and age, security is very important. Crimes are everywhere. Even a small grocery store or a nanny left at home alone with your child needs to be monitored. Glad hidden cameras are invented. There are a lot of varieties of hidden cameras out there. I have heard about hidden cameras disguised as coat hook, clock, even air freshener! This will definitely come in handy anywhere. I have also seen on TV about watch camera!

In my opinion, hidden cameras are a necessity nowadays. Monitoring your surroundings, especially recording the happenings could somehow give you even a little sigh of relief or a feeling of security because at least you know that you can still see what’s going on in your place even without your presence.

If you can afford it, get one because it will be very useful in the long run. 

Note: This is a sponsored post but all words and views are my own.

Follow Your Favorite Shows With PTV Guide!

Last year, my husband signed up for a cable plan along with our internet subscription. At first, I thought it will not be of any use for us but in the long run, we were already enjoying watching movies and shows shown on cable TV. Our son is also enjoying watching his favorite cartoons. 

However, sometimes we tend to forget the schedules and channels of the shows we usually watch. Good thing there’s PTV Guide. We always refer to their cable TV listings so we know when our favorite shows and movies are showing. What’s more about PTV Guide is it lets you browse schedules of cable TV listings for any provider. That’s good news because regardless if you’re subscribed to Skycable, Destiny Cable, Cignal, or whatever, you can still browse schedules of their shows. I also like the fact that the listings are up to date, that’s very important especially for someone like us who follow TV shows regularly! 

What’s also nice about PTV Guide is that they have an android app that you can download. If you’re using a gadget with Android OS, you can download it here. Very handy especially for on-the-go people who still want to be updated with the latest shows on cable. 

So, if you’re also subscribed to a cable plan, why not try PTV Guide? I’m sure it will also be a regular reference for you in following your favorite shows! 

Note: This is a sponsored post but all words and views are my own.


SM Cartoon Fest At SM The Block

Yey! Glad SM Cartoon Fest is also at The Block! My husband and I would love to bring our son here. We have been bringing Trev to a lot of kiddie activities lately. In fact, we have recently joined OBM Baby Blast 4 at Trinoma. I will have to write about that soon. :-)

Mommies and Daddies, if you are near SM North EDSA, check out the schedule below and catch your child's favorite cartoon characters at SM The Block Atrium!



Celebrating Hubby's Birthday with J. Co Donuts!

Finally tried J. Co Donuts! Hurray! :-)

After our lunch at Adobo Connection, hubby and I decided to take Trev to Trinoma so he can play again at Kevin's Toys & Library. 

Since I was the one who went with Trev inside the play area the first time we went there, we decided that this time, it's Allan's turn. :-)

Here are some pics that Allan took while Trev was playing. 

He loves the ball pool talaga! :-)
While my mag-ama were playing, I went to J. Co Donuts! I was determined to endure the long lines! Haha! But at the back of my mind, while walking my way towards the store, I was hoping that the line would not be as long because it was a weekday. My hope was shattered when finally I arrived at the store and saw that the line was as long as always. Huhu... 

Anyway, since I really, really wanted to have J. Co Donuts for Allan's birthday, I went and fell in line. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to transfer the pics from my tablet. There's always an error prompt whenever I try. So I couldn't show you how long the queue was.)

I was hoping it wouldn't take me more than an hour before I could finally buy my most craved donuts (at the moment), but it took me an hour and a half before I was able to get my order! Waaaahhh! But, I was happy! Yey! At last!

It's amusing too that when you fall in line that long, it's not impossible that you get to meet new friends. While I was in line, the person at my back and the one in front of me too were already my ka-chika before we were even able to get our orders!

After an hour, Allan texted me that they were done playing at Kevin's. I was already inside the store that time. I think I was the sixth customer to give my order. But it still took me another 30 minutes before I reached my spot! Hay, grabe tagal! :P

Until this very moment, I am still puzzled why the line at J. Co is so long almost all the time! You see, when it was my turn, it took me just less than five minutes to tell the crew what donuts I want, then I was done! But why oh why the loooonnnggg lines?!?

Picture taken by Tatay while they were waiting for me buy donuts. Allan said that Trev was amused with the fountain. :-)

Excuse the haggard look of me and Trev! Hihi! Oh, there's our J. Co Donuts! Yey! :-)

Trev, ayaw paawat sa stairs! :-)

We were supposed to go home na after buying the donuts because it was already dark and we haven't eaten dinner yet and Trev hasn't nursed from me yet. But Trev seemed to not want to go home. Look at the pic above. He wanted to play pa kasi at the stairs near the fountain. Allan said that while they were waiting for me, Trev kept pulling him towards the stairs. Yun pala, he wanted to go up and down the steps! Hahaha! So, we allowed him to enjoy playing there for a while before we went home. I wonder why he loves walking on stairs. :-)

And, tadah! Here's our donuts! Yummy! I tried to buy most of the donuts' flavors (errr, flavor?! Is that how you call it? Hihi! Or, variety? Ay, basta yun na yun! Haha!)

Look what I wrote on the donuts' box! Kunwari na lang cake yung donuts! Hihi!

The birthday boy and his first bite of the Alcapone! Haha! :-)

Trev was so curious! Probably because of the colors.

Would you believe that we ate 8 of the donuts in one sitting?! Yes, we did! Actually, I couldn't really believe until now that we did. Between Allan and myself, I am the dessert lover. What I thought was, we were going to have donuts for a few days kasi I bought one dozen. Sayang naman yung pinila ko ng one hour and a half kung konti lang bibilhin ko di ba? Hihi! But while we were eating these, Allan kept on getting one after another. On a normal day, he would just eat two at most. But not this time! First time nangyari na sunod sunod! So, ako naman, kuha rin nang kuha! Ayun, sugar-rush kami pareho after! Hahaha! 

Everything kasi was so yummy! Not too sweet, errr except for the "Why Nut". Naghunus dili na kami after eating that kasi siya lang yung super sweet. I love all the flavors except that! Hihi! I have been hearing rave reviews about "Alcapone" and true enough, it was yummy nga! I also like "Avocado Dicaprio", "Green Tease" and "Sesame Stripes".  Ang cute ng mga names ng donuts nila noh? :-)

Anyway, that's it. Our super sweet celebration of Allan's birthday! 

Dear Allan, 

Mahal ko, happy birthday! Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you. Everyday I thank God for you and Trev. I wish you the best health and happiness always. You and Trev are the best thing that ever happened to me. Looking forward to celebrating more and more and more and more birthdays with you! ♥