Celebrating Hubby's Birthday with J. Co Donuts!

Finally tried J. Co Donuts! Hurray! :-)

After our lunch at Adobo Connection, hubby and I decided to take Trev to Trinoma so he can play again at Kevin's Toys & Library. 

Since I was the one who went with Trev inside the play area the first time we went there, we decided that this time, it's Allan's turn. :-)

Here are some pics that Allan took while Trev was playing. 

He loves the ball pool talaga! :-)
While my mag-ama were playing, I went to J. Co Donuts! I was determined to endure the long lines! Haha! But at the back of my mind, while walking my way towards the store, I was hoping that the line would not be as long because it was a weekday. My hope was shattered when finally I arrived at the store and saw that the line was as long as always. Huhu... 

Anyway, since I really, really wanted to have J. Co Donuts for Allan's birthday, I went and fell in line. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to transfer the pics from my tablet. There's always an error prompt whenever I try. So I couldn't show you how long the queue was.)

I was hoping it wouldn't take me more than an hour before I could finally buy my most craved donuts (at the moment), but it took me an hour and a half before I was able to get my order! Waaaahhh! But, I was happy! Yey! At last!

It's amusing too that when you fall in line that long, it's not impossible that you get to meet new friends. While I was in line, the person at my back and the one in front of me too were already my ka-chika before we were even able to get our orders!

After an hour, Allan texted me that they were done playing at Kevin's. I was already inside the store that time. I think I was the sixth customer to give my order. But it still took me another 30 minutes before I reached my spot! Hay, grabe tagal! :P

Until this very moment, I am still puzzled why the line at J. Co is so long almost all the time! You see, when it was my turn, it took me just less than five minutes to tell the crew what donuts I want, then I was done! But why oh why the loooonnnggg lines?!?

Picture taken by Tatay while they were waiting for me buy donuts. Allan said that Trev was amused with the fountain. :-)

Excuse the haggard look of me and Trev! Hihi! Oh, there's our J. Co Donuts! Yey! :-)

Trev, ayaw paawat sa stairs! :-)

We were supposed to go home na after buying the donuts because it was already dark and we haven't eaten dinner yet and Trev hasn't nursed from me yet. But Trev seemed to not want to go home. Look at the pic above. He wanted to play pa kasi at the stairs near the fountain. Allan said that while they were waiting for me, Trev kept pulling him towards the stairs. Yun pala, he wanted to go up and down the steps! Hahaha! So, we allowed him to enjoy playing there for a while before we went home. I wonder why he loves walking on stairs. :-)

And, tadah! Here's our donuts! Yummy! I tried to buy most of the donuts' flavors (errr, flavor?! Is that how you call it? Hihi! Or, variety? Ay, basta yun na yun! Haha!)

Look what I wrote on the donuts' box! Kunwari na lang cake yung donuts! Hihi!

The birthday boy and his first bite of the Alcapone! Haha! :-)

Trev was so curious! Probably because of the colors.

Would you believe that we ate 8 of the donuts in one sitting?! Yes, we did! Actually, I couldn't really believe until now that we did. Between Allan and myself, I am the dessert lover. What I thought was, we were going to have donuts for a few days kasi I bought one dozen. Sayang naman yung pinila ko ng one hour and a half kung konti lang bibilhin ko di ba? Hihi! But while we were eating these, Allan kept on getting one after another. On a normal day, he would just eat two at most. But not this time! First time nangyari na sunod sunod! So, ako naman, kuha rin nang kuha! Ayun, sugar-rush kami pareho after! Hahaha! 

Everything kasi was so yummy! Not too sweet, errr except for the "Why Nut". Naghunus dili na kami after eating that kasi siya lang yung super sweet. I love all the flavors except that! Hihi! I have been hearing rave reviews about "Alcapone" and true enough, it was yummy nga! I also like "Avocado Dicaprio", "Green Tease" and "Sesame Stripes".  Ang cute ng mga names ng donuts nila noh? :-)

Anyway, that's it. Our super sweet celebration of Allan's birthday! 

Dear Allan, 

Mahal ko, happy birthday! Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you. Everyday I thank God for you and Trev. I wish you the best health and happiness always. You and Trev are the best thing that ever happened to me. Looking forward to celebrating more and more and more and more birthdays with you! ♥



  1. Mahal is you term of endearment? The same with us. :) I love J.Co too. I hope the branch here in Pampanga will open soon! They say that it's Feb though until now wala pa rin. They removed the launch date. Still waiting.. :(

  2. So that's how J.Co donuts looks like.. I never tried one pa. Ang happy birthday to your hubby. :)

  3. Now I know why everyone loves J.Co. Sana makatikim kami din niyan. Wala kasi dito sa San Carlos City, Pangasinan and wala pa sa neighboring Dagupan. Yes, Mommy Van, taga Pangasinan ako.

  4. That sure looks like a fun fun family time! Happy birthday to your hubby! :)

  5. Wow J.Co. donuts is love! Happy birthday to hubby! :)

  6. oh... the J.Co craze... haven't tried it yet though.... grabe kasi lagi pila hehehe...
    happy birthday to your hubby!!!

  7. I don't know ah… But I never see anything special with these donuts. Here in sg ndi nun sha pinipilahan. I still prefer Cinnabon.=)

  8. Are the donuts really worth the try? I've been hearing so much about this but some of my relatives say Krispy Kreme is better... anyway belated happy birthday to your husband! :)


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