Five Things Your Man Wants to Hear Everyday

Got this from Girls Guide To Fanpage. I find it interesting so I thought of sharing it here too.

I really think this is true. It applies to when you are already married or even when you are still on the BF-GF stage. Simple things, simple words. Sometimes, these are the things that make a big difference. I, myself, appreciate simple words like these. What do you think, ladies (and gentlemen, too)?

Just like women, men have their fair share of insecurities in relationships and one of the best ways to reassure him of your love is through these simple statements. They may not seem like much, but they’ll really make all the difference and strengthen your bond even more.

"You look handsome"
An obvious one, I know, but men love some good ego-stroking. Whip out this compliment when he least expects it. For example, when he’s still groggy in the morning, headed out to work, and you know he’s not really dressed to impress. These unexpected compliments will give him a renewed sense of confidence.

"Your friends are fun"
It’s important to your man that you love every aspect of him, including the parts that will always be a frat boy at heart. So when you’re out with his college buddies, let him get comfortable with his guys, and reassure him that you enjoy all parts of his personality, although we’re sure you’re glad he’s grown up a bit since his college days. Plus, going to social events where you’re surrounded by new people will allow you to see your boyfriend through other people’s eyes, and remind you of all the other little things you love about him.

"Thank you"
We tend to overlook the little gestures after a while in long-term relationships. Make it a point to notice the little things he does for you every day, like making you a morning cup of joe or switching your clothes into the dryer when you forget. Let him know you appreciate his efforts and be specific about what he did and how it made you feel. He’ll feel loved and he’ll want to do these little things even more often.

"I'm on your side"
This is one of the most important parts of a relationship; being partners. Let him know, and often, that you’re in his corner. There are many ways to show your loyalty to your man, whether it’s letting him know you support his passions or standing up for him when he’s just having a terrible day. This adds a sense of teamwork, security, and intimacy to your relationship.

"It's not your fault"
We all have crappy days, and too often we take out the stress on our loved ones. Whether you’re moody at dinner or overreact to something small, you know he’s not the reason deep down why you’re upset. But does he know that? Instead, let him know why you’re really cranky. More than likely, he’ll be able to brighten your mood and he’ll be happy that you confided in him.

Are these things you’d like to hear, too? How do you keep the bond strong with your guy?

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  1. when i say, "you look handsome" he will surely reply, "may kasalanan ka na naman?" lol

    kidding aside, i agree that wife should say those lines with sincerity of course to their hubby to make them feel appreciated.


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