Grand Easter Party at SM North EDSA!

Note: Photo loaded. :-) 

Finally! Here's my story about Trev's adventure at SM's Grand Easter Party last March 31. Like I said in my previous post, I consider this as Trev's first event with other kids because he was not able to join last year's Trick or Treat. He just turned one year old back then and was very shy. Now, he's a little bit more active and plays with others kids so Allan and I decided to register him for the Easter party. 

Going to the event! :-)
Skydome's gate opened at 1pm, we went there around 1:30pm. We were already anticipating so many guests coming. The party started around 3:00pm. 

At the Registration Area. Good thing we already registered the day before, we only went at this area to get our stubs. :-)

Trev number for the "Cutest Baby" contest. :-)

Before we entered the gate. :-)

There were so many guests already when we arrived. It was also overwhelming to see all the ongoing activities we didn't know where to go first. We decided to just claim the freebies from the booths first before we settled down. 

The Freebies :-)

Claiming the freebies. :-)

With SumoSam's Mascot. :-)

After we got all the freebies, we found a comfortable seat and waited for the program to start. There was a parade pa pala at 2:30pm and everyone was invited to join. I got a little worried because Trev hasn't eaten lunch yet and we're supposed to feed him already. However, we noticed that most of the attendees were not joining the parade so we decided not to go, too. We just watched those who joined as they marched outside the Skydome. While waiting, Trev ate his lunch. :-) 

There's the parade, about to start, at the background. There were so many mascots! :-)

After his lunch, Allan and Trev roamed around and checked out the ongoing activities for the kids. There were a lot! Egg decorating, Easter Trail Maze, Hop Race, Furry Tails (where you can play with the bunnies), Cake decorating, Face Painting, Photobooth, etc. I followed them and took pictures. :-)

Tatay: Okay, anak. Are you ready? :-)

Tatay and Trev. :-)

Inside the Easter Trail Maze.
At the stage, Trev was dancing! Haha! :-)

Allan got him out of the stage because a game was about to start but Trev wouldn't want to go down! :-)

Natuwa ako dito! Buti Trev was not afraid of the bunnies! He kept playing with them! Don't mind the poker face, he wasn't sad here. Di ko lang talaga ma-timing-an yung smile niya! Hihi! :-)

After the parade, the program started after a few minutes.  EB from the Hop Movie was the guest. Kids from all ages got a chance to take a picture with EB the Mascot as long as they purchased the Hop CD being sold by Astroplus at the Skydome's Gate. We didn't purchase one though. But, that's okay. :-)

There was also a bubble show which Trev enjoyed because he really loves bubbles! Yun lang medyo may konting sablay yung bubble show nila. Hihi! They have this part of the show kasi wherein one of the kids will be standing on the stage and the two guys performing the bubble show will put the kid inside the bubble using a parang hulahoop, parang ganun. Kaso napuputol yung big bubble midway. Nevertheless, the kids still enjoyed it! :-)

Playing and watching the bubble show, while eating Marie Biscuits. :-)

After a while, someone from the Events Team called us up because the contest for the Cutest Baby was about to start. I got nervous because I didn't know that we have to go onstage for that. I thought someone from their team will just roam around and see who they think came in cutest. Yun pala, the kids will have to go onstage! Yay! 

So, I had no choice but to go and bring Trev at the side of the stage before the contest started. Hihi! 

I felt a little giddy at first but when I saw that there were other moms accompanying their baby, I felt fine na. 
Shy kasi talaga ako! @_@

It took a while for the Events Team to organize the other kids who were coming in to join the contest. Medyo nawala na yung line. It was already starting to get hot and Trev was starting to feel uncomfortable already. At the picture below, konti pa lang kami sa lagay na yan, a lot more kids came in to join the contest so it became crowded na after a little more while. Trev started to get sleepy and cranky. Allan saw Trev's reaction so he went near us and told us to just pull out and cancel our entry. I thought, maybe Allan was right. Eventhough it was supposed to be Trev's first contest to attend to, I guess it's better to just cancel it than bring Trev onstage crying and cranky, di ba? Maybe next time, when he's a little more comfortable with other people. :-)

Look at Trev yawning! Sleepy baby. He was all sweaty and started to get cranky na. After a while, more kids came in which made Trev even more uncomfortable kasi naging super init na sa puwesto namin. :-(

Those were some of the kids who joined the contest. They're all so cute! :-)

Look at Trev after we cancelled our entry and we're back on our seat. We removed na his costume and he was already in his sando and diaper. Ayan, back to normal ulit. And he's looking for something to eat! Haha! Nainitan lang talaga.

The program ended around 5pm. All in all, it was really fun! Trev enjoyed the bubbles and the bunnies. He met a few kids to play with, too! He and his Tatay enjoyed roaming around the place. 

About to go home. :-)

After the party!

These were Trev's loot! The only thing na napakinabangan niya diyan was that green egg minus the bubble gum inside. Everything was enjoyed by yours truly! Toinks! Haha! Pasensya na, Trev doesn't eat candies and pop corn. Hihi! By the way, that Oreo Brownies is really yum! :-)

It was so nice to bring Trev to kiddie events like this. More to come! :-)


  1. Ang cute naman ng costume ni baby.. I wish to take my son in events like that in the future.

  2. He's good with the poker face nga hahaha! It gets frustrating nga when kids flash those gorgeous smiles for a split second and you're not ready with the camera....you lose an opportunity in a fleeting moment. My little nephew naman would make faces when he knows I'm taking pictures kaya wala halos matinong photo puro goofy faces hehehe


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