Hello, Mr. Chow!

We went to the mall last Saturday to register Trev for SM's Easter Egg Hunt. I'll tell you all about our Easter Egg Hunt adventure on a separate post. :-)

To continue our adventure on exploring different places on where to eat, we ended up at Mr. Chow. 

Love the lights hanging right there! :-)

Tatay and Trev :-)

Nanay and Trev :-)

Pork Asado Toppings and Wanton Noodle Soup

Trev loved the wanton noodles. :-)

Surprisingly, the meal was very affordable. We paid a little over Ph200 for everything. The food was okay, but not BIG TIME okay. It's fine. The three of us were full, especially Trev who really loved the wanton noodles. I'm just not sure why the Pork Asado was called "toppings" when the asado was not on top of the rice! Hihi! :-)

After lunch, we went straight to Skydome for the Easter Egg Hunt's Pre-registration. We were at The Block when we saw this big gift box at the middle of the mall. I was teasing Allan because it's his birthday on April 5. Hihi! :-)

Big gift box at The Block! :-)

Okay, so that's it for now. How about you? Have you met "Mr. Chow"? :-)

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  1. That's a huge gift! I wonder if that the same gift box will be unwrap? hehe


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