OBM Baby Blast 4

After the Grand Easter Party at SM North EDSA, we had a chance again to attend another baby event, the OBM Baby Blast 4 at Trinoma last April 14!

We were supposed to go there at 10AM so we could watch the start of the program but Trev fell asleep and woke up at lunch time already so we went there at 2PM. I thought we missed a lot but I'm glad we did not. We were still able to catch a lot of fun-filled activities. 

At the registration area

Me busy with the registration/raffle entries. :-)

Just arrived! Wondering where to go first. :-)

Hihi! Smile anak! :-)

Trev loves balloons! :-)

And he loves books, too! :-)

Photo Description: Get at least 8 hours of sleep. A good night's rest and day time naps keeps you alert and helps you grow. :-)

Photo Description: Rock your smile. Brush after every meal. Floss everyday. Don't forget to visit your dentist every 6 months. :-)
There's an ongoing talk.

Listening to the talk.
There were talks about a lot of topics. But what I like the most was the talk about Unang Yakap and Unang Ngipin. Yeah, right, Unang Ngipin! You might be surprised to read that. I, too, was surprised to hear that from the speaker. I thought I misheard it. Hahaha!

Topic: Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC)
Topic: Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC)

I know about Unang Yakap, though hearing a live discussion about it definitely is something else. I learned a lot. I'm glad there's a topic like this at the Baby Blast!

I am just one of the lucky mothers who experienced Unang Yakap or the Essential Newborn Care Protocol (ENC) when I gave birth to Trev. Note that I had given birth via Caesarian Section. Until now, I am so grateful and happy that my OB was so nice that she was still able to perform the Unang Yakap eventhough I was not able to give birth via normal delivery. I still remember very vividly the very first time I saw Trev. I was still all too groggy under the anaesthesia but I tried my very best to look at him and smile at him as they put him on my breast to latch. They also allowed me to kiss him. And the feeling was heaven! I felt so light and I fell instantly inlove with my son! Unang Yakap has also helped me to become more inspired and motivated to continue with my breastfeeding journey.

Unang Yakap and Breastfeeding. VIdeo Caption: "Exclusive breastfeeding starts at birth with colostrum feeding and continues for six months."

The speaker, I think I heard her name was Dra. Lorraine Co (I hope I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I'm wrong), also talked about Unang Ngipin. 

Allan said "Unang Ngipin?", baffled. 
I said, "Oo ata, yun din ang dinig ko." Baffled, too!

Hahaha, it was the first time kasi that we heard a talk about Unang Ngipin. And I'm glad. I have been constantly monitoring Trev's dental routine every single day because I don't want him to suffer from dental caries as early as now. He has 12 teeth so far and I make sure to brush his teeth daily. 

Video Caption: "Even babies can have problems with tooth decay. "

In the video but not in photo: Good news. Strengthening baby teeth can be simple. According to World Health Organization, fluoride is essential in prevention of tooth decay. Everyday, minerals are added to and lost from a tooth's enamel later through two processes: Demineralization and Remineralization. Too much demineralization without enough remineralization to repair the enamel layer leads to tooth decay.

Video Caption: "The fluoride ingested by a child alters the enamel of a developing tooth as it forms, making it more resistant to acid attack. "

In the video but not in photo: As fluoride is stored in plaque and saliva, this encourages remineralization and ensures that the enamel crystals laid down are of improved quality. Fluoride can reduce the ability of the plaque bacteria to produce acid, thereby preventing the acid attack on teeth, ultimately preventing tooth decay.

 At first, I was a little confused because I have read quite a number of articles about not exposing your child's teeth to fluoride as it could lead to fluorosis. Good thing it was explained in this talk. 

This talk about Unang Ngipin reminded me again to schedule my little boy for his first dental check up. Hmm, hope we could visit the dentist soon! Trev doesn't have dental caries but I just want to make sure that his teeth are really well taken cared of. 

While we were listening to the speaker, ayan, Trev was kinikilig while playing with the little baby girl beside us! Haha! :-)

There were also some dance numbers that everyone enjoyed! :-)

After the talks, we roamed around and checked out the activities going on in the booths. We absolutely enjoyed the free photobooths, hihi! :-)

So, there you go! Hope we could attend more activities for kids and parents again! Thank you OBM Baby Blast for this wonderful experience! :-)


  1. One fun and exciting event for kids and parents.

  2. wow! okay din ah.. sumasama si mister sa mga ganitong talks kahit mga mommies lang nakaka relate. kamukha mo pala si baby trev.

  3. an event worth attending.. how i wish their is an event like this in the city..

  4. Hi, Van! We were there also and, like you, was quite surprised about the talk on dental health. I used only SansFluo when the kids were younger coz of the belief that fluoride was bad for them. Anyway, both are in preschool now and are still cavity free. :) Just make sure that your son doesn't sleep with the bottle in his mouth, stays away from too much sweets, and has his teeth cleaned after meals. :) Sayang, if we had stickers identifying us as bloggers (like last year), I would have recognized you and said hi.

  5. AWww the photobooth. Wish we got the same event here, my son and daughter will surely love it.

  6. looks like a fun activity to attend too and a very informative one :)

  7. Daddy Yashiro was on the same event. The event looks really grand!

    Btw, I would like to invite your to partner with me on this year's back to school project for the children here in Panglao, Bohol :)

  8. Aaww, I was there too! :) I'm glad you and your child especially had fun! :)

  9. These photos really showed you had an awesome family bonding moment! :D Keep at it!

  10. Looks like this event is full of fun and learning at the same time.

  11. Nice! Dapat lahat ng mommy sumasali sa mga ganito

  12. Hi Van, it seems that plenty of moms and dads were there at the event. Like Olga mentioned sayang we don't have tags to recognize us as bloggers.

  13. Looks like a fun activity. Pwede kayong model family ng ritemed ah. :D

  14. moms and dads attending this kind of event learn new things. :) thanks for sharing.

  15. It's so great that events like these are making mothers become more aware of the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding. :)

  16. educational and enjoyable event, daming post ng Baby Blast looks like a lot of mommy bloggers attended the event

  17. Seems like you guys had fun!!! Sayang, there is not much blogger events for out-of-towners like me :(

  18. I love all the photos, looks like you have so much fun at the event..:)

  19. These events are so much fun for the family not to mention you're learning valuable information. I saw a lot of bloggers attending the event.

  20. looks like you had a grand time
    a lot of bloggers attended that event

  21. I think 2 of our BC bloggers members went to this event too :) Anyway, parents in this generation are blessed to have these events to help them know the ropes on parenting.

    1. Yah I saw nga! Sana you met up with them!=)

  22. We were there too. Pero umuwi na kami after lunch time.

  23. We went there also, in the morning nga lang. Naku interesting pala ang talk nun afternoon but we have to elave earlier because tambak pa work ko, hehe. Anyway, I think I must schedule my son to a dental check up because I can see yellowish tarnish on his teeth na. Although wala pa kong nakitang sira. He is giving us hard time to brush his teeth e.

    Mommy Maye

  24. Have you met BC bloggers at the event? marami ata kayo ang andun. The event looks really fun.

  25. its kinda nice to attend such event..if i will have my own kid, i surely want to attend like this one:)

  26. Right about the tags...maybe next time you suggest that sa organizers para magkita-kita ang BC bloggers...and dami nyo palang attendees hehehe.

  27. What a fun-filled event. Great for parents, kids,bloggers and everyone.


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