Our Trip To Pangasinan!

After more than two years, I was finally able to visit my hometown again, Pangasinan. I missed the place so much but I miss my grandma so much more! She and my late lolo were the ones who raised me since I was a baby. When I got married then later on gave birth to Trev, it was really hard to find time to go back to the province. But I really wanted to. So last April 6, Allan and I decided that we could travel with Trev to Pangasinan. I was so happy! I was going back to my beloved hometown with my family! 

So, there we went. We woke up early so we could prepare for the long hours on the road. We rode the bus at 8:30am. I was hoping we'll reach the province after like three to four hours because the bus was travelling via SCTEX but boy, was I wrong! It still took us five long hours! Whew! Anyway, Trev was asleep almost the entire journey. :-)

At the bus. On our way to Pangasinan!

Few minutes after the bus started moving, nakatulog agad ang baby! Aga kasi gumising. :-)

Yun lang, ang sakit sa kuyukot! Hahaha! Imagine may nakakandong sa'yo na more than 10 kilos for five long hours or so nang walang tayuan! But, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. Nakakapagod pero masaya. It was Trev's first long trip! :-)

When we arrived at our stop, we ate lunch muna at the nearby Jollibee because it was already lunch time and Trev was surely hungry already. 

Trev having fun with Tatay!
Home sweet home!

Tatay and Trev playing at my Nanay's antic mirror/closet.

I don't know how old this mirror/closet is. All I know is it's long been there even when I was a little girl. I'm sure mas matanda pa sa akin yang mirror/closet na yan! :-)

I don't know if you can see it, but Allan's holding a spidey! :-)

I used to catch spideys too when I was a little girl! Hihi!

Sa ilalim ng puno ng aratilis! :-)

When I was little, I used to climb our roof just to get ripe aratilis and make ice candies out of it! My grannies would always scold me kasi baka nga naman malaglag ako from the roof! Hahaha!

Si Trev gusto ring magposo! Hihi!

Buti pa sa province, libre ang water! :-)

Relaxing sa ilalim ng puno ng mga saging. Enjoying the peace and quiet. :-)

Hay, isa 'to sa pinaka-namimiss ko. Enjoying the afternoon under the trees. Mahangin kaya presko. :-)

Si Trev naninibago sa lugar, hihi!

Haha! Hanggang sa probinsya ba naman! He saw this walis tingting and what do you expect? Ayun, nagwalis ulit siya! :-)

Tatay: Trev, abutin mo yung saging dali! :-)

With my beloved lola. We call her "Nanay".

Trev, di takot sa sisiw. Hihi! :-)

Trev: "Hello there little chick." :-)

Oopps, eto nanay nung sisiw. This hen's name is "Lovely Bite". Cute ng name noh? My cousin named her that. :-)

My mag-ama with Nanay and Tito. :-)

Our turn! :-)

I'm so glad we were able to go to Pangasinan. More than two years of not being able to go back to my hometown, I am already thankful for that short stay. We went back to Manila that same afternoon. We couldn't stay the night because of Trev. Medyo naninibago siya. Imagine, from the time we woke up that morning going to Pangasinan until we went home that afternoon, he nursed just once for like five minute only. Naninibago kasi siya sa place. Maybe on our next visit! :-)

Going back to Manila. Trev while snacking on Jollibee French Fries! :-)

I really miss life in the province. The simplicity. The fresh air. The nostalgic feeling. The trees. The food! My pillows, which are still there by the way! I miss so many things in the province! Most of all, I miss my lola the most! 

I lived there for 20 years before I went to the Metro to live with my parents and siblings. I had no choice because work was elusive in the province that time. The work that was available for me was here in Manila. So, even if it hurt my heart so bad to leave my grannies, I had to. When I was still single, I always take advantage of all the holidays and vacations I could get so I could go back home to my grannies. 

Anyway, going back there with my own family is a different feeling. I am so happy and overwhelmed by the fact that this time, I went back to my beloved province with two of the most important persons in my life, my husband and my son. I couldn't be any happier! 

Next time, I hope we could go naman to places in Pangasinan para mas masaya! Beach perhaps! Hmm, we could plan that! I hope by that time, hindi na maninibago si Trev. :-)


  1. life in the province is amazing...when i visit my grandma minsan ayaw ko na umalis or sometimes when i attend meetings and conferences, i life provincial life - its simple and peaceful

  2. Looks like a lot of fun for Trev, I'm sure grandma is so happy to see your family. nakamisss naman ang province:)

  3. are you an Ilocano? Love to go home in our hometown too.

    1. yeah, iba talaga ang feeling pag umuuwi sa hometown. :-) no po, pangasinense po ako. :-)

    2. Where in Pangasinan, sis?I think we have another BC blogger from Pangasinan. I remember travelling from Baguio to Quezon City then back (balikan) with my then two-year old daughter na nakakandong sa akin (she refused to sit anywhere but my lap!).I got a horrible stiff neck for a whole week!

  4. Uwian kayo, grabeng pagod. But it's always nice to go back to your comfort zone even for a short while.

  5. Wow nice visit with your family. Na miss ko tuloy yung summer vacations ko sa province when I was little and the poso was my favorite thing there.

  6. We also have that kind of closet, I think it's older than me too! :) I miss the simple life in the province.

  7. It's so nice to come home to the place you are so familiar with where you practically grew up no? You feel kind of nostalgic and nakakamiss talaga.

  8. even though that was a short visit, i'm sure your grandma was so happy
    looks like your son enjoyed the trip

  9. I'm glad that you had an experience with your hometown again..it looks simply like ours here in Negros. I know your granny was happily overwhelmed to see you again.

  10. It must be really nice to go back home and to bring your family with you.

  11. i wanna travel and go to places i once enjoy.. :)

  12. Ang saya! And ang cute ni Trev! Let's see kung magwawalis pa rin yan pag binata na. Haha! And relate ako jan sa mga kandong pains na yan. But it's okay. Minsan lang naman sila baby. :D

  13. It so nice to be home talaga! Masarap sa province kaysa sa Manila. I worked in QC for two years, I'm so happy na hangang two years lang assignment ko then balik Mindanao na kaagad. Ang saya!

  14. Makes me missed my hometown too. Looks like your son enjoyed this trip although alam ko he was a little stress. Ganyan din anak ko when he was younger, namamahay at naninibago pag umuuwe kami sa Nueva Ecija :)

    Mommy Maye

  15. Yeah, iba talaga pag babalikan mo yung place na kinalakhan mo. Iba yung feeling. You suddenly get a glimpse of the past. Ang saya! :)

  16. I enjoy going to the province, too, and visit relatives. :) For me, it makes me grounded.

  17. ang cute ng baby mo! hehe i think masakit nga sa kuyukot kumalong ng baby for 5 hours.. hehehe


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