Time Flies So Fast + A Simple Letter For Trev ♥

I really don't want to think about this yet but as I was browsing my FB timeline, I saw this pic. And it made me realize that time really goes by so fast. 

To my dear son Trev, 

You are now just almost 18 months old. And it seems like yesterday, you were just a tiny little baby. It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to you. Now, you're a happy and a healthy toddler that fills our home with love, joy and laughter. As I type this simple letter, I can't help my tears coming down my cheeks. Don't get me wrong. I am not sad. I am just so overjoyed that you came into our lives. Your Tatay and I love you so much. Time will come, you will read this simple note. Always remember that your Tatay and I are so grateful and blessed that we have you in our lives. We love you so much, anak! And we will always be here for you. ♥

Nanay and Tatay

P.S. Please don't grow up so fast, okay? Although, I know for a fact that it will come and you will grow up to be a fine, young man. Anyway, regardless if you're all grown up, you will always be my baby. ☺

I know most parents might agree with me. Take advantage of the time you have with your babies while they're young. Time goes by really fast and babies grow so fast, too. Cherish each moment you have with them. The next thing you knew, they're all grown up. ☺

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  1. This reminds me of a saying: "Everybody talks about leaving a better planet for the children – Why nobody tries to leave better children to the planet ."

  2. I agree how children just grow up so fast. I've made it a priority to spend as much of my free time as I can with my daughter. Even when I go out with my friends I bring her along. I'm loathe to leave her.

  3. This is very true that's why we have to cherish the days with our kids as long as we can.

  4. I will agree with you. Especially when you have a baby. My son is baby no more, he will turn 3 soon and will soon have his own world.

    Mommy Maye2

  5. Our babies, no matter how they aged, will forever be our baby. =)

  6. Agree with this one. Time flies so fast. Hindi mo namamalayan, tumatanda ka na rin. hehehe

  7. Aw it hits me. I got my own kiddo who is growing fast before my eyes. love love love this post.

  8. It's true! Time flies so fast when it comes to our kids! I feel this way, too, esp now that I have a teenager! Amazing really! LOL

  9. in deed time flies so fast... it seems the i just give birth my son, at 8 years old he is almost as tall as me

  10. Ano ba yan, Van, napaluha din ako! This reminds me to cherish every moment with my 1 year old. Ay nakakaiyak. :-)


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