Trev's Playtime at Kevin's Toys & Library

Allan and I have been planning to bring Trev to an indoor play area at the mall. We've been eying Active Fun at SM Annex since last two months ago I think but the place has been under renovation. It was only reopened last March 20. When we went there a few days after it opened, the place became a little smaller compared to how it used to before the renovation. There were also a lot of kids and adults inside that it was hard to think how my little Trev could play and move around. So, we discarded the thought of him playing there. Maybe on a weekday when there are little less people inside. 

Allan said that we can try looking at other play areas. When we went to Trinoma the other week, we saw Kevin's Toys & Library. The place looks nice and although it was not really big, as in really big, the place was for me just right for kids to be able to enjoy their time playing. We inquired and found the rates to be quite affordable. Actually, way more affordable than Active Fun. At Kevin's, an adult/guardian of the child is charged only Ph20, while in Active Fun an adult/guardian is charged I think more than a hundred pesos. 

So, after inquiring, we thought, we can bring Trev there one day. 

Last Saturday, that came true! :-)
Before we went to pre-register Trev for the Easter Party at SM, we first went to Trinoma and let Trev play at Kevin's Toys & Library. And I must say, he really enjoyed his time. But Nanay was so tired following him for one hour! Haha! But, that's okay. I feel really happy seeing him enjoy playing with other kids. 

Photoblogging now. :-)

Trev and his new playmate. I heard his name was Lucas. Cute and friendly little boy too. :-)

Trev giving the toy to his Tatay, who's over the bakod. Hihi! :-)

Trev loved this toy! :-)

Trev playing with "Mater". :-)

Trev at the ball pool! He loved playing here too! :-)

Of course, what's Kevin's Toys & Library without books! Hihi! Trev loved those books! :-)

Trev kept playing and riding those cars. He has a very similar toy at home, too! :-)

Napagod ang Nanay kakahabol sa anak! Haha! But, it's all good! Trev enjoyed his time! :-)

With Lucas again. :-)

Playing with "Buzz Lightyear". :-)

Nanay and Trev. :-)

Trev was everywhere! Haha! Fun! :-)

Kevin's Toys & Library is located at Trinoma Mall, 3rd Level, M3
Weekday Rates for One Hour

Weekend Rates for One Hour

Charge for Adults who will accompany the kid/baby


  1. It looks like a great place for young children. :) We've tried Active Fun before but I wouldn't really recommend it to those with toddlers and preschoolers. Grade schoolers would have more fun their because of the slides and 'mazes'.

  2. Great place for children! Medyo mahal nga lang pero parang okay sya sa dami ng toys. :)

  3. A haven for all toddlers and kids! During my time there was no place like this. Kids these days are really fortunate. He seemed to have enjoyed his stay there :)

  4. These places are also good for child's interaction and socialization. Kaso may bayad yung guardian? In the play area where my daughter's frequents guardians are free of charge.

  5. just looking at his smile tells me he enjoyed his playtime a lot :D

  6. Trev is having so much fun playing... :) your recipe is so simple and sound so delicious to make.:)


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