Throwback Thursday: Turtlebacks!

Okay, since I've been seeing a lot of Throwback Thursday posts lately, I figured it would be fun if I post a throwback thursday pic, too. Makikitrend na rin ako dito sa blog ko, hihi! :-)

Throwback Thursday: Turtlebacks

Left pic is Allan at Mt. Balingkilat, right pic is of course me at Mt. Ugo. We were actually together on both mountains but we were not yet "together" as in together as a couple yet. Climbing buddies pa lang, hihi! Allan was the one who took that pic of me at Mt. Ugo. Look at those backpacks! Parang turtlebacks lang! In fairness, mas heavy pa ata sa akin yang backpack ko. As in a friend of mine fondly calls me "bulilit" because I was so thin and yet I carry such super heavy backpack everytime we climb! Sabagay, walang sinabi yung backpack ko sa backpack ni Allan, mas super heavy yung kanya! :-p

I'm glad I experienced being a mountaineer! Will forever treasure those adventures! :-)

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My First Sample Room Samples Are Here!

Look at what arrived at our doorsteps yesterday! 
My very first products from Sample Room! Yay! 

Sample Room: Malunggay Herbal Products
I can't wait to roadtest these "babies" and write my review.

I have been a member of Sample Room for a few months now but it's only just two days ago that I decided to order some samples. They're almost always out of stock with the products that I want to try so I couldn't use my 100 points to order. Two days ago, I checked their website again to see if there's something that could interest me. I saw that those two products are available so I decided to give it a go. And what do you know, the next day which was actually yesterday, I got my package already! That's barely 24 hours! Fast huh? :-)

I'll try these products for a few days and see what it can do. I'll post a review here, too so stay tuned! :-)


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Romwe's Mid-Season Sale Is On!

Recently, I've been hooked looking at some fashion sites and Romwe proved to be one that provides really lovely fashion finds. I received an email yesterday about their Romwe mid-season sale! How pretty is that?! Nice!

That's great news as they offer over 1000 styles with up to 70% off for 7 days!  Romwe held the Memorial Day Sale before but not so many items for choice. So here they prepared a great mid-season sale to feed your desire! It will be much bigger and longer than before. 

Romwe selected more than 1000 products for the sale and it will lasts 7 days, so you have enough time to choose what you like.

Romwe mid-season sale, over 1000 styles with up to 70% off! 
Valid date: 06/01~06/07/2013.

Here are just some of the items on sale.

Romwe offers the latest street fashion online. They offer 20% discount coupon upon signing up and what's great is they offer free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase required!

So head on to their website and shop for those lovely fashion finds! :-)

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The Green Light Sale Is On!

Hello there, friends! Have you been bitten by the shopping bugs lately? I saw this on my FB wall and I figured you might be interested. Head on to Trinoma because they're holding their Green Light Sale once more on May 30 - June 2!

Look at their poster! Isn't it cute? I love how they made those shopping finds into bugs! Nice! 



Lovin' Fish Tail Braid

I have always sported long hair because I was born with natural curls. It's very hard to manage especially during my teen years. I remember back in high school, it has always taken me hours everyday just to get a decent hairstyle done, and that's just a simple ponytail if I may say. Then I discovered that braiding my hair is the most convenient way to manage my hair. But I remember, one of my lolas told me not to always braid my hair because it will just make it more curly. Guess what I did? I still continued on braiding my hair eversince. Haha! I really find it difficult to do other hairstyles with my hair except braiding and ponytailing it. Also, I can't sport a short hair as it would only make it more challenging to style. 

All these years, I have loved braiding my hair. If I need a quick fix on a rush day, I would just braid it (three strand braid). If I have a little more time, then I ponytail it. Yes, as weird as it may sound, but it's easier for me to braid my hair than to ponytail it. Most of my friends keep telling me to have a hair makeover but I just couldn't find the courage (and the fund, hihi!) to do so. So, until now, after all these years, I'm still into the same old hairstyle. Maybe, one day, I could have that most coveted "hair makeover". :-)

One particular braid that I love is fish tail braid. I have always been so curious about how that "complicated-looking" braid is done. When I found a tutorial on the web, I was surprised at how easy it is to do! I even managed to do it on my hair a few times already. :-)

Here's a simple tutorial I found on the net that I would like to share with you, dear readers. I hope you find it as lovely as I do:

Fish Tail Braid
Half Fish Tail Braid (Photo Source)

  • Backcomb/tease the crown of your head. (Because I have natural curls, I don't do this anymore.)
  • Gather a small handful of hair from the back center of the head and separate the hair into two sections.
  • Take a small strand of hair from the right section, pull it back and cross it over to join the left hair section.
  • Take a small strand of hair from the left section, pull it back and cross it over to join the right hair section.
  • Repeat these steps all the way down the back of the head.  Continue throughout the “tail”.
  • Secure with hair tie. 

Fishtail braid looks beautiful either neat or a little disheveled.  To achieve the disheveled look, gently pull apart/loosen the braid.  It’s okay if it’s uneven or little pieces falls out.  Gives the fishtail a youthful, messy ease.

More tips from the source:

- You should brush your hair before braiding.  Knots and tangles make it hard to braid your hair. Might also hurt a little bit!

- Part on your natural side.  Adjust instructions according to your part.

For a more comprehensive tutorial, here's a video. 
Video is not my property, I found it here

So, that's pretty much about it. Very simple and easy to do!  The photo above is the half fish tail braid which I find really nice! If you wish to, you can go all the way down to the "tail" to achieve a full fish tail braid. If you're doing the braid all by yourself and your arms get tired easily, you can just ponytail your hair and then fishtail braid it, just like in the video and in this picture below. Very pretty!

Fish tail braid
Photo Source

If you think that that look is still somewhat boring, you can "spice" it up a bit by adding colors, like this photo below. Messy but pretty! Nice!

fish tail braid
Photo Source

As easy as it may be, fish tail braid takes a little longer to do that a regular three strand braid. But it's all worth it if you want to achieve that unique looking and not so boring kind of braid look.

Do you think it's pretty too? I'm eying the waterfall braid next.  :-)

The Best Summer Experience!

I have blogged about our recent summer fun at Club Manila East and I would have to say that that is the best summer experience I have so far. Let me tell you a few things why I consider it to be the best. 

At our rented villa in Don Renato Gardens, Club Manila East

Believe it or not, but it's the very first time that I have experienced swimming in a pool resort. Yeah, it's one for the books! In my more than 30 years of existence, I haven't really gone to any pool resort my whole life until that day. Yes, I have been to the beach but never been to a pool resort. Have I been living under a rock all these years? ;-)

It's also very special as it was the first time I have ever gone out since I got married and had given birth. So, that counts for more than two years. I can really consider it as a getaway of our family from our daily routines.

Me and my one year old son

Of course, it's even extra special because I am with two of the most beautiful persons in my life, my husband and my baby.

It's my one year old son's first pool experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world! He really enjoyed it!

My husband and my baby at the kiddie pool

Another thing that made it the best summer experience is because it was some sort of a gift from my husband to celebrate Mother's Day at Club Manila East. Yes, we went there last Mother's Day.

That definitely is my most favorite summer experience! I could go on and on in stating my reasons. I have a lot to thank for!

I never thought that spending summer with your own family could be this joyful. You see, when I was watching my son and my husband play in the pool while I was taking their pictures, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with the fact that I have with me the two most wonderful persons in my life and I couldn't ask for more. Whether we spend summer just chillin' at home or go to a summer getaway, it doesn't really matter. What's important is you spend it with the ones you love and you're surely experience the best that life has to offer. I absolutely love this summer! I know we'll be having more summer fun in the future but this definitely is one to remember. 

How about you? What's your favorite summer experience or your dream summer trip? Native Shoes is giving away a surprise! Blog about it and join the fun too! Check out their poster for more details. 


I Won The Mother's Day Beauty & ME-Time Giveaway!

I was checking my email last Friday when I saw an email from Mommy Louise of Mommy Practicality. I checked it out and I was so overjoyed to find out that I won her recent giveaway: the "Mother's Day Beauty & ME-Time "Joys Of Being A Mother"! What a great Mother's Day gift! What's funny was that, while I was reading the email, I was breastfeeding Trev and all the while, I was giggling because I was so happy. Suddenly, Trev got curious and stopped nursing. He looked at me with baffled eyes and started laughing with me! Haha! Cute lang! :-) 

This was actually the second time my blog won from a giveaway. The first was from Mommy Cym's blog courtesy of Babies To Toddlers.  Once again, thanks Mommy Cym and Babies to Toddlers! 

And oh, did I mention that I also won a minor prize from a Nuffnang contest two months ago? Wiii! I'm sorry I can't help but be excited. I'm not really lucky in contests and these are just the very few opportunities that I was lucky enough to win! Thank God for these blessings!

Anyway, going back, I hope Mommy Louise wouldn't mind me posting a screenshot of her blog. Look! That's me, I won the second prize! 

Click here to read the full story from Mommy Practicality's Blog.

The prize consists of the following: 
  • Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash
  • Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Alcohol-free Toner with Hazel Extract
  • P1,000.00 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates

Just to share, from the giveaway, Mommy Louise asked the question "What are your joys of being a mother?" 

Here was my answer: 

My joys of being a mother is being able to hug and kiss my little one every single day. Being able to nourish him with my home made food and of course being able to provide him with the best nourishment I could give, my breastmilk. I love my son to bits and I am so joyful that my husband and I are blessed with such a sweet, happy and healthy baby. I really could not explain the feeling everytime I see my son because I always remember the time when he was still in my womb. Now, everytime I touch him, it reminds me that he came from inside of me, the feeling of his skin to my touch is so magical and it really makes me happy. I also feel overjoyed whenever I see my husband with my baby, I see the two most beautiful persons in my life! :-)

It's actually just a part of the many, many joys I'm feeling being a mother. If I write everything, one day is not enough, hihi! I really love being a mom! 

Once again, thank you Mommy Louise for the wonderful giveaway and for choosing me as one of the lucky winners! To my co-winners, congratulations also!  

P.S. I actually have a lot of things to thank for. I feel so blessed. I received an email from a company asking me if I can accommodate their press release here in my blog. At first, I hesitated and thought of the email as spam (oopps, sorry!). So, I replied and even clarified if the email was true. And yes, it was. You can't blame me for doing so. :-) You see, I have a fairly new blog (only 5 months old) and I was surprised to find out that someone was actually asking me to cater their press release. I'm overjoyed! So, I was really very thankful and accepted the offer! :-)

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings! Blessings to everyone, too! Have a nice day!

Simple Joys Photo: Trev's "Tattoos"

Can you see Trev's "tattoos"?

Okay, so I guess this is somehow becoming a series already. Been blogging about Trev's scribbles and doodles lately. Look at where his doodles are today. Haha! Yeah, right! He found my pen and he started scribbling on his arms! His look was so funny while he was doing it. He even put some on my arms, too! I loved it! It was somehow a tender moment. Good thing I was about to bathe him when he "tattooed" his arms! Haha! 


Simple Joys Photo: He Discovered Our Wall!

Trev busy with his "art" :-)

Yes, Trev discovered that he has a very wide "canvas" on one of our apartment's walls! I have tried several times to give him his paper and make him sit on his table but oftentimes, he would remember the wall and walk his way there. And every single time, he would get his crayons and start scribbling there! And he's even giggling while scribbling! I don't know what's with the walls but kids love doodling there, yes? But, I don't really mind. That's okay (for now, oopps!). Sabi nga sa commercial, "Sige lang, anak!". :-P


Teriyaki Boy On A Holiday

I just love holidays! Aside from weekends, it's the time when the three of us can bond together more. Either just chilling at home or just strolling and window shopping at the mall. We often go to the mall because our place is just a stone's throw away from SM and Trinoma. How convenient (and sometimes magastos!) :-) 

Last Labor Day (yes, super super late post! I'm having problems with my internet connection, also whenever I load pics, it takes like 100 years before it loads, toinks!), the three of us went again for another round of malling at Trinoma. Minsan, no reason at all, nagpapalamig lang kasi mainit sa apartment. :-p

Lunch time came and Allan asked me where we're having our lunch. While walking, we were led at the fountain area of Trinoma so we decided to eat at Teriyaki Boy. At first, I was hesitant but we still ended up there. I remember the last time we ate at Teriyaki Boy (at SM The Block), I was I think around 2 months pregnant back then. Now, Trev is already 1 year and 6 months. How time flies! 

Teriyaki Boy
While waiting for our orders. Trev was hungry na!

Teriyaki Boy
Love those lamps!

Teriyaki Boy
Goofing around! Gutom na rin si Tatay!

Teriyaki Boy
Crazy California Rolls! I forgot if it's priced at Ph175 or Ph191.

Teriyaki Boy
I think this is Curry Chicken Karaage. Price? Hmm, more than ph200. We ordered two bowls.

Teriyaki Boy
Hahaha! Hubby didn't expect that the bowl would be THAT BIG! :-p

Allan was so surprised at how BIG the bowl of our order was! He already forgot how huge the serving is since it was already two years ago since we last ate here. Hihi!

Teriyaki Boy
Trev helping himself with the Curry Chicken Karaage

We were surprised at how Trev enjoyed the meal. I especifically requested the crew to make our curry mild because I will share the food with my baby. When our food was served and I tasted it, it was still spicy! Hay. I didn't bother to complain though because the three of us were hungry already. I just made sure that I didn't put too many on Trev's food because he might not like it. But surprise, surprise! He loved it! Haha! Hmm, maybe because I love spicy food and he's already somewhat enjoying that when he breastfeeds from me. I know that he can taste what I eat from the milk he's getting from me. Kaya, maybe, he's used to it na! But then again, I didn't give him too much of the spicy part though. :-)

Teriyaki Boy
Busog! He's showering his Tatay with flying kisses! Look! :-)

Teriyaki Boy
After our lunch, Trev was already in a rush to go outside because he wanted to see the fountain! Haha!

I mentioned above that I was at first hesitant to have our lunch at Teriyaki Boy. Well, simply because I find it expensive, hihi! Total wallet damage was almost Ph800 just for two bowls of rice meal and a california roll. Hay. Anyway, that's okay. The food was fine naman and minsan lang naman. Who knows, we might be eating there again after two years. :-p

What's Your Dream Business?

Having a business of your own nowadays is one of the things that most of us wish for, right? Like let’s say, a boutique, a computer cafĂ©, or even a restaurant. My mom’s ultimate wish is to have her own restaurant someday. She loves to cook and bake and although she has a mini restaurant–like business, she wanted to make it bigtime and venture on a much bigger market. That’s a wish that even myself wanted to come true for her. I would love for her to fulfill that ultimate dream. But of course, there are a lot of things to consider. The budget, the location, the business permits, the construction of the restaurant and the restaurant equipment are just some of those. 

As I was searching the web, I found a lot of great ideas that I can suggest to my mom. Like home, the most important part of the restaurant would be the kitchen. It must be clean and properly organized. I found a lot of those ideas from AB Restaurant Equipment. They offer great deals on kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies. One of the things I love is their commercial stainless steel sinks and work tables. I wanted a sink that’s big and can easily be cleaned. I even wanted one for my dream house! They also offer reasonably priced glass door refrigerators and freezers, too. When I go see my mom one of these days, I’ll show her these. I’m sure she’ll be very excited! 

How about you? What's your dream business someday? :-)

Note: This is a sponsored post but all views and opinion are my own.


Dare To Be Square At SM The Block

We're actually not fans of Spongebob Squarepants (the TV cartoon series) but that doesn't mean I don't find Patrick The Starfish cute. Hihi! So, when Bikini Bottom was brought to SM The Block, we just couldn't resist taking pictures. :-)
Spongebob Squarepants Summer at the North has been ongoing since April 5 and will run until May 31, 2013. So, whether you're a fan or not, you can check it out and you'll find cute displays of Spongebob and his friends at The Block Atrium.  

We've been seeing the display since April 5 but we only got the chance to take pictures last May 1. Reason behind? Well, either we're going somewhere else or there's just too many people taking pictures. :-)

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Big Picture Frame! :-)

When we took this pic above, there was no one else but us, but while we were already in the middle of picture taking, a long line of people suddenly came in waiting for their turn to take pictures! Mabenta! :-)

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Spongebob's Pineapple house.

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Closer look of Trev at the Pineapple house. :-)

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
I think this snail's name is Gary, Spongebob's pet.

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
This is the only picture we have of Patrick. I find him the cutest among all the Spongebob characters.

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Inside The Krusty Krab.

There's a line of people almost all the time when you want to take a picture inside The Krusty Krab. Good thing that a security guard is present to organize the queue.

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Squidward. :-)

Spongebob Squarepants at SM North The Block
Tatay's only picture with Spongebob. Sayang at faceless pa si Spongebob diyan, hihi! :-)

We had fun taking pictures with Spongebob and his friends at the Bikini Bottom in SM The Block! Go check it out, I'm sure most kids will love it there! The display will be until the end of this month. 

Here's a preview of the calendar of events of Spongebob Squarepants Summer at the North!