I Won The Mother's Day Beauty & ME-Time Giveaway!

I was checking my email last Friday when I saw an email from Mommy Louise of Mommy Practicality. I checked it out and I was so overjoyed to find out that I won her recent giveaway: the "Mother's Day Beauty & ME-Time "Joys Of Being A Mother"! What a great Mother's Day gift! What's funny was that, while I was reading the email, I was breastfeeding Trev and all the while, I was giggling because I was so happy. Suddenly, Trev got curious and stopped nursing. He looked at me with baffled eyes and started laughing with me! Haha! Cute lang! :-) 

This was actually the second time my blog won from a giveaway. The first was from Mommy Cym's blog courtesy of Babies To Toddlers.  Once again, thanks Mommy Cym and Babies to Toddlers! 

And oh, did I mention that I also won a minor prize from a Nuffnang contest two months ago? Wiii! I'm sorry I can't help but be excited. I'm not really lucky in contests and these are just the very few opportunities that I was lucky enough to win! Thank God for these blessings!

Anyway, going back, I hope Mommy Louise wouldn't mind me posting a screenshot of her blog. Look! That's me, I won the second prize! 

Click here to read the full story from Mommy Practicality's Blog.

The prize consists of the following: 
  • Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash
  • Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Alcohol-free Toner with Hazel Extract
  • P1,000.00 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates

Just to share, from the giveaway, Mommy Louise asked the question "What are your joys of being a mother?" 

Here was my answer: 

My joys of being a mother is being able to hug and kiss my little one every single day. Being able to nourish him with my home made food and of course being able to provide him with the best nourishment I could give, my breastmilk. I love my son to bits and I am so joyful that my husband and I are blessed with such a sweet, happy and healthy baby. I really could not explain the feeling everytime I see my son because I always remember the time when he was still in my womb. Now, everytime I touch him, it reminds me that he came from inside of me, the feeling of his skin to my touch is so magical and it really makes me happy. I also feel overjoyed whenever I see my husband with my baby, I see the two most beautiful persons in my life! :-)

It's actually just a part of the many, many joys I'm feeling being a mother. If I write everything, one day is not enough, hihi! I really love being a mom! 

Once again, thank you Mommy Louise for the wonderful giveaway and for choosing me as one of the lucky winners! To my co-winners, congratulations also!  

P.S. I actually have a lot of things to thank for. I feel so blessed. I received an email from a company asking me if I can accommodate their press release here in my blog. At first, I hesitated and thought of the email as spam (oopps, sorry!). So, I replied and even clarified if the email was true. And yes, it was. You can't blame me for doing so. :-) You see, I have a fairly new blog (only 5 months old) and I was surprised to find out that someone was actually asking me to cater their press release. I'm overjoyed! So, I was really very thankful and accepted the offer! :-)

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings! Blessings to everyone, too! Have a nice day!


  1. Congratulations! Your answer was indeed worthy of a prize. Great job!

  2. Congratulations! After reading about how Louise chose the winners, I know you deserve it! Enjoy your prizes, too! :)

  3. Congratulations to you! You deserve that prize indeed!

  4. Hi Sis Van! :) Just read this now! Congratulations once again!


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