Lovin' Fish Tail Braid

I have always sported long hair because I was born with natural curls. It's very hard to manage especially during my teen years. I remember back in high school, it has always taken me hours everyday just to get a decent hairstyle done, and that's just a simple ponytail if I may say. Then I discovered that braiding my hair is the most convenient way to manage my hair. But I remember, one of my lolas told me not to always braid my hair because it will just make it more curly. Guess what I did? I still continued on braiding my hair eversince. Haha! I really find it difficult to do other hairstyles with my hair except braiding and ponytailing it. Also, I can't sport a short hair as it would only make it more challenging to style. 

All these years, I have loved braiding my hair. If I need a quick fix on a rush day, I would just braid it (three strand braid). If I have a little more time, then I ponytail it. Yes, as weird as it may sound, but it's easier for me to braid my hair than to ponytail it. Most of my friends keep telling me to have a hair makeover but I just couldn't find the courage (and the fund, hihi!) to do so. So, until now, after all these years, I'm still into the same old hairstyle. Maybe, one day, I could have that most coveted "hair makeover". :-)

One particular braid that I love is fish tail braid. I have always been so curious about how that "complicated-looking" braid is done. When I found a tutorial on the web, I was surprised at how easy it is to do! I even managed to do it on my hair a few times already. :-)

Here's a simple tutorial I found on the net that I would like to share with you, dear readers. I hope you find it as lovely as I do:

Fish Tail Braid
Half Fish Tail Braid (Photo Source)

  • Backcomb/tease the crown of your head. (Because I have natural curls, I don't do this anymore.)
  • Gather a small handful of hair from the back center of the head and separate the hair into two sections.
  • Take a small strand of hair from the right section, pull it back and cross it over to join the left hair section.
  • Take a small strand of hair from the left section, pull it back and cross it over to join the right hair section.
  • Repeat these steps all the way down the back of the head.  Continue throughout the “tail”.
  • Secure with hair tie. 

Fishtail braid looks beautiful either neat or a little disheveled.  To achieve the disheveled look, gently pull apart/loosen the braid.  It’s okay if it’s uneven or little pieces falls out.  Gives the fishtail a youthful, messy ease.

More tips from the source:

- You should brush your hair before braiding.  Knots and tangles make it hard to braid your hair. Might also hurt a little bit!

- Part on your natural side.  Adjust instructions according to your part.

For a more comprehensive tutorial, here's a video. 
Video is not my property, I found it here

So, that's pretty much about it. Very simple and easy to do!  The photo above is the half fish tail braid which I find really nice! If you wish to, you can go all the way down to the "tail" to achieve a full fish tail braid. If you're doing the braid all by yourself and your arms get tired easily, you can just ponytail your hair and then fishtail braid it, just like in the video and in this picture below. Very pretty!

Fish tail braid
Photo Source

If you think that that look is still somewhat boring, you can "spice" it up a bit by adding colors, like this photo below. Messy but pretty! Nice!

fish tail braid
Photo Source

As easy as it may be, fish tail braid takes a little longer to do that a regular three strand braid. But it's all worth it if you want to achieve that unique looking and not so boring kind of braid look.

Do you think it's pretty too? I'm eying the waterfall braid next.  :-)


  1. That seems a nice hair style. I would try learning this one time.

  2. very nice! i have very straight hair naman and whatever curls i get from rollers, etc end up gone after an hour or two. hihi...

  3. This will certainly look good on ladies with long hair! It looks complicated though when I was trying to follow the instructions, lol :)

  4. very nice, been wanting to learn how to do the fish tail braid.. thanks for sharing the video

  5. I saw that braids were trending again specially when I caught it a Kristv episode a few days back. Braids are always pretty. My daughter loves to be in braids. I'll try to try it out on her.

  6. I loved having my hair braided as a young girl. Haven't done my hair that way in a Looooong time. This fishtail style looks cute :)

  7. Yay! Thanks for the tutorial! I'll do this on weekend. :)

  8. Very dainty!! I have short hair so I can't do that. Maybe if I make my hair long, I'll consider trying it. ;)

  9. This i so perfect for me and for my little girl.. Gotta try this one soon. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. I never really learned how to braid my hair, although I find it so nice! I have always wanted long hair, but when I do, I don't braid it naman.


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