My Poor Little Baby :-(

The weather nowadays is really, really hot. Pawisin pa naman si Trev masyado. He has prickly heat rash na nga on his neck. Tsk tsk. Hay, kawawa. Around third week of last month, Allan and I got worried because he had this boil-like lumps on his right arm fold and one at the back of his head. We were wondering what could have happened and where Trev might have gotten those. We thought maybe because of the hot weather and Trev being so pawisin kaya ganun. I was so worried because it started to produce pus na. (Oopps, sorry guys!) Although, Trev doesn't seem to mind at all, but I was! Super! :-( 

Look! Nakangisi pa nga! As in parang wala lang.

Ang cute ng band aid ni Trev. Parang tattoo lang! Hihi! :-)

Curious why Lightning McQueen is on his arm. :-)

Last April 25, I was again worried because Trev seemed to have a fever. Although I was not sure if he really has one or it was just the scorching heat of summer that's making me think that he has fever. Ang init kasi niya. When I checked his temperature, it was 38. He doesn't seem bothered though. He was still playing and happy. Except for the occasional cries whenever I'm out of his sight, everything was okay, or so I thought. I checked his temperature again and I was alarmed when it went as high as 39.7 degrees! I texted Allan about it, I was already becoming more and more worried. We were thinking that maybe, the cause of his fever was the boil-like lumps on his arm and head. Pero, halos pagaling na yung mga yun when the fever started eh. I know that fever is a symptom of something so I was already thinking what was going on with my little one. I gave him paracetamol to lower his fever. But I noticed that he was not improving. Good thing that weekend was his scheduled pedia check up. I told his pedia that Trev has fever for the past 2 days or so already. His pedia said that she couldn't see at this point the focus of Trev's fever so she ordered us to do some tests. CBC and urinalysis. 

Trev cried so hard while the nurse was extracting blood from his finger. Yes, the nurse extracted the specimen from Trev's ring finger because he couldn't get it from Trev's left arm. I was holding Trev the whole time so I could see how the nurse pressed Trev's finger time and time again to get some blood. I could see and feel how hard it was for Trev. It looked so painful talaga. Kahit ako siguro, pag ganun malamang masasaktan din nang bongga. Kawawa naman ang baby ko. :-(

My brave boy after the CBC. Kahit ang sakit sakit na, di naman siya nagwala. :-)
Awww! My poor baby. :-(

After our Healthway visit, naglakad lakad muna kami sa mall para malibang si Trev. After a while, he was back to his happy self once again. Good job baby! 

Ang anak ko mukang gusto ata ng pool. Anak, wala tayong paglalagyan niyan sa bahay. :-)

At home, Allan and I were thinking how we can get Trev's urine for his Urinalysis. We were going back to Healthway kasi the following day to submit his specimen. Kaso, parang ang hirap naman kuhanan ng wiwi si Trev. We bought this wiwi bag as per advised by Trev's pedia but when we tried it on Trev the next day, wala rin kami nakuha. If ever may makuha man, we have to send it to Healthway within one hour only. Allan texted Trev's pedia about it. Good thing she already checked the result of Trev's CBC and she said that everything's normal naman daw so there's no need for us to submit Trev's wiwi for Urinalysis. I was relieved when she said that the result was normal! Believe me, although I didn't want to entertain the thought, I was already thinking the possibility of dengue! You can't blame me, I'm a mom and I was so worried. Trev never had fever since he was born. He's very healthy. Thank God it was not dengue!

Because I was curious on how the wiwi bag for babies look like, I am posting it here for those of you who are also curious. :-P

At home, Trev kept looking at his ring finger. Kawawa naman.

Showing his bandaged finger to his Tatay.

After three days, Trev's fever was gone! Hurray! But it didn't end there though. I noticed that there were rashes on his neck, which went up to his face and nape. The next day, those rashes were already all over his torso and arms down to his crotch. There were barely on his legs though. I googled what's happening to my baby and I was led to only one thing: Roseola. When we went back to Trev's pedia after three more days, his rashes were almost gone and barely noticeable already. I told her about his rashes. She checked Trev and she confirmed that Trev indeed had Roseola or as what she said "tigdas hangin". I asked her if Trev needs medication but she said there's no need unless Trev feels itchy or he has fever again. But since everything was okay with Trev, his "tigdas hangin" will go away on its own. Trev's roseola was gone after only three days. Thank God it wasn't serious! 

Hay, hirap pala talaga pag may sakit ang baby noh? It's the first time that Trev has ever gotten sick like this. Thank God he's back to being healthy, bubbly and happy once again! 

How about you mommies and daddies? I'm sure some of you can somehow relate with the worry I felt during this time. :-)


  1. Glad to know that Trev is okay now. nakaka worry talaga pag may sakit ang baby. I understand the feeling.

  2. glad to know he is ok na! Roseola is quite scary cuz before the baby gets rashes, he will have a high fever for as long as three days. I remember my baby having it on Holy Thursday and I was freaking out because her pedia was on a holiday. I called the doctor and said most probably that is roseola. Just keep her comfortable and after three days, lalabas ang rashes. totoo nga.

  3. Buti okay na si Trev. Nakakainis talaga yung weather, my little boy has colds now and worries me too, how I wish I can stay with him, but I have to report for work.

  4. We also went through collecting urine specimen one time my daughter had a fever to eliminate UTI. Boy was it hard! We used that plastic thing too.

  5. Kaka rattle talaga pag may sakit ang baby. I remember when I was a new mom, my best friend was the pediatrician hahaha Glad Trev was ok now. :)

  6. Tigdas hangin is normal lang daw. As per my son's pedia, it's a natural way of the baby's body to acquaint with good and bad bacteria. Usually di ba nasa 1 year old un nakakatigdas hangin. At that age daw kasi nawawala na un antibodies na nakuha nila sa atin so their body will open the immune system to boost and/or get antibodies. But as parents, lagi tayo aligaga pag tumaas na body temp. ni baby. Naexperience ko din yan, may boil din anak ko when that happen then medyo tumaas din un body temp nya.

    I am glad your Trev is okay now.


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