Product Review: Eskulin Kids and B&B Kids Shampoo and Conditioner

We went to Mercury Drug one day after strolling Trinoma to buy Trev his vitamins. When we were already queued to pay for our purchases, I saw these at their Promo Shelf! (You know the feeling na while you're waiting in line at the cashier, you glance at the shelves around you?  And then boom! You suddenly see something that you'd like to add to your purchases?! Tsk, tsk! Ba't kasi nilalagay yung Promo Shelf beside the cashier eh, ayan tuloy, ang lapit sa tukso, haha! Kidding!)

Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner
Eskulin Kids and B&B Kids Shampoo and Conditioner

If you've read my blog before, you know that I love baby toiletries. :-) I have been reading raves about Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner especially this Donald Duck variant. The scent daw kasi is nice and long lasting. I got curious so I have been planning to get one for Trev. I wanted kasi a shampoo na long lasting ang baby scent. So when I saw it at Mercury Drug, I got one agad although I was a tiny bit hesitant because based on reviews, the formula is not tear-free. The best part is, it was on promo! When you buy an Eskulin Kids shampoo, you get the B&B Kids Shampoo for free! Yey!

The next day, I used it on Trev when I bathed him. Excited lang ang peg! Hihi! My verdict? Well, honestly, I didn't like the scent as much. For me, the scent was somehow too masculine for a baby or for kids. Hindi siya baby scent eh. For me lang ha, parang pang men/adult na yung scent niya. Yeah, I know my baby is a boy but what I'm saying is sana yung scent was suited for a baby. This one kasi is medyo matapang yung scent for a baby (boy or girl for that matter). It's also not long lasting. It only lasted a few hours and wala na! I couldn't smell it on my baby's hair anymore. :-(

The following day, I tried naman the B&B Kids shampoo on Trev's hair. I was hoping it's not the same scent as the Eskulin Kids Shampoo just because they have the same manufacturer. And true enough, the scent is baby-like. I never heard about B&B Kids Shampoo until I got one. It contains Chamomile and Candlenut extract and I like the combination. It's lightly scented and it's nice on Trev's hair. The scent lasted longer than the Eskulin Kids Shampoo.

Like I mentioned above, according to reviews, Eskulin Kids Shampoo is not "friendly" on baby's eyes daw so to be safe, I was really very careful not to let the shampoo bubbles flow on my baby's face. I did the same on B&B Kids Shampoo because I was under the assumption that since it's made by the same manufacturers, and since both don't have labels that it's tear-free, I didn't dare. :-)

As for its effect on Trev's hair, well, both succeeded naman in making my baby's hair softer. 

Anyway, between the two, I could say that I like the B&B Kids Shampoo better than the Eskulin Kids Shampoo. But if you'll ask me though what I think is the most long lasting baby shampoo I have tried so far, I would say that  Baby Care Plus Shampoo still tops my list. :-)

How about you mommies and daddies? What do you use on your baby's hair? Have you tried any of these, too? Share your experiences here! :-)

Note: This is NOT a paid post. I just posted my opinion based on my personal experience.

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  1. Hi Mommy Van! We are using Nivea shampoo eversince. But Baby Flo send me a no tear baby shampoo so I will try not. Ay we tried it na pala nun nag-outing kami. Para din syang Nivea :)


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