Summer Fun on Mom's Day at CME

We went on an overnight stay at Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal last Saturday. And even if it was just the three of us, we still had so much fun! The best part is, Trev enjoyed "swimming" so much! Allan and I were so overjoyed because Trev had a lot of fun in the water!

We stayed at the Don Renato Garden Villa from Saturday til Sunday, which happened to be Mother's Day! It added to the fun because we had a great family bonding! ♥

We arrived there 1pm, just enough time to have lunch at CME's inhouse restaurant, the Dona Nelia Restaurant. We checked-in in our villa at 2pm.

While waiting for lunch.

After lunch. Such sweet little baby. My son Trev kissing me on the nose. :-)

Welcome to Club Manila East. Yey!

After lunch, we strolled around for a while and took pictures before we went back to the lobby to get our keys. The resort was HUGE! I think they have around 9 pools. Since we didn't know where our room was, we approached the guard at the entrance. We were surprised because he told us that a shuttle will drive us there. Wow, so malayo pala ang room namin?! Haha! Goodluck! :-)

The shuttle that drove us to our room at Don Renato Villa.

Don Renato Garden Villas was not as far away as we expected though. It took us only around a minute or so on the shuttle. It was just so nice though that they have that service. :-)

The "neighborhood" inside Don Renato Villa. Very quite and relaxing.

Our room was nice and clean and freshly scented. It has two single beds with comforters, a cable TV, a mini ref, one large and small mirror, a dining area, a telephone, a closet with hangers, and a hot & cold shower. The air conditioner was working perfectly it was already cold when we entered the room. Each Don Renato room has an outdoor mini pool, which was perfect because Allan and I thought of allowing Trev to swim and play around there first before we hit the kiddie pool. At least, Trev can get used to the water first of the mini pool so when we go to the kiddie pool, he won't be afraid anymore.

So, we prepared our stuff before hitting the water. Allan inflated Trev's kiddie float and vest so Trev can play with it on our mini pool.

While his Tatay was busy inflating his kiddie vest, Trev sat down on his kiddie float. I gave him the directory and he started flipping the pages. Haha! :-)

We waited until around 3:30PM or 4PM I think before we went to the kiddie pool. While waiting, we checked out the place at Don Renato Villa and took some pictures.

Trev testing the water on our mini pool. :-)

Trev seemed to enjoy playing with the water on the mini pool so we prepared to go "swimming" already. 

Trev acclimatizing. :-)

Yey! He's loving it!

His Tatay and I were so happy!

Sabi nga ni Tatay, "sinister" look daw! Haha!

First family picture in the water. Look at Trev, he was trying to let go because he wanted to go in the water. Haha!

Happy! :-D

Ready to go to the kiddie pool!

Love this coconut shower! Cute!

Allan and Trev went into the pool after their quick shower at that cute coconut shower. At first, Trev just wanted to walk along the sides but after a while, Allan was already bringing him into the far side of the pool, which was only around 3 feet by the way. :-)

Trev enjoyed it so much. I just love looking at the two of them as they were playing in the water.

My little boy enjoying his first pool experience.

Amazingly, the pool was not so full that day. Yes, there were lots of kids swimming too but it was not crowded, which was perfect! Trev saw a lot of kids playing so maybe that inspired him more to go and "swim" with Tatay. 

Hahaha! :-)

Happy baby, happy parents! :-)

Brave boy, hanggang chest na niya yung water, sige pa rin! Haha! :-)

Allan and I took turns in going with Trev to the pool. I really enjoyed the time when it was my turn, too. Yes, we didn't really go "swimming". We were just walking, playing, sitting by the side of the pool, getting some splash from the showers, but it was definitely pure happiness! 

At around 5 or 6PM, we decided to go back to our room. I bathed Trev and what do you expect, after a few minutes he was already sleeping!

Our little boy, sound asleep.

CME only has 4 rooms in Don Renato Villa which has a matrimonial bed. Unfortunately, all were taken already when we called them to reserve so we had no choice but to get the room with two single beds. Allan just pushed the other bed beside the other one so Trev won't fall. Turns out, we got a much bigger bed than a matrimonial bed! Nice! :-)

We just called Dona Nelia Restaurant and ordered dinner. It was delivered after like 10 to 15 minutes only. Their food was really yum! We love the tinola we ordered for lunch. We had adobo for dinner and it was delish, too! We ordered club house sandwich for snacks later in the evening and spaghetti for Trev and all were yum! What's nice too is that they're all affordable.

Later in the evening, Allan wanted to swim in the mini pool so Trev, who was already wide awake at that time, and I watched him as he enjoyed his time swimming. Good thing that the maintenance has just changed the water from our pool so it's fresh and clean and just right cool.

Tatay loving the water in our private mini pool.

The next day, we woke up early and ordered our complimentary breakfast. Again, it was yum except for the fried rice which was medyo matigas. But other than that, it was good.

We readied again for another swim before check out at 11:30AM. This time though, we tried to go around the entire resort to check out the other pools. It was so huge we didn't know where to go first. Then we went back to the kiddie pool so Trev can enjoy again.

We asked him to smile, this was how he did it. May kasamang nganga! Funny! :-)

We saw the other pools like the Buzzy River where other guests were just having fun lying on salbabidas while the water was flowing on the "river". We also saw the Beach Waves where there were a lot of people swimming. The Ocean Waves was closed though. The Bean pool and Lap pool were open and there were some guests having fun there. The Shaded Pool and the Giant Slide were packed with guests, too. Allan was supposed to try the kayak but there was a very long line we decided otherwise.

At the Buzzy River. Si Trev, magulo ang hair! :-)

Back at the kiddie pool. My turn to "swim" with Trev. Look at how happy my little boy was. And the Nanay was happy too! :-)

We just stayed at the kiddie pool for like an hour before we went back to our room to prepare for check out. 

Tatay and Trev with the Giant Slide! We didn't dare try this one though. :-)

Before preparing for check out, we had a few minutes of fun at our mini pool. 

Enjoying the last few moments before we go back home.

Allan and Trev were laughing here because Trev didn't want to go into the water anymore. Ang ginagawa lang niya was put water on his hands tapos iwiwisik lang niya sa face niya and tummy niya. :-p

Fresh. Ready to go home.

Before going home, picture muna ulit.

At the lobby. Compared to Saturday's guests, the lobby was so full that Sunday! Maybe because it was Mother's Day. :-)

Happy family!

All in all, we had so much fun during our overnight stay there.

I decided to list down a few pros and cons based from our experience so others can get an idea about Club Manila East.

  • It's very near the metro. We traveled by bus from Robinson's Galleria and it took us only around 45 minutes going to CME. It took us around 30 minutes from CME to Robinson's Galleria when we rode the bus the next day going home. 
  • They have a reservation over the phone so it's better to call them up first before going there. When I called them, a reservation officer even called me back to confirm. 
  • They don't allow food inside but the food in Dona Nelia Restaurant are priced reasonably and delish.
  • They have other concessionaires like Jollibee, Chowking and Shakey's.
  • If you don't want to buy from them, you can bring your own food and eat it in the parking lot if you're bring your own car. Many guests are doing it so don't worry about that. 
  • Life guards are everywhere!
  • If you're staying overnight, they offer comfortable villas with affordable rates. We paid Ph3,050 for an overnight stay at the Don Renato Villa. The room at Don Renato Villa can accommodate only two persons. If you're going there as a group, you can avail the Dona Luz Villa for Ph3,300 I think which can accommodate a max of 4 pax. Our fee includes the following freebies: 2 sets of complimentary breakfast, two sets of toiletries (shampoo and soap), a roll of tissue and two bottled water. It also includes the entrance fee to the resort. Kids 3 ft. and below are free.
  • They have I think around 9 pools! They also offer kayak which is already included in the fee, zip line and surfing lessons for an additional charge.
  • If you're staying at Don Renato Villa, the water from the mini pool is constantly being changed. If there's no water when you arrive, just call their front desk and a maintenance personnel will immediately go to your villa to fill it in.

  • It's hard to call them for reservations and inquiries. I suggest you call them as early as 8 or 8:30AM. That's what I did. I tried calling them in the afternoon but it took me so long and nobody answered my call. When I called them in the morning, that's when I was able to get thru. 
  • They didn't reply to my email inquiries so I opted to call them, which was hard like I mentioned above. They only replied to my email when I sent them the screenshot of our payment's deposit slip.
  • They don't offer online payment. You have to pay by going to the bank and deposit your FULL payment for your reservation to take place. 
  • They don't have enough directions and no maps inside the resort. Since the place is HUGE, it's so hard to look for places inside. They also don't give map brochures at the lobby. They have a map, but it's OUTSIDE the resort. 
  • Their concessionaires offer limited food and they close early.
  • No rags for wet feet in the room. We ended up using one of the bath towels as rag (ooopps, sorry!).
  • Make sure to check the facilities inside the room. When we stayed there, the hot and cold shower machine was not working properly. We had to call the maintenance to fix it.  

But you can do away with some of the cons. We really had a great time! 

Club Manila East
Taytay, Rizal
Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/clubmanilaeast?fref=ts
Telephone Number: 022844740 to 41 / 022844754
Email: reservations@clubmanilaeast.com

Thank you, mahal ko for the wonderful treat on Mother's Day! Trev had a lot of fun! We love you! 

Note: I am not in any way an affiliate of CME. I am just sharing our personal experience based from our recent visit. 


  1. Glad to know Trev enjoyed his 1st swimming experience. It was also at CME where my eldest had her 1st swimming, she was only 7 months then and she didn't enjoy. hehe

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  6. Sounds like you had an amazing Mother's Day weekend! The little one looked so happy to be in the water too. I like CME, been there twice, the last time was maybe 5 years ago already. Thank you for the review :)

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    1. thanks, sis! Trev is 1 year 6 months and 2 weeks exactly, nung nagswimming kami. hihi! exact talaga. :-) go ahead, i think puwede na si Yuri. at first i was afraid kasi baka magkasakit si Trev like sipon or ubo pero awa ng Diyos, di naman. He really enjoyed his first swimming experience. I'm sure Yuri will, too. Besides matibay din si Yuri I'm sure kasi breastfed din sya like my Trev. :-)

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  22. Mother's Day greetings to you! I love your photos and that you had a great time even with the minor issues.... Time flies so fast and soon Trev will look back on this holiday and enjoy the photos all over again. We haven't connected on bc bloggers as I've been on hiatus.

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