The Best Summer Experience!

I have blogged about our recent summer fun at Club Manila East and I would have to say that that is the best summer experience I have so far. Let me tell you a few things why I consider it to be the best. 

At our rented villa in Don Renato Gardens, Club Manila East

Believe it or not, but it's the very first time that I have experienced swimming in a pool resort. Yeah, it's one for the books! In my more than 30 years of existence, I haven't really gone to any pool resort my whole life until that day. Yes, I have been to the beach but never been to a pool resort. Have I been living under a rock all these years? ;-)

It's also very special as it was the first time I have ever gone out since I got married and had given birth. So, that counts for more than two years. I can really consider it as a getaway of our family from our daily routines.

Me and my one year old son

Of course, it's even extra special because I am with two of the most beautiful persons in my life, my husband and my baby.

It's my one year old son's first pool experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world! He really enjoyed it!

My husband and my baby at the kiddie pool

Another thing that made it the best summer experience is because it was some sort of a gift from my husband to celebrate Mother's Day at Club Manila East. Yes, we went there last Mother's Day.

That definitely is my most favorite summer experience! I could go on and on in stating my reasons. I have a lot to thank for!

I never thought that spending summer with your own family could be this joyful. You see, when I was watching my son and my husband play in the pool while I was taking their pictures, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with the fact that I have with me the two most wonderful persons in my life and I couldn't ask for more. Whether we spend summer just chillin' at home or go to a summer getaway, it doesn't really matter. What's important is you spend it with the ones you love and you're surely experience the best that life has to offer. I absolutely love this summer! I know we'll be having more summer fun in the future but this definitely is one to remember. 

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