Trinoma Stroll + Cookie Butter Donuts from Go Nuts Donuts!

After we attended the OBM Baby Blast 4 at Trinoma, we went for a stroll at Landmark before going home. Bought Trev some stuffs, too. 

We had fun strolling around the department store as Trev was all around the place. Looks like he was too excited with what he saw! Hihi!

Trev: Do I need this?

Trev: I think so. Okay, I'll get this and ask Tatay to buy this for me. ☺

No, we didn't buy him that sweater. :-P

Trev: Nanay, I think I need a new cloth diaper.

Lots of balls! Trev was so excited!

Trev: Tatay, could you please buy me these balloons? (Hihi! Favorite niya talaga balloons!)

Trev: Wow, cars!

Trev: And this cars too, please Tatay? (Haha! as if sinabi niya ito! Tinuturo lang niya actually.)

At the counter, while we were paying for our purchases, nakahirit pa si Trev ng balloons from Landmark!:-)
Trev's loot! Sando, sando at maraming sando! Summer heat kasi! :-)

Allan wanted to buy Trev a white board so we got the one on the pic above. Trev kasi loves to draw and doodle and write! We also passed by Mercury Drug and I saw the Eskulin Donald Duck Shampoo on promo so I grabbed it too! I have been reading good reviews about it so I want to try it on Trev. Hope it satisfies us too. Will write a review about that next time. 
After our quick stroll, we headed back to SM North to go home. But before going home, I told Allan that I wanted to go to Go Nuts Donuts. I have been reading a lot of raves about the Speculoos Cookie Butter in Facebook but since it's almost always out of stock, a good alternative to try is the Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter! So, my curiosity bit me and I really have sweet tooth so I wanted to try this one, too! :-)

Allan said that he will just wait for us at the grocery, so Trev and I went to the store and bought four Cookie Butter Donuts! Yum!

Yummy Cookie Butter Donuts. Medyo nalusaw lang agad because of the scorching heat! Hay, summer! :-)

Actually, I didn't buy just the Cookie Butter Donuts, I bought a whole bunch of the other flavors, too!

When we went back to where Allan was, he showed me that surprised look.

Allan: Akala ko Cookie Butter lang, ba't parang ang dami naman?
Me: Eh kasi sabi nung crew, four days daw tatagal yung donuts tsaka mas mura pag one dozen. Basta, wag natin uubusin in one sitting gaya nung J. Co Donuts ha?

Hihi! Or else, sugar rush ulit ang ending namin! :-P

Here's the whole bunch! :-)

After dinner, we ate our dessert! And yum, those Cookie Butter Donuts is yummy. But I think and my husband thinks too, that Go Nuts Donuts are way sweeter than J. Co Donuts. We like the "just right" sweetness of J. Co better. Well, that's just our opinion though. :-)

Actually, we ate just about two donuts each lang then we stopped na. Next day na yung iba. :-)

Meanwhile, here's my little boy enjoying a bite of the Cookie Butter Donut. I don't usually give him sweets but his eyes were like begging me to give him a bite, so I gave in! And he loved it, too! :-)

Excuse the madungis look. Excited lang talaga siya to bite the donut! :-)

Next time, anu na naman kaya ang ita-try namin? Excited! :-)



  1. Marunong na pumili ang baby hehehe

  2. Go nuts taste's good.
    I remember something funny in their logo. a bit censored. hehehe

  3. It was crazy why Gonuts closed their branch here at SM Pampanga. Now, J.Co is replacing them. I want to eat both! #cravings

  4. J.Co will open anytime soon here at SM Pampanga. Finally. :)
    I somehow miss Gonuts too!

  5. Those donuts surely look very sweet and yummy!

  6. How much is the cloth diaper at landmark sis? Naku ako di ko na maenjoy magstroll pag kasama ang aming toddler. He will run and run, nakakapagod humabol hehe...

    1. mommy maye,i forgot the exact amount pero parang Ph299 ata yung curity na brand. kaso be careful in choosing kasi yung iba walang insert, diaper cover lang, hihi! :-)

    2. I heard from a SIL that there's a cloth diaper at Trinoma worth 65, don't know the brand though. And yes, wala pa ngang insert yon.

  7. Sarap! And I love your loot, too! Gusto ko rin bumili ng maraming sando kasi si Yuri ko nakakailang palit sa isang araw. I'm also looking forward to the Eskulin review. Nangangasim kasi ulo nya sa Nivea! :-(

  8. I've heard a lot of good things about go nuts....bu haven't tried pa as well as yung J. Co. Sigh!! Anyway, that's a good bonding time with the family. :)

  9. While i was in the hospital I asked the boyfriend to buy me some Cookie Butter donuts from Go Nuts kasi curious ako sa Cookie Butter na yan. When I finally tasted it, I wasn't thrilled. Okay lang. Not sure if it was just not my thing pero I would love to taste it again. hehe :)

  10. The Cookie Butter donuts looks so delish! I haven't tried that yet. I usually go for simple tasting flavor/variant of donuts. Hence I keep on coming back to Dunkin' Donuts. hehehe! :)


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