Dimsum Break Part 3

Okay, so nagiging suki na kami ng Dimsum Break SM Annex. Haha! Eversince hubby and I tasted the steamed hakao and empress rolls, we got curious about how the other dimsums taste like. Good thing that Dimsum Break offers affordable meals. :-)

Here's our order when we had our lunch there three weeks ago. 


Enjoy Up To 70% Off On Romwe Summer Sale!

Rainy season is here, yes, but it won't stop Romwe from sharing with you this Summer Sale! Full of perfect items for any occasion for all you fashion girls! :-)

Only 3 days, 06/25/2013-06/27/2013

I checked Romwe's site already and I am already in love with a few. Go ahead and see for yourself, too! The sale is until the 27th of June only! :-)


My Prize Is Here! :-)

Look at what arrived at our doorsteps the other day!

That's my prize for winning second place from Mommy Practicality's Mother's Day contest which I posted about here. That's Celeteque products and Ph1000 worth of Jollibee GCs. Yey, it's here, it's here! Excited much lang. :-D

Thank you so much, Mommy Louise! We really love it. My son was all giddy and excited when he saw Jollibee, hihi!


Press Release: A Thousand Kids Auditioned For i-Shine Talent Camp 2

Manila, Philippines – Over a thousand i-Shine hopefuls with their parents came to this year’s i-Shine Talent Camp 2. Auditions for aspiring i-Shiners were held nationwide; at SM San Pablo, SM Rosales, SM Mall of Asia, Abreeza Mall Davao and Ayala Center Cebu.

Now on its second year with ABS-CBN, i-Shine Talent Camp has grown to become bigger and better, offering more extensive talent development programs, top-caliber mentors, and bigger prizes. Twelve i-Shiners will be featured on television as they undergo a series of talent-enhancement workshops specific to a talent category: singing, dancing and acting. Top-caliber mentors from ABS-CBN will coach the children and evaluate their development throughout the course of the workshops. Award winning actor, Piolo Pascual together with international theater performer, Pinky Amador, and esteemed choreographer, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, will be sharing their talents and expertise to bring out the best of the finalists.


Shirts And Skirts On Sale At Romwe!

Romwe's ongoing sale is very exciting! Shirts and skirts, yay! There are about 200+ styles of shirts and skirts and up to 60% off. That's good news to all you fashion lover friends! Go ahead and check out their designs! I'm already loving some of them!

Romwe Shirt & Skirt Sale, Up to 60%off! Only 3 days, 06/21/2013-06/23/2013.


Throwback Thursday: Rugby Days

No, don't look at me! I have never played rugby! Haha! This week's Throwback Thursday is for my husband, Allan. Aside from mountaineering, bowling, badminton, soccer (from way way back pa yan), here's another sport that he's involved in. Rugby Football. 

My husband is the one holding the Golsil Rugby ball, sitting third from left. :-)


Yummy Roasted Chicken At Kenny Rogers

When I was pregnant, I really didn't believe in cravings or "paglilihi" in food like mangoes, etc. I thought I would not experience that because I was not feeling any cravings when I found out I was pregnant. But a few more weeks after, I started to crave for Kenny Rogers' roasted chicken Solo Plate A (with steamed veggies side dish). Yes, specific, Solo Plate A talaga. Haha! In fact, even when I was already on full term, it was still my ultimate favorite. I could literally eat it every day, every hour, every minute. Walang kasawa-sawa! I couldn't understand why I couldn't fight the cravings. As in I super enjoyed it a lot! Wala naman magawa si hubby kasi it made me a happy preggy mommy! Kaya ayun, give in lang siya. Hihi! Sorry, mahal ko, malamang pinagsawaan mo ang Kenny Rogers that time! 

Simple Joys Photo: Trev ala Usher! :-)

Usher Photo Source

If you're watching The Voice, you might have noticed how Usher sits on his The Voice chair. Funny thing is, my son Trev almost always sits that way whenever we're out and we put him on a high chair. Haha! 

P.S. Pardon my son's photo above but that's the near best photo I could put side by side Usher's. Hirap timing-an nung magandang pose ni Trev eh. :-P

Simple Joys Photo: Trev and His Shape Sorter

Aside from his puzzles, he's been busy with his shape sorter lately. Allan and I are both amazed at how our 19 month old little boy suddenly learned how to play with his shape sorter. As in, he would look at the object in his hand, then look at the box to find the matching shape then he would insert the shape inside! Amazeballs! Hihi! Not that we're not teaching him how to play with this, of course we are. He knows shapes from months back but little did we expect that he knows how to identify objects from his shape sorter and find the matching shape all by himself. We're so proud of you, anak! Tatay and Nanay loves you so much! May God shower you with His Love always and forever. :-)


Crazy Leggings From Romwe: The Biggest Flash Sale!

I remember when I was in my tween age, my mom used to buy me printed leggings. Back then, I didn't appreciate it as much because I was more inclined to wearing jeans. Fast forward to when I got married then later became pregnant, aside from empire or baby doll dresses, leggings were one of my bestfriends because nothing would fit me with my preggy tummy except those stretchable materials used in leggings. I started to love them!


Sample {FREE} Profitable Blogging For Beginners

Sign Up For The Free 4-Week Online Blogging Class!

{FREE} 4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class

Heads Up: This offer ends June 30th! 

Tokyo Tokyo Weekend

A few weeks ago, I posted about our Teriyaki Boy lunch date and how, err, kind of expensive it was. The other week, we decided to eat lunch at Tokyo Tokyo SM The Block. I chose the place because I remember one time, when we had lunch there, we didn't spend so much yet we were very full. :-)


Romwe Dresses On Sale!

When I was single, I never really had an interest on dresses. I don't feel comfortable wearing them. But when I became a mother, I don't know what happened but I started liking dresses! In fact, I can't remember the last time I have worn my jeans. I feel comfortable wearing either shorts or my mini dresses. I think motherhood really changed my sense of fashion. Love it! Hihi!


Throwback Thursday: My Mt. Pulag Experience

I'm posting this because I'm not sure if I can ever do this again. Hihi! This by far was one of the highlights of my mountaineering life. Climbing Mt. Pulag via the Tawangan Trail took us, if I remember correctly, two days to reach the camp. On the third day on an early morning, we climbed the summit. That was the day we were inducted as mountaineers. Yes, at the top of Mt. Pulag. And opo, may induction po ang mga mountaineers. :-)


Nurture. Inspire. Give. -- A Note For The Future by Wyeth

I am a frustrated artist. When I was a little girl, my lolo and lola would always say that I would grow up to be a fine artist. I remember back then, I would always draw and paint. It was a passion. I know that I am not that good at it but I loved doing it. But obviously, that dream wasn't fulfilled. I went on a different path and took a computer related course in college. But I still love arts until now. That's why I'm so happy whenever I see my 19-month old toddler, whom I am still proudly breastfeeding, get his crayons and paper to scribble and doddle. He seems to like arts, too. If he still likes it until he grows up, his Tatay and I would support him all the way.


Happy Monday Morning!

Happy Monday morning! First day of school for most kiddos today. Good luck to everyone!

The past few days have been busy for me lately, thank God for everything! Anyway, my husband and I have been looking around for the best place to stay for good. We've been renting for years now and we feel that it's about time to get our own space.


Old School Blogging, June: ABCs of Me!

I saw this post from Dainty Mom. I think it's fun so I posted it, too. This is my first time to join a blog meme and it's really cute! So old school! :-)


Lovin' Accessories!

When I was still single, I loved wearing accessories. I have a collection of bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, beaded or not, I cannot mention how many! Hihi! I still have it until now, it's just that I don't use some of it anymore because some of my accessories are not baby-friendly. So I have to just keep it for a while. I'm just waiting until Trev is no longer in the stage where he would grab and pull everything. :-P


Throwback Thursday: Let's Bowl!

That's me on the left and Allan on the right. (Uhmm, he is not left handed, I just had to flip the pic so it could go side by side with mine, hihi!)

I was never a sporty person. But Allan is. He plays a few. When he was a kid, he played soccer, he also played badminton before, he even played rugby would you believe?! Yes, he used to be part of a team training with the Philippine Volcanoes at PhilSports Complex (Ultra) in Pasig. And I have watched some of their tournaments. It really gave me "heart attacks" whenever he played rugby before! There was a time when he texted me that he was rushed to the emergency room because he and one of his team mates accidentally bumped with each other while playing and it hurt his shoulders. I got so paranoid! Hay, rugby! :-)

Glad To Be Globe!

Globe has been a part of my life for more than a decade now. Yes, you read it right. It has become a great part of my life for so many wonderful reasons. I have also been using the same number since 2001. Never tried using any other network since I started using Globe. Now, who's loyal? Hihi! :-D

I know, nothing's perfect in this world, admittedly there were times before that some Globe subscribers somehow were not satisfied with how Globe's network or signal was delivered, but let's face it, it happens to all networks, yes? In my experience, Globe has been pretty consistent in giving quality service to its subscribers and the network is way better now! :-)

Seriously, I could say a lot of things why I love Globe. But I will spare you most of the details as this blog might not be enough to accommodate all. Anyway, like I said, I have been using the same number for more than a decade. So that means I have also tried most of their prepaid services. Right, I am a prepaid Globe subscriber and I find it fitting with my life style pretty well. When they first launched their unlimited calls promo back in 2004 or 2005 (I hope I remember it correctly), I really took advantage of it and I probably was one of their many subscribers who first used the promo. 

There's one service of Globe though that I love so much...


Sample Room Product Review: Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner

Hello there, friends! Here's my review of the Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner. I have availed this together with the Malunggay Herbal Soap from Sample Room. I wrote my review of the herbal soap here.


Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp: Does Your Child Have What It Takes To Shine?

It's amazing how kids learn a lot of things in a short span of time. Their minds are like sponges, that's so true! Each one has their own phase of development and milestones. Some kids are advanced, some are more advanced. My 19-month old son Trev, whom I am still proudly breastfeeding, pretty much knows a lot of things already. Some he learned a few months ago, some he learned recently. He knows how to solve simple puzzles, he knows how to sort shapes, he knows parts of his body, he knows a few colors, he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with these lyrics "Ka Ka Ka Ka..." (yeah, he can't pronounce it yet but that's okay), he dances, he scribbles, he plays so well with our tablet, he knows a few letters, numbers, animals and objects. And the list goes on and on. I am so glad and grateful that he's learning so many good things every single day. My husband and I have always been praying the best for our son. For him to always be healthy, full of love and respect, for him to be smart, talented, God-loving and for him to grow up to be a fine gentleman. Of course, all parents want the best for their kids. My son loves to sing and dance but I can hardly imagine his life with limelights and public attention because I myself practically grew up in a very simple and quiet environment. But who knows, if it's God's will, then I would happily embrace it! Anything for my son! 

Simple Joys Photo: Trev and His Puzzles

Okay, so I'm photoblogging again! Pardon me but I just love documenting my son's milestones thru pictures. I know, if this blog is still existent by the time he grows up, he will be able to look back at how he learned so many things when he was still a toddler. (Note to Trev: Don't worry, son. I won't post your embarrassing pictures, hihi!)

Dimsum Break Part 2

One time I was watching TV, I saw this TV show hosted by Drew Arellano. In the TV show, he was in China and he was featuring some Chinese food that time. I got curious with the Hakao he's eating. He said it's really delish. So, around three weeks ago (yep, super late post again!), Allan, Trev and I had our lunch at Dimsum Break at SM Annex, the nearest place where we can eat yummy dimsum! It's actually our second time there, the first time I posted here.

Sample Room Product Review: Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Soap

I recently availed the Malunggay Herbal Soap from Sample Room a few days ago and so far, I am enjoying the benefits. I like this product!

Here's a brief description of this product from Sample Room:

Moringa-O2 combines powerful multi-vitamins, antioxidants and minerals from Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega to deeply nourish and moisturize dry and sensitive skin.

Moringa-O2 is best recommended for those with the following skin conditions: 
For dry and sensitive skin
For itchy skin
Aging skin
Skin asthma and Keratosis Pilaris

Helps slow down signs of aging
Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
Anti-bacterial and anti-acne
Skin lightening

After using it for several days, here's my review.

What is your initial impression of the product?
 The first thing that got me thinking when I saw this product at Sample Room was that it's a herbal soap. Since, it's Malunggay, I thought the scent would also be Malunggay-like, but I was wrong. I love the scent, it smells very much like green tea. Fresh, clean and refreshing.
Do you like how it felt on your skin?
Yes, I like how it felt. Squeaky clean and it didn't make my skin dry. I also love the fact that it has a very rich lather.

Did you notice any effects?
For the past five days of using it, so far, I haven't really seen any noticeable effects. 

Did you like the sample that you received?
Yes, I did. Since I got it, I have been using it everyday. What I love the most about this product is the scent and how it makes my skin squeaky clean and moisturized at the same time.

Would you purchase a full-sized product after finishing the sample?
Yes, I might consider purchasing a full-sized product. I would also like to recommend this product especially to those who want to try herbal soaps. Based on my experience, this product is okay and didn't leave any bad effects on my skin so far.

Okay, so it's pretty obvious that this product satisfies me. So, what if I bring this along for a getaway in a place here in our country? How about swimming? Huling hirit sa tag-init! Of course, if you go swimming, it's really very important to bring toiletries that won't fail you, like soaps, shampoo, etc. Malunggay Herbal Soap is anti-bacterial so I think it's best if I bring this. Well, if I were to bring this product to one special place in the Philippines for a getaway, I would have to say Palawan. The Philippines has so many beautiful places and I think Palawan is one of them. It's the place closest to nature for me. I haven't been there but I have been wanting to visit that place for as long as I can remember! I would love to visit Palawan with my husband and baby and enjoy nature as it is! 

So, there you go. I'll post a review about the Malunggay Herbal Toner next. Stay tuned! :-)


Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!

I am a first time mama and I can still remember very vividly how paranoid I was when I was pregnant. I was a constant lurker in a lot of forums on the web, googling everything I want to know about pregnancy, searching for pregnancy dos' and donts' because I was so afraid to do the things that could somehow hurt the baby inside my womb. My friends even teased me for being such a worrier because they said I can still do some of those things as long as it's in moderation. But, I guess you can't blame me. Like I said, I am a first time mother and just imagine all the negative things running through my mind during those times. I wanted what I think was best for my baby. So, to make the story short, all the things that I read NOT to do or eat or drink while pregnant, I obviously didn't do, didn't eat, and didn't drink. Like coffee for instance, although I am not a big coffee fan, I still drink a cup or two before pregnancy, but when I found out I was pregnant, I totally dumped it! Yes, not a single cup. I also turned down a few travels because I was too afraid it could harm my baby. My life, somehow, took a backseat, for a while. But it was absolutely fine with me because my priority was my baby.

Most moms, especially new moms like me, might have heard these and more when they were pregnant, too. I know you can relate to what I'm saying. But did you know that some of those things are actually myths? Yes, you read it right. 

Mommies, share away! Have you heard the following when you were pregnant? 

When you're pregnant, you have to eat for two.
You can't run, swim, or do yoga for the benefit of a baby's health.
Coffee can increase your risk of miscarriage.
These may sound logical; but believe it or not, these are some of the most common pregnancy myths around. Once you’ve announced your pregnancy, you’re sure to be bombarded with homespun advice from family, friends and even strangers who base their beliefs on hearsay or accepted ideologies.
So how do you distinguish fact from myth?
Listening to Wyeth ProMama’s team of Fit and Fab Mamas Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias and Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion is a good place to start.  The team is joined by respected pregnancy experts Dra. Christia Padolina and Dra. Angel Bandola, who are tasked to empower expectant moms against pregnancy myths and misconceptions.  The road from feeling fat to being PHAT – pregnant, hot and trendy— begins now.

Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!

The hosts and guest experts discussed and debunked 5 common pregnancy myths
One big pregnancy myth
“Pregnant mothers hear things like ‘You can’t exercise’ or ‘You can’t travel because it may harm your baby.’ These are things that confuse first time moms, making them believe that there are so many ‘Can’ts’ during pregnancy,” says ProMama product manager Gino Anonuevo. 
“One of the biggest pregnancy myths is that a mother’s life should take a backseat to her child’s. When a woman’s belly grows, the mom may begin to feel more like a vessel than a woman. Many give in to the mindset that beauty, youth, and energy—all those things that make up a woman’s femininity—are no longer theirs.
“This doesn’t have to be the case. Expectant mothers can say, ‘Yes!’ to a lot of things that they feel or have heard they can’t.”
The ProMama council of fit and fab moms Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias and Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion are walking testaments to the fact that life is further enriched by pregnancy. Tricia, a known health enthusiast, still continues on with her fit lifestyle that includes running a couple of miles a day in spite of expecting her second child this September; Delamar who’s part of a popular radio show, doesn’t let morning sickness or hormones tone done her natural exuberance and humor in hosting her program; and finally, 2-time mom Amanda Griffin-Jacob hasn’t succumbed to what she calls the “mommy meltdown” and is still considered to be one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine showbiz.

Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!
Everyone who attended the event had the chance to make their own statement shirts that promoted being a fit and fab mom.

Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!
Our fit and fab council and experts (from L-R):  Carmela Seriña-Pearson, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias, Kaye Anoñuevo, Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion, Dra. Christia Padolina, and Dra. Angel Bandola

Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!
Super moms showing off their bump statement shirts (From L-R: Kaye Anoñuevo, Delamar Arias, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion, and Carmela Seriña-Pearson

“It’s our goal for pregnant women to live and love their pregnancy,” says Amanda. “Every pregnancy should be celebrated; women should feel nurtured by doing the things that can make them feel confident. Being fit and fab during pregnancy should be every expecting mother’s goal!”

To a fit and fab pregnancy
If there’s one thing that’s definitely not a myth, it’s the fact that pregnant women should take special care of their nutritional needs.
Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!

Wyeth Nutrition, makers of ProMama, understands this, and wants every woman to fully enjoy the journey of pregnancy. A nutritional milk drink designed to support women—and not just the unborn baby—during pregnancy.  ProMama focuses on the life giver to address the needs of both mother and child.
“The fulcrum of each family is the mother. Without her, the family would fall apart—emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically. Wyeth Nutrition fully acknowledges these values with ProMama, the milk that takes care of mothers so they can take care of their children,” says Anonuevo.
Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!Only ProMama contains the Pro-Nutri Builders, ingredients that support the health and development of both mother and child during pregnancy.  These include Maternal Immunity Enhancers like Beta Carotene, which has antioxidant and immunostimulatory properties, and Vitamins C, E and A, which also helps promote good vision and cellular growth.
Pro-Nutri Builders are also targeted for the growing baby. ProMama has Mental Enhancers like DHA, a nutrient important for a child’s visual and mental development; Folic Acid, which is essential for the development of the nervous system and in preventing neural tube defects; and Zinc, which assists in fetal neurodevelopment. ProMama’s formula also contains Bone and Muscle Builders such as Vitamin D, important for calcium metabolism and to support an unborn baby’s bone and teeth development; Protein, the building block of all tissues; and Calcium, which supports bone development.  
ProMama, which is available in Vanilla Delight Flavor, has only 15 percent of calories from fat. Just two servings of ProMama daily can help promote appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

Yes You Can

The road to dispelling the biggest pregnancy myth of them all is now on the rise – and Wyeth Nutrition hopes that expecting mothers will eventually embrace the value of putting effort into looking and feeling great during pregnancy.
Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!

“When I was pregnant, nothing stopped me from doing yoga, wearing heels, hosting my TV show, travelling and even wearing a bikini. I enjoyed life as much as I enjoyed my pregnancy and it paid off. My 2 boys are happy and healthy,” shares Amanda. There’s nothing quite like experiencing motherhood firsthand.”
“When moms are healthy and happy, so are their babies—even while they’re still in the womb. Moms should not be afraid to say 'Yes!' to form-fitting clothes, traveling to experience the world, wearing heels, and even exercising. Getting through the roadblock of feeling fat to feeling pregnant, hot and tempting aids in a healthy, beautiful pregnancy," adds Amanda.
Wyeth ProMama: Mama, Yes You Can!

# # #

About Wyeth Nutrition
Wyeth Nutrition, formerly Pfizer Nutrition, is part of Nestlé S.A.  Wyeth Nutrition develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically-designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, pregnant and lactating mothers, and adults. As pioneers in infant nutritional science, our mission is to provide the best nutritional support for future healthy outcomes. For nearly a century, Wyeth Nutrition has leveraged scientific research, world class manufacturing and product safety standards to drive scientifically-sound solutions that offer parents confidence, help nourish children and support their healthy futures. It employs the same level of excellence in delivering nutrient-rich products to adults.