Crazy Leggings From Romwe: The Biggest Flash Sale!

I remember when I was in my tween age, my mom used to buy me printed leggings. Back then, I didn't appreciate it as much because I was more inclined to wearing jeans. Fast forward to when I got married then later became pregnant, aside from empire or baby doll dresses, leggings were one of my bestfriends because nothing would fit me with my preggy tummy except those stretchable materials used in leggings. I started to love them!

But I have always worn just black or denim colored leggings. Never tried wearing those with prints. A year after I have given birth, I still keep my leggings and wear them every once in a while. It's still as comfy as before!

Now, printed leggings have started trending again in the fashion world. When I received this email from Romwe and I checked their Crazy Leggings, I found some cutesy designs! Good news is, they're on sale!

Only 3 days, 06/18/2013-06/20/2013.

Aren't those Crazy Leggings so pretty? There's a wide collection you can choose from! Hurry, the sale is only for three days! :)


  1. They are nice to look at...but not on me I guess. I don't even wear skinny jeans heheheh.... :-)

  2. The legging I brought from the site last month didn't fit me, I handed it to my sister in law, by the way their legging is made of good fabric

  3. Are their leggings ok? Love wearing leggings because they are so comfy! :)

  4. I noticed that, printed leggings are getting in again. :)

  5. I wear leggings too during my pregnancies it is comfortable wearing them. I now have a printed leggings that was bought by my mom but I chose not to wear when going out, because I am not that confident to wear printed leggings, but they do look great when I saw others wear it.

    MomMy Hanny

  6. waah! They are so fashionable and I like seeing women who can pull this off. But I don't think I can.


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