Dimsum Break Part 2

One time I was watching TV, I saw this TV show hosted by Drew Arellano. In the TV show, he was in China and he was featuring some Chinese food that time. I got curious with the Hakao he's eating. He said it's really delish. So, around three weeks ago (yep, super late post again!), Allan, Trev and I had our lunch at Dimsum Break at SM Annex, the nearest place where we can eat yummy dimsum! It's actually our second time there, the first time I posted here.

These were our orders. 

Dimsum Break Part 2
Steamed Fried Rice, Wanton Noodles, Steamed Hakao and Empress Rolls

I was really excited to taste the steamed hakao because from the looks of it, I really feel that it's yum! When I was actually ordering our meal, I saw the yummy looking empress roll so I decided to order one, too. 

So, here's my take. True to what I have been hearing, steamed hakao is really yum! I love how soft the wrapper was and how packed it was inside. But, I was surprised that I liked the empress roll better! I like how the taste and texture of the veggie wrapper blended with the whole roll. 

Dimsum Break Part 2
Here's my little one enjoying the Steamed Fried Rice.

Dimsum Break Part 2
Sweety look from my little one while I was about to taste the Empress Roll.

Dimsum Break Part 2
Nice interior! The decor at the wall was so pretty!

Dimsum Break Part 2
My boys busy eating. Ayan, nagtuturo si Trev ng gusto niyang food. :-)

We were actually okay with everything except this. Check out this picture below. I'm not sure with the other customers but for us, we feel this is something that Dimsum Break has to look into. It's just disappointing to see that they're still using these to serve their customers. Someone might get hurt from using these utensils.

Dimsum Break Part 2
Both of the drinking glasses they gave us have chipped edges! I don't know if you can see it, but the Wanton Noodle bowl has a chipped edge, too! Tsk tsk!

So, there you go! How about you? How was your Dimsum Break experience so far? :-)

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