Glad To Be Globe!

Globe has been a part of my life for more than a decade now. Yes, you read it right. It has become a great part of my life for so many wonderful reasons. I have also been using the same number since 2001. Never tried using any other network since I started using Globe. Now, who's loyal? Hihi! :-D

I know, nothing's perfect in this world, admittedly there were times before that some Globe subscribers somehow were not satisfied with how Globe's network or signal was delivered, but let's face it, it happens to all networks, yes? In my experience, Globe has been pretty consistent in giving quality service to its subscribers and the network is way better now! :-)

Seriously, I could say a lot of things why I love Globe. But I will spare you most of the details as this blog might not be enough to accommodate all. Anyway, like I said, I have been using the same number for more than a decade. So that means I have also tried most of their prepaid services. Right, I am a prepaid Globe subscriber and I find it fitting with my life style pretty well. When they first launched their unlimited calls promo back in 2004 or 2005 (I hope I remember it correctly), I really took advantage of it and I probably was one of their many subscribers who first used the promo. 

There's one service of Globe though that I love so much...

GCASH. I have been using GCASH for most of my payment transactions and it's really a very convenient way to pay. As a stay at home wife and mom with a one year old son and no yaya or helper, it's very hard for me to go out every now and then because I would have to tag along my son with me whenever. But with GCASH, I don't have to go out all the time to pay or remit. As long as I have sufficient funds in my GCASH wallet, I could send money whenever I want. Well, aside from payment, there were a few times that I used GCASH to send money to my grandmother in the province. And did I already say that it's very convenient? Yes, it definitely is! Aside from the fact that the processing fee is way more affordable compared to other money remitting establishments out there. 

I also sometimes shop online and good thing that most merchants or online sellers accept GCASH as payment. I never really had a hard time paying because I have GCASH. No need to go out and deposit payments at the banks, which I know will take a very big chunk of my time because most often, the lines/queues at the banks are so long you would think twice of lining up and paying there! With GCASH, you can pay at the comforts of your own home. How nice is that!

There's this one instance that I really am so glad to be using Globe GCASH. I wanted to join this online business opportunity so bad but there was a registration fee. This online business offers several payment options and glad that GCASH was one of them. I didn't think twice and used my GCASH to pay. And I am sure glad I did! I didn't wait until I find time to go out and pay the registration fee using their other payment options. Glad I have GCASH and immediately paid right there and then, while I was infront on my laptop at home. If I waited until I find the time to go out, I might not be part of the online business where I am now and I might not be earning what I am earning now. Thanks there's Globe GCASH!

And oh, did I tell you that Globe has a very big part why I am now married to the man I really love? Told yah, Globe has a big part in my life. They absolutely have their ways to bridge people together. I just love Globe!


  1. great that you have that kind of experience with globe

  2. I am MOSTLY glad to be Globe too. Sana lang they train and empower their customer service agents better. Ang hirap kasing paulit ulit ng explanation eh. Here at home, we have five Globe lines, four under my name. hehe.


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