Happy Monday Morning!

Happy Monday morning! First day of school for most kiddos today. Good luck to everyone!

The past few days have been busy for me lately, thank God for everything! Anyway, my husband and I have been looking around for the best place to stay for good. We've been renting for years now and we feel that it's about time to get our own space.

Yeah, Trev is already growing really fast and we want him to grow up in, hopefully, a place we can call our own. We don't have that much funds yet but we're praying and hoping, and working hard, for it to come true of course. If I still have work, it wouldn't be as hard. But we know, nothing is impossible if you put your trust in God. Allan and I have been getting brochures from agents, searching the web and asking friends where we can hopefully buy our own property, yay! Sana! God willing. Do you know by any chance any affordable RFO place near Quezon City that our meager earnings can afford? :-)

Anyway, to add more good vibes to your Monday morning, come and check out Romwe's newest sale offer. I received this email yesterday and I thought maybe some of you, fashionable friends, might be interested. So here goes!

Romwe American Nationa Day Sale
American National Day Sale at Romwe! There are a lot of American styles in it!

That's a big, big sale for the American National Day! Head on now to Romwe's website and check out these cool fashion finds! :-)


  1. Happy Monday morning to you, too! :) Wish you all the best on our house hunting as well. It's exciting to be looking around and finally settling down with the one. :D

  2. Hi Sis. Glad to know that you're looking for some options to get your own place. That should really be the priority of every family. I hope you'll be able to find one that would fir your budget soon. :)

  3. Like you I keep accepting these brochures offered everywhere. Kaya lang the location and type of home I want is mahal :( Dasal at ipon pa :)

  4. Hope you'll get your dream home soon!

  5. Happy Monday to you too.. all the best in finding the best home.

  6. Hope you get your dream home soon..

  7. getting your own property is an exciting phase. blessings to you!


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