Old School Blogging, June: ABCs of Me!

I saw this post from Dainty Mom. I think it's fun so I posted it, too. This is my first time to join a blog meme and it's really cute! So old school! :-)

Alphabet Meme

A. Attached or Single? Attached since 2009 to my one and only, Allan.  

B. Best Friend? Michelle.

C. Cake or pie? Aww, I can't choose. Can I have both? :-P

D. Day of choice? Weekends! I love Saturdays and Sundays!

E. Essential Item? Hmm, let's see. As a blogger, maybe my PC/Laptop/Cellphone. Random: My handkerchief! :-p

F. Favorite color? Light blue, light pink, black, white, earth colors too like brown and green.

G. Gummy bears or worms? I guess I would have to choose gummy bears. ^_^

H. Hometown? Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines!

I. Favorite Indulgence? Hmm... Facial and whole body massage. 

J. January or July? January. I am not really a fan of the rainy season.

K. Kids? 1 boy (age: one year old)

L. Life isn’t complete without? My family and friends.

M. Marriage date? 02-02-2011

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 6 younger brothers! Yes, I am the eldest and the only girl. :-P

O. Oranges or Apples. Apples!

P. Phobias? I am afraid of deep water. You see, I almost drowned when I was young.

Q. Quotes? At this very moment, I can't really think of one particular quote except for a verse: "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me."

R. Reasons to smile? It never fails to make me smile whenever I see my husband and baby together, say, while they're playing and they don't know I am looking at them. It melts my heart and really makes me smile from inside out.

S. Season of choice? We only have two here, so I would have to choose summer.

T. Tag 5 People. KT, Jhari, Maan, MayeLouise. (But anyone who sees this post can go ahead and do the same, too! Feel free!) :-)

U. Unknown fact about me? Well, I can recite the alphabet backwards without any difficulty. Hihi! :-) I have a collection of stones when I was still living in the province. Not the gemstones kind, just simple stones. And my dental braces lasted me 8 years before my dentist removed it last month!

V. Vegetable? A lot! I love veggies! Leafy and those crunchy ones. Chili leaves, broccoli and carrots just to name a few.

W. Worst habit? If I'm interested in something (let's say for example, house and lot) and I start searching the web about it, it will take all my will power to stop searching. As in I will check all the links I could find and read everything about it. Hihi!

X. Xray or Ultrasound? I don't have any idea about this question. Is it to check the baby when I'm pregnant? Okay, I'm choosing ultrasound. :-)

Y. Your favorite food? Oh noh! I have a lot of favorites I can't even mention one. Okay, I'll say pasta.

Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio

This meme was started by Elaine of The Miss-Elaine-ous Life. Go ahead and join, too! Just copy paste the questions from her blog then link up. It's really a great way to meet other mommy bloggers. 

Have fun and tweet about Old School Blogging with the hashtag #OSBlog and tag your friends, too! 


  1. I'm impressed that you can say the alphabet backwards :)

  2. I also consider handkerchief an essential...in fact, I have that sinking feeling whenever I forget to bring one. :-)

  3. Woohoo, I'm tagged here, too! Saya! I'm doing the meme now!

  4. But wait, what??? You have 6 brothers? Ang gulo siguro nun!

  5. This is a good way to know someone :) oh and I think your worst habit isn't that worst at all. The good side of that is, you get all the info you need to know :)

  6. I'm tagged here pala. Paano ba ito? I'm lost, hehe. I will try to do this meme nga. Parang masaya e. hehe. Thank you sis Van. Mwaah!

  7. I really find this meme cute.. I thinks I should try doing the same.. hehehe.. Nice to know you more Van.. :)


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