Romwe Dresses On Sale!

When I was single, I never really had an interest on dresses. I don't feel comfortable wearing them. But when I became a mother, I don't know what happened but I started liking dresses! In fact, I can't remember the last time I have worn my jeans. I feel comfortable wearing either shorts or my mini dresses. I think motherhood really changed my sense of fashion. Love it! Hihi!

So, when I saw that Romwe dresses are on sale, I immediately checked the website! And I must say that they're all so pretty! Look!

Romwe 30% off sale under the Dresses catalogue!
Only 3 days, 06/14/2013-06/16/2013.

So, if you're looking for pretty but comfortable dresses, hurry now! They have a lot of beautiful and amazing designs! I'm sure there's at least one piece there that fits your style! The sale is only until June 16! :-)

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  1. Wah, are you my soul sister or something? Haha! Ako rin, I never had interest in dressing up before. Anong meron sa motherhood at napapaganda tayo? :D


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