Simple Joys Photo: Trev and His Puzzles

Okay, so I'm photoblogging again! Pardon me but I just love documenting my son's milestones thru pictures. I know, if this blog is still existent by the time he grows up, he will be able to look back at how he learned so many things when he was still a toddler. (Note to Trev: Don't worry, son. I won't post your embarrassing pictures, hihi!)

Trev just turned 19 months last week. And he's into puzzles lately. In fact, he already knows how to solve all the puzzles in our tablet. So, a few weeks ago, Allan and I bought him real puzzles! It's just a three-piece puzzle set with three-letter word pictures but he's enjoying it so far. 

Photoblogging now. :-)

Spelling Fun 3-Letter Word Picture Puzzle. Bought from SM.

Trev looks so curious.

Trev started to show some enthusiasm when his Tatay handed him the puzzles! :-)

Love the colors and the graphics. Look at my little one! He's looking at one of the puzzles intently.

Trev: Hmm, Tatay? Now, how do I do this? :-P

He's getting the hang of it! :-)

Trev: How about this Tatay? :-P

Trev: Okay, let's go back to work. I can do this! :-P

These photos were taken the day we bought the puzzles. That was around three weeks ago. At the moment, he's still learning to solve some of the puzzles but he can identify the object in the pictures. Some of the pictures/puzzles, he knows how to solve already. Tatay and Nanay are so proud of you, anak. Keep it up! We love you so much! ♥


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