Throwback Thursday: Let's Bowl!

That's me on the left and Allan on the right. (Uhmm, he is not left handed, I just had to flip the pic so it could go side by side with mine, hihi!)

I was never a sporty person. But Allan is. He plays a few. When he was a kid, he played soccer, he also played badminton before, he even played rugby would you believe?! Yes, he used to be part of a team training with the Philippine Volcanoes at PhilSports Complex (Ultra) in Pasig. And I have watched some of their tournaments. It really gave me "heart attacks" whenever he played rugby before! There was a time when he texted me that he was rushed to the emergency room because he and one of his team mates accidentally bumped with each other while playing and it hurt his shoulders. I got so paranoid! Hay, rugby! :-)

He's no longer into rugby now by the way. Hay, no more "heart attacks", thank you! :-)

Anyway, going back to bowling. Bowling is one of the sports that he really love. He encouraged me to learn it. At first, I was so hesitant. I have never had the self-esteem and confidence to try different sports because I have always seen myself as a weakling. I had my share of embarrassing moments way back in my younger days. I was too afraid to become other people's focus of attention while playing a sport. So, I never learned how to play volleyball, badminton, or any other sports that most girls usually know how to. 

Allan was the one who taught me how to bowl. He was my personal coach, naks! He even encouraged me to join tournaments which I vehemently refused at first! Hahaha! I was too afraid and too shy to even imagine it. But he inspired me and guess what, I joined a few! He told me to just enjoy the game and cherish every moment, regardless if I score or not. And true, I had so much fun during those days. Allan taught me, not just how to play bowling, but how to become a little confident about myself and face my fears! Sigh! I can't remember the last time I played bowling. I know one day, when Trev grows a little bigger, the three of us would play together. It's going to be fun, I know! Can't wait! :-)

P.S. Despite my "heart attacks" on Allan's rugby games and my little confidence in playing sports, maybe you're asking why I was also into mountaineering? Hmm, I can't really put it into words. Basta mountaineering is a whole different story. No one's attention is really focused on you while you're on the trail, unless you really need help or something. With sports like bowling, the audience's attention is focused on you while you play the game. Shy type po kasi ako. Hihi! 


  1. Pareho pala tayo. I am not confident enough to be the center of other people's attention kaya wala rin ako halos alam na sport :D If I correctly remember it, I only played bowling once, naudyukan lang ng mga barkada ko noon.

  2. This made me remember the fun day we had bowling at SM MOA with my father and my nieces. Like what you said..it' really fun! As per your experience, you are blessed with a sports oriented husband and I am glad that you had a great bonding time with sports. God bless you two! (ang sweet naman! :) )

  3. I like to experience this one. Maybe one of these days...

  4. Bowling Date! :) Gusto ko din yan, but I'm not allowed to carry heavy stuff. Guess I have to think of other sport.

  5. It has been such a while since I went bowling. I'm not good in the game and always end up in the gutter with the balls that I throw.


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