Throwback Thursday: Rugby Days

No, don't look at me! I have never played rugby! Haha! This week's Throwback Thursday is for my husband, Allan. Aside from mountaineering, bowling, badminton, soccer (from way way back pa yan), here's another sport that he's involved in. Rugby Football. 

My husband is the one holding the Golsil Rugby ball, sitting third from left. :-)

My then boyfriend (now my husband) Allan is the one wearing gray, sitting second from left. Syempre, I'm the one wearing pink. :-P

The photo above was taken when we watched the PRFU 7s League Tournament Round 1 at Cuenca Field, Ayala Alabang Village. We took a picture together with Philippine Rugby Team (Volcanoes) Coach Matt Cullen (he's the one in the middle wearing a blue and red shirt and he's Australian ata if I'm not mistaken). I have mentioned in this post that Allan and his team mates were training with the Philippine Volcanoes at PhilSports Complex (Ultra) in Pasig. I have also mentioned in that post how Allan's being in the team gave me occasional "heart attacks" because of how physical the game is. I know because I have been watching their games and trainings live and I must say that it's one of the most physical sports I have ever seen. Tackle kung tackle. Parang bugbugan levels ang peg! Of course, they're all playing it safely naman but you really can't say when accidents happen. Nakaka-paranoind lang talaga. There was a time when Allan texted me that he was rushed to the emergency room because he and one of his team mates accidentally bumped with each other while playing and it hurt his shoulders. I got so paranoid! Hay, rugby! :-)

Don't get me wrong. I have always supported him in whatever sport he's playing. Rugby counted. We were together looking for rugby shoes, socks, etc. I was present in most of his trainings and games. Funny thing is, back then I was even the one who told him that the company (we were working in the same company before I resigned and became a SAHM) is holding a try out for those employees who want to be part of the Rugby Team. :-)

Anyway, he's not playing rugby anymore. Hanggang ngayon siguro may "heart attacks" pa rin ako if he's still playing. Haha!


  1. Di ba sya related kay Edward Cullen? hehehe... At first I really thought you were into rugby...good thing you cleared that right from the start lol!

    1. I had the same thought lol! I know! Rugby is sooo physical. Can't imagine what you might be feeling if you watch him play!

  2. Whao.. he was really active in sports :)

  3. mas physical talaga ang rugby than football (soccer). i can just imagine the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of those professional rugby players... doble ang heart attack siguro everytime there's a game, and an international one at that! but at least your husband was able to experience playing for a team like that and he looks like he really enjoyed it. :)

  4. That's a scary sport! I would have mini heart attacks too if I was in your case.

  5. napaka active ng lifestyle nio, how i wish ganian din kami ng hubby ko... all we do all day is sit and design while burning hole on our seats!

  6. ahh...your hubby is a sportsman pala, keep it up

  7. Oo nga, rugby is such a violent sport! My boyfriend plays soccer naman (along with swimming and track-and-field, baseball, at kung anu-ano pa!). Sana mahawaan din ako ng pagka-athletic ninyo! :D


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