Tokyo Tokyo Weekend

A few weeks ago, I posted about our Teriyaki Boy lunch date and how, err, kind of expensive it was. The other week, we decided to eat lunch at Tokyo Tokyo SM The Block. I chose the place because I remember one time, when we had lunch there, we didn't spend so much yet we were very full. :-)

These were our orders. 

Bento meals. Prawn Tempura and Chicken with Teriyaki sauce. Prawn tempura bento includes california maki while the Chicken Teriyaki includes misu soup and coffee jelly for dessert. Both already has stirred fried veggies and  red ice tea as drinks. We spent, if I remember correctly, just over Ph300 for all these. And they offer unli rice ha! Not bad. :-)
Before eating, ayan at naglalaro pa ang mag-ama! Haha!

Indeed, the three of us were so full. Uhmm, although the california maki was not as good as that of Teriyaki Boy's, but that's okay. It didn't ruin the entire meal because we enjoyed our lunch very much.

"Look up shot" ala Ryzza Mae Dizon! Hihi!

Trev's shirt says "I'm cute, my mom's cute & my dad is lucky!" Funny. I got it on sale fromTiny Tots when Trev was only 8 months, I think. Malaki pa sa kanya that time. He's 19 months now and he's still using it. Sakto na size. Sulit! :-)

After lunch, we headed to Trinoma so Trev can play again at Kevin's Toys & Library. Nagiging suki na kami dun! Hihi! We wanted him to play with other kids and improve his social skills as well, and that's the only place near our area that offers affordable rates. You see, he doesn't have play mates at home. The only people he sees everyday is me and hubby. So, we really have to expose him with other people. Baka mas maging mahiyain pa siya sa akin, eh. :-)

"Tao po? Tao po?" Silip, silip muna! Haha!

Riding his favorite car at Kevin's.

He really loves it there. And whenever he sees other kids running and playing, he would giggle, point to them, run after them and play with them! So cute! 

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  1. I remember eating at Tokyo Tokyp where there were three of us who shared a bento box and a california maki set. Nabusong naman kami.


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