Yummy Roasted Chicken At Kenny Rogers

When I was pregnant, I really didn't believe in cravings or "paglilihi" in food like mangoes, etc. I thought I would not experience that because I was not feeling any cravings when I found out I was pregnant. But a few more weeks after, I started to crave for Kenny Rogers' roasted chicken Solo Plate A (with steamed veggies side dish). Yes, specific, Solo Plate A talaga. Haha! In fact, even when I was already on full term, it was still my ultimate favorite. I could literally eat it every day, every hour, every minute. Walang kasawa-sawa! I couldn't understand why I couldn't fight the cravings. As in I super enjoyed it a lot! Wala naman magawa si hubby kasi it made me a happy preggy mommy! Kaya ayun, give in lang siya. Hihi! Sorry, mahal ko, malamang pinagsawaan mo ang Kenny Rogers that time! 

So, now, whenever I am asked kung san ako naglihi when I was pregnant, I would really say Kenny Rogers Roasters. Haha! :-) Yun lang, I was ordered by my OB not to eat the chicken skin. Hmp, that's the tastiest part pa naman! Haha! But, of course, I obeyed her. 

Anyway, the other week, when we were at SM The Block, window shopping lang as always, we had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters! Yay! After so many months, ngayon lang ulit kami nakakain dun! Na-miss ko ata! :-)

These were our orders. 

Yummy Roasted Chicken At Kenny Rogers
Solo Plate Roasted Chicken for me and Allan. Carbonara for Trev. :-)

Yummy Roasted Chicken At Kenny Rogers
Trev wants it! Haha! :-)

Happily eating!

Family picture, hihi!

While Tatay's busy eating, Trev and I were busy taking pictures! :-)

He loves to stir, stir, stir! :-)
He's very happy seeing ourselves in the mirror!

Trev: Tatay, you want some garlic bread?

Trev: This looks yum!

Trev: I'm going to eat another bite na! :-)

Pa-consuelo. Kiss on the nose. My sweet baby! :-)

It was a delight eating at Kenny Rogers once again. Especially now that it's not only me and hubby, Trev is with us already. Preggy or not, I still can say that the roasted chicken is really yum! But I think, magsasawa na ako if I eat this everyday, unlike when I was still pregnant! Haha!


  1. Love ko ang cheeze mac sa Kenny also the coleslaw and potato salad. they really go well with the chicken! Sarap!

  2. I missed eating at Kenny Rogers too. Dati kasi we always eat at Kenny lalo na un may mga promo sila. Ngayon since we have Matt, Jollibee or Mcdo gusto nya e. But we will try to eat again there one of these days, hehe...

  3. I love the healthy options at Kenny Rogers. I like their salad and yes the chicken syempre. Makabalik nga. :)

  4. Nag open na ulit Kenny dito sa CDO, hmmm makapunta nga...

  5. I also have same urge cravings like unstoppable, within a period of 1 week, my hubby bought me a blender so that I can make it at home, of course it's not the same anymore. Masarap yung chicken ahh.. parang inspire naman ako for our dinner tonight:)

  6. Their interior is more classy too, parang fine dining ang feel when you eat your order there. And it's grilled kaya healthy rin!

  7. I missed dinning at kenny...Last time we dined was more than 5 years ago.


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