Trev's Snoopy Shoes

Last Saturday, we were supposed to visit my inlaws in Bulacan. We were already at the bus station beside Trinoma when the rain started to fall. Good thing that the bus station has a wide roof, we didn't have to worry about getting wet. The rain was so heavy we doubted if we'd ever get a bus ride. Aside from that, there were so many other passengers waiting already. Allan and I were contemplating whether to push thru with our plan or just postpone it the next day. It was already past 2pm, so we decided to just postpone our visit. (By the way, we were able to visit the next day.)

We went back inside Trinoma and just window shopped. We strolled at Landmark and since Trev's current shoes seem like it shrank or something, errr, his feet grew dramatically bigger, Allan decided that we just go and look for a new pair for our little boy. The current shoes that he's using, we bought just a few months ago. Haha! Kids really do grow up so fast! Cliche but true.

Anyway, we found this cute pair at Snoopy. And it's only Ph350! When we tried it on Trev, he was so happy walking, running around and jumping up and down in front of the mirror. And he didn't want to remove the shoes anymore. Sayang, I wasn't able to take his pic. It took us a lot of convincing for him to remove his new shoes and wear his old one so we could pay for it at the cashier. Glad he obliged so we were able to put his old shoes back on. Hihi! He just loves his new shoes. 

After shopping for Trev's shoes, we went to KFC for our late lunch. Next to Jollibee, I could probably say that KFC is our next go-to fast food. Trev likes KFC spaghetti, too.

Supreme Bowl and Spaghetti from KFC Trinoma
Supreme Bowl and Spaghetti from KFC Trinoma

At home, I took a quick shot of Trev's new shoes because he was already very eager to try it on again.

Trev's new Snoopy Shoes at only Ph350. :-)

Look at my little boy as he was trying very hard to wear his new rubber shoes! He was so funny Allan and I were so amused!

Struggling to put on his new pair all by himself!


Blogging For Fun And Profits

While I was browsing the net just a few minutes ago, I suddenly remembered to check my paypal account. I haven't been logging in to my account for some time now because I am not expecting any payments or commissions any time soon  from some of my online tasks. To my amazement and surprise, I saw this:


I Won The "Get Rich And Natural Package" Giveaway!

I learned that I won four days ago but I never got the chance to blog about it until today. But that doesn't mean I forgot about it. In fact, I am so excited, happy, joyful, thankful, lahat na ata! This is really a wonderful blessing! You see, eversince I became a stay at home wife and mom, I have never stopped thinking what I can do to help my husband with our finances. More on that topic here. One of the things I was planning to do was to become a Human Heart Nature dealer. I fell in love with their products when my baby received some as gifts during his christening. Their baby products are all LOVE. Last December, we even bought some of HHN's Christmas packages and gave it as gifts to some of our friends and relatives. Of course, I also replenished my son's baby wash, lotion and baby oil and I got the biggest bottle for each! :-)

Anyway, I couldn't be any happier because I will soon fulfill one of my plans of becoming a HHN Dealer. I haven't really gotten the chance to sign up. Never thought my wish would come true this way. Thank God I was one of the lucky winners!

Screenshot from Mommy Practicality's blog. You may read the full details on her blog here.

Love and Laughter

So true. :-)
I don't really mind the "chaos", whether I look like a mess, or the room is filled with toys, or the walls have scribbles, etc. I'm just happy, grateful and overjoyed that I have a cutie patootie healthy son and I have a loving husband who loves me unconditionally even if my hair (sometimes!) looks messy. Hihi! ♥

Trev, anak, always remember that Tatay and Nanay loves you so much!

Smoky Mountain Real Estate

In acquiring a property, one important thing to consider is the location. If you are an adventurous person and a nature lover, you would probably love the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Smoky Mountain Real Estate has a number of Gatlinburg agents that can help you if you need to buy or sell a property in that area.

If you would like to savor each moment that more than a day's stay in the Smoky Mountain is needed, then while searching and looking for the real estate that you want, and seeing what the place has to offer, you may want to stay for a while and reserve smoky mountain cabins which are offered for rentals. You can also stay there for special occasions like a romantic getaway or a grand family vacation perhaps. You will surely make lasting memories that you and your family can remember and cherish for life.

Note: This is a paid post but all opinions and views are my own.


Investment and Insurance

I admit that when I was younger, I never really thought of getting myself an insurance because at that time, I didn’t feel the need. And in my mind, I had this view that I wouldn’t benefit from it. I’d rather save and deposit my hard earned money in the bank. At least when I need it, it’s easier to just withdraw and use the money. But my view with insurance changed as I get older. I realized that it’s really important to prepare for the future and find some alternative investment strategies. One way to start is by investing in insurance.

Matt Brooks of San Francisco Teams with the American Alpine Club

To further its support of organizations that seek to conserve the accessibility of mountaineering and backcountry adventures, Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Company partnered with the American Alpine Club (AAC).

“We are proud to support and partner with such an important organization for the mountain community,” says Matt Brooks of San Francisco, owner and founder of Brooks-Range. “As a life member of the AAC, I am excited to increase my involvement and use the Brooks-Range brand to raise the profile of the AAC’s mission.”

Matt Brooks Starts Brooks-Range
Matt Brooks of San Francisco founded his mountaineering company Brooks-Range in 1995. He was prompted to create the company while he was taking his Certified Ski Guide course and saw how inadequate the equipment was. Brooks then set out to create products that would better fit the needs of adventurers. He found huge success in his endeavor, and his business has continued to grow rapidly through the years.

Today, Brooks-Range provides innovative and high-quality equipment for recreational travelers, professional guides and adventurers of all kinds. The equipment sold by Brooks-Range has been tested by a team of ambassadors composed of the world’s top outdoor, avalanche and mountaineering experts, meaning the quality and safety of the equipment is guaranteed. Brooks-Range products are produced in the United States and found at many outdoor retail shops nationwide or online at www.brooks-range.com.

Phil Powers, executive director of the AAC, credited Brook-Range’s leadership in innovative product development as well as its support of the climbing community. The AAC, a charitable organization, provides logistical support, conservation and advocacy along with knowledge and inspiration to the climbing community.

The partnership between Brooks-Range and the American Alpine Club will further both organizations’ goals of seeing mountaineering continue and protecting the environment. Matt Brooks of San Francisco, as a lifetime member of the AAC, looks forward to this new partnership’s ability to further the support of the climbing community.

Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal

We've gone to Jollibee for I think five times now since I won Mommy Louise's giveaway last Mother's Day! Thanks to our Ph1000 Jollibee GC prize. We're big fans of that food chain and my son's favorite is Jollibee spaghetti. Sulit na sulit ang prize! Not to mention yung natipid namin! :-p

Last Saturday, we again had our lunch at Jollibee (still using the prized GC -- thanks!) after going somewhere to fix some stuff. It was already past lunch time but the branch (inside a mall) where we went to was so full. Glad they still had a seat outside the store, and since it's a new mall, the air conditioning is still in very good condition so it was okay even if we were outside. Plus there were just a few people passing by, they're all inside Jollibee ata! Teehee! :-)

Anyway, of course we ordered Spaghetti for our little boy. We were supposed to order our usual meal of Chicken Joy with Spaghetti but I have been curious about their latest offering, the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal. I have seen a bunch of customers ordering that meal and it looks tummy-filling! So hubby and I ordered that for a change. They also have an option to upsize the drinks (at no extra charge) if we'll order that meal so hubby chose that option. I didn't mind, I'm not a fan of softdrinks anyway. Besides, I'm breastfeeding so minimize or no talaga ang softdrinks for me. So, okay lang if upsized or not. Si hubby rin uubos nun! Hihi! If only they also offer that same promo on juice sana, kaso hindi eh.

Anyway, here's how it looks like:

Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal
Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal at Ph119 each. The meal comes with regular sized softdrinks, which can be upsized at no extra charge.

Six Home Remedies To Relieve Mosquito Bites

I found this on the web and I thought of sharing it here as I think this is very informative. This could come in handy, as these are all natural which can most likely be found in your kitchen. For parents like me, of course, the most important is still to do our best to protect our child/children from mosquito bites or any insect bites.



How To Choose the Right Avocado

I love avocados, so does my baby and hubby. When Trev started eating solids, this was one of the fruits I first introduced to him. But as much as we love avocado, I find it somewhat a challenge to look for the right one, the one that's just ripe enough. Most often than not, we almost always end up buying an over ripe or an almost rotten fruit, huhuhu. Ang mahal pa naman, sayang. Minsan, nakakachamba naman, which I am thankful for! :-) Sometimes we just buy the raw ones and wait for it to ripen. But of course, we won't be able to enjoy our avocados immediately because we have to wait for a day or two pa.

Glad I chanced upon this image. Now, I know. :-)


My Fruit Salad Ref Cake

Yes, it's a fruit salad and a ref cake in one. Haha! Kidding aside, I made this dessert the other day. It's been a while since I last made this so I figured it would be nice if I prepare one again. 

For some, they call it refrigerator/refrigerated cake. There are a lot of ways to make this kind of cake. You can use mango, peach, or any fruit maybe. And I'm sure most of you out there know how to make one, too. It's so easy, right? :-)

For this recipe, I just used the following ingredients:

1 small can of fruit cocktail (drained)
1 pack graham crackers
1 250ml condensed milk (Oopps, I just used only half of it because I didn't want the cake to be super sweet.)
2 250ml all purpose cream

Here's how I did it:

I just whipped the chilled all purpose cream together with the condensed milk. Then I added the fruit cocktail. I set aside some of the fruits for later use. I mixed everything until well blended. I got a rectangular container and laid down some of the graham crackers. I poured in some of the cream fruit mixture. Spread the mixture evenly to cover all the graham crackers. I did the process again for the next layer until I finished all the graham crackers. I was able to make three layers. I poured in the remaining mixture and added the fruits I set aside earlier as toppings. Freeze then it's done! :-)

My Fruit Salad Ref Cake

Artsy Meal Planner

When I became a stay at home wife and mom, meal planning was one of the things I learned to do. This saves us from buying more than what's necessary, like things that we don't need (yet), excess fruits and veggies that just end up getting rotten inside the fridge, clutter in the kitchen and of course, saves our budget big time! It's really a nice way to keep the budget in place. On a weekend, I would start by thinking what meals to cook for the coming week. I list down the ingredients I need then that's what we buy at the grocery/supermarket. It's as simple as that. 

I was browsing the net for more tips and ideas when I saw this cute and artsy DIY meal planner. 



Now Watching: My Name Is Khan

I have watched this film countless times already, thanks to our cable subscription! And whenever I watch it, it never fails to touch my heart. Nakakaiyak. The first time I've seen it, I thought it was based from a true story, hindi pala. But for me, it's a beautiful film.

According to Wikipedia, My Name Is Khan is a 2010 Indian drama film and was the highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas at the time. Within four weeks, the film crossed US$12 million mark in India and became the first film of 2010 to do so and is the highest grossing film released in February. In the overseas markets, the film grossed US$23 million. It is currently the 10th highest grossing Bollywood film with a worldwide gross of US$34 million.

My Name Is Khan

Creating My Dream Deck With Rhino Deck

This past week, my summer dream finally came true. No, we didn't go to Hawaii. Maybe that will come next year. This summer I was finally able to achieve my dream in creating the outdoor look I have wanted for years, thanks to my husband and Rhino Deck.

We have an aboveground pool measuring 14 feet across. Until last week, we had the pool set on the ground beside our house with only an access ladder. My goal was to create a deck surrounding the pool that would connect to the side of our house utilizing our French doors.

Last week, my husband took off work and set out to create my dream deck for our pool. He used Rhino Deck grooved decking in the acorn brown color. The grooved pieces, used along with Rhino Deck clips, meant he was able to install the deck in a much shorter amount of time, creating a seamless look. He also used Rhino Deck products to create rails for safety and stairs to access the back and front yards.

I could not be anymore thrilled with the way the deck turned out. I know that because we used this high-quality decking product, our deck will remain looking great for years to come.

Since I now have my deck, which does not have to be stained or painted, I can focus on furnishing the space. I found a few lounge chairs for the pool and placed them close to the water. I then purchased a deck box to store the kid’s goggles, sunscreen, beach towels and toys. What’s more, the deck box can also double as a bench.

I repurposed our wrought iron furniture and set it up on the deck so we can eat outdoors on warm evenings. My husband also created an ideal location for his grill.

I cannot wait to have my first party to show off my new deck and furnishings. I can just imagine my family enjoying the pleasant evening sitting on the deck as my kids and nieces and nephews enjoy the pool. We can eat some of my husband’s grilled dishes while listening to the crickets chirp.

To me, building a deck is all about constructing a location in which to enjoy backyard life. It allows me to entertain more guests, especially considering that my home’s interior entertaining space is small. In a way, our new deck has added a whole room just for entertaining.


Rugged Outdoorsman Shawn Henry Baybutt Also an Avid Reader

A little known fact about Shawn Henry Baybutt is his love for the written word. Many people might assume such a rugged outdoorsman would neglect more intellectual activities. In fact, Shawn always takes along a few books as he explores remote locations across the world. He loves to keep his mind sharp, and there is nothing better to keep the brain engaged than reading an intriguing book.

Shawn's Favorite Author

Shawn’s favorite author is American author Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote “Cat’s Cradle,” “Breakfast of Champions” and “Slaughterhouse-Five.” Vonnegut is an intellectual pacifist and a supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union. His books successfully blend science fiction, humor and satire in an entertaining way.

Shawn Henry Baybutt read about the time Vonnegut spent as a soldier during World War II. He learned this experience had a profound effect on his later writings. Vonnegut was a private with the 423rd Infantry Regiment and was captured during the Battle of the Bulge, which took place on December 19, 1944. In fact, the inspiration for his book “Slaughterhouse-Five” came directly from his experience as a prisoner of war.

During his time in captivity, Vonnegut was held in a detention facility known as the Slaughterhouse Five or, in German, Schlachtohof Funf. It is easy to imagine some of the atrocities that Vonnegut witnessed firsthand during his time as a prisoner. In fact, various memories from this time are central themes in at least six other books besides “Slaughterhouse-Five.”

Shawn's Favorite Book

Shawn has read each of Vonnegut’s famous and lesser known books more times than he can count. In fact, he could write a book review on any of them at a moment’s notice. However, Shawn’s favorite book is “Breakfast of Champions.”

The book “Breakfast of Champions” tells the story of two old men living in the fictional town of Midland City. Readers quickly learn that no one is exactly as they seem. One man appears to be sane but is in fact very deranged while the other man appears demented but is in fact relatively normal. Shawn enjoys this book because he feels it sums up how judging others too hastily is wrong. Moreover, in many cases, the conclusion drawn the fastest is wrong.

Lessons Learned

Shawn Henry Baybutt knows how important it is to get to know someone before judging that person. After all, he travels around the world and meets people living in different cultures all the time. In one culture, an action may seem normal that would be considered insane in another. The saneness of an action all depends on the motivation behind the action and the cultural surroundings.

Because Shawn has acquired so much knowledge from reading, he urges all young explorers to get into the habit of discovering the written word. He feels it has helped him greatly as he has interacted with people from all over the world.           


Adobo Connection Part 2

We went to SM Annex for lunch last Saturday before heading to the grocery at the main mall. We were looking for a place to eat when we passed by Adobo Connection. The first time we were there was during Allan's birthday last April. It's been a while since we last had our lunch there so we decided to try again. 

These were our orders.

Adobo Connection SM Annex
Pork Adobo Rice @ Ph49 and Lola Classic Adobo @ Ph158 each.



I was doing my usual rounds for BC Bloggers' CommEx last week when I chanced upon DavaoMommy's post about Baby Rhory. I was so sure I saw the same post somewhere. Then I remembered I saw it too at Chronicles of A Nursing Mom's wall on FB. Honestly, I didn't pay attention to the FB post the first time I saw it because I was rushing to do something else although I made a mental note to check back on that post again.. When I was done with my tasks, I totally forgot about that post. My bad. Good thing that Maan of Davao Mommy posted it on her blog. I read the story of the little baby and I found out that Baby Rhory badly needs all the help we could give. 


Friends, her name is Rhory Mae Gallardo. She was born prematurely at only 29 weeks. Her mommy died to give her life during childbirth. Baby Rhory is only 700 g when she was born.


72 - Hour Survival Kit

When I was still mountain climbing, one thing that I learned is to become self-sustaining all the time. The adventure comes with risk so you have to be prepared whatever happens. I guess that would apply in any case especially now that rainy days are here again.

I found this infographic on my FB wall the other day and I figured it would be nice to share it here. I find it very helpful.

On Finding An Online Job and Being A Full Time Mom

I am still in search for an online job that could help me help my hubby. For those of you who do not know, I have been a stay at home wife and mom for one year and three months now. Yes, I have a few micro jobs online but it's still not enough for me to help my hubby financially. He's not requiring me naman na i-career ang paghahanap because he is a very good provider and he keeps telling me to just focus on our family.

Pedia Visit + Manang's Chicken (Again!)

Last Saturday, we went to Healthway to visit Trev's pedia for his immunization. Trev was so excited to be going out again but when we were already inside Healthway, he was in his usual sad face again. I guess he already knew what's going to happen next. Like the previous months, he cried when we were already stepping inside his pedia's clinic. Injection time na naman and he knew it would hurt him. Honestly, it pains me to see him struggling to get away from our hold and crying his heart out but I just have to show him that it's okay because we're doing it for him to be always healthy. It's for his own good. Although he cried so much during the process, he's still a very brave boy. In between his tears, we asked him to give his pedia some flying kisses and he obliged. He even gave her high-5. Kahit tumutulo ang luha. :-)

Oh, his pedia gave him this flash cards. Trev loves it!


J. Co SM North Is Finally Open!

Good news to most J. Co fans out there because their SM North Branch is finally open!

This new branch is big and spacious. They have a very spacious dining area. Yun lang, when we passed by the place this weekend (napadaan lang, we were not there to buy donuts), wala pa ring kupas ang long queue in spite of the bigger space. Blockbuster pa rin ang peg! Hihi! Look at this pic which I took when we were at SM North yesterday.


One Weekend At Manang's Chicken

The first time we had lunch here, Trev was still a little baby. Now, he's already an active toddler. How time flies talaga!

Anyway, my first impression when we first tasted the crispy fried chicken at Manang's Chicken in SM North Annex was "Parang pinoy version of Bonchon's chicken". I'm not sure ha, pero that was how it tasted to me. And yes, it's delish!

This time around, when we had our lunch there last week, Allan and I opted for a different order para maiba naman. :-)

While waiting for our orders, picture muna with my cutie patootie! :-)

Simple Joys Photo: The Day We Found "The One"


Clean The Tanks

Rainy days are here again. Knowing how often typhoon hits our country, it’s really very important for us to prepare for any emergency. Since it’s almost always raining, flood is expected to come by, too. As much as we don’t want it to happen, sometimes it’s really unavoidable. There are some reasons why we most often experience flooding. Illegal logging is one of those. We all know how trees are supposed to help us avoid flooding but it’s so sad that there are still a lot of people who are illegally cutting down trees. Another thing is garbage. Improper disposal of garbage is one of the top reasons why we experience flooding. Drainage becomes clogged, including septic tanks. Regardless of how small or big the garbage it, may it be just waste food, used cooking oil and especially those non-biodegradable products like small plastics or napkins, we must all be responsible in disposing these items properly. If not, septic tanks could rapidly get filled or worst, clogged.

Good thing that there are companies like septic tank cleaning hollywood who are expert in drain cleaning, tank pumping, and repairing broken tanks. But one thing is for sure, everything must start from us. Nobody would want to experience clogged septic tanks and flooding, right? We should have the discipline to take care of our environment all the time. Remember, we only have one Earth.

Note: This is a paid post but all opinions and views are my own.

Birth Control Pills and Lawsuits

Our population has been growing tremendously high these past few years. Eventhough the government has been promoting family planning to everyone, still the growing population can’t be controlled. It would have been better if the new generation’s future is bright, but what if it’s not? It’s pretty obvious that one easy way to control it is for couples to use contraceptives like oral pills. But as most of us know, there are some disadvantages and adverse reactions from some of these medications. I stumbled upon an article about Yaz. It was the first time I heard about it but it is said to be one of the most popular birth control pills nowadays. It said in the article that allegedly, Yaz when taken may increase the risk of stroke, blood clots, etc. Some women who suffered from taking the drug filed for a yaz lawsuit. Good thing that there are lawyers who can help these victims fight for their legal right for the damages yaz allegedly caused them.

At the end of the day, one can possibly realize that it’s still better to do family planning naturally. Anyway, it’s still any couple’s choice; just choose the one that’s safe.

Note: This is a paid post but all opinions and views are my own.


Dad's Day Treat 2013

I've been planning to post about how we spent Father's Day this year but I only got the chance to do it today. Been really busy with so many things lately. Pagpasensyahan niyo na at super late post ulit. Anyway, better late than never. :-)

Last year, we had a photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo SM The Block on Father's Day. We were even able to avail of their promo. The photo on my header is just one of our pictures during the photoshoot. This year though, we were not able to schedule a photoshoot with them. Maybe next year, who knows. :-)