72 - Hour Survival Kit

When I was still mountain climbing, one thing that I learned is to become self-sustaining all the time. The adventure comes with risk so you have to be prepared whatever happens. I guess that would apply in any case especially now that rainy days are here again.

I found this infographic on my FB wall the other day and I figured it would be nice to share it here. I find it very helpful.

72 - Hour Survival Kit

Maybe, you can also add to the above items lighter and huge plastic bags for water proofing. These plastic bags could also keep you warm during cold weather.

Stay safe everyone! :-)


  1. I'm impressed that you used to mountain climb. I like hiking but not climbing anything steep... Makes me dizzy. The info-graphic is excellent. It would also be perfect for every day campers. :-)

  2. every citizens of the Philippines should have this bag. very useful :)


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