Adobo Connection Part 2

We went to SM Annex for lunch last Saturday before heading to the grocery at the main mall. We were looking for a place to eat when we passed by Adobo Connection. The first time we were there was during Allan's birthday last April. It's been a while since we last had our lunch there so we decided to try again. 

These were our orders.

Adobo Connection SM Annex
Pork Adobo Rice @ Ph49 and Lola Classic Adobo @ Ph158 each.

When we arrived, the crew was so proactive that she approached us immediately to ask if we would like to use a high chair for our little one. We said yes and thanked her. Some restos or fast food aren't as proactive. The only downside with the crew's offer was that when the high chair was given to us, it didn't have a seat belt or at least a front bar to keep the baby safe. As in it just looks like a regular chair, only higher. Nakakaparanoid tuloy when Trev was already seated there. Look at this pic below.

His Tatay was holding him still because Trev might fall down.
We tried to make use of the table to prevent him from falling but we were still worried that he might fall. So we decided that it's best for him to sit beside me na lang on the couch as it is obviously much safer.

Hmm, lagi na lang kaming may Look Up shot ala Ryzza Mae Dizon, hahaha! :-p

The seat we took was fronting EDSA and the LRT. When Trev noticed the train coming and going, he would pause and point to the train every single time. Hahaha! It was so funny! We would wave at the train and say "Bye Bye Train" whenever one passed by. :-)

Trev pointing at the train.
Waving! He was so amazed. :-)
He saw another train passing by! :-)

We had a fun time watching and counting the trains and of course eating our yummy Adobo delights. Trev finished one cup of Adobo Rice! The Lola Classic Adobo was okay, but I still like the Adobo Sa Gata better. Buti na lang they had Gising-gising as side dish, I love it! 

Hmm, total wallet damage was only Ph285 including drinks. Not bad. I just hope they improve their high chairs for the safety of their kiddie customers. :-)


  1. why don't we have that here in cebu?!? hehe. kidding. i love adobo! kahit na anong klaseng luto pa. it will always remind me of my childhood. and i can eat heaps of kanin if i really like how it's cooked. and the price you paid for your meal is very affordable na.

  2. Adobo is my ultimate favorite hindi na ako nakakaluto nyan... I'm gonna make one soon. Sarap ng food sa pictures!!:)


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