Clean The Tanks

Rainy days are here again. Knowing how often typhoon hits our country, it’s really very important for us to prepare for any emergency. Since it’s almost always raining, flood is expected to come by, too. As much as we don’t want it to happen, sometimes it’s really unavoidable. There are some reasons why we most often experience flooding. Illegal logging is one of those. We all know how trees are supposed to help us avoid flooding but it’s so sad that there are still a lot of people who are illegally cutting down trees. Another thing is garbage. Improper disposal of garbage is one of the top reasons why we experience flooding. Drainage becomes clogged, including septic tanks. Regardless of how small or big the garbage it, may it be just waste food, used cooking oil and especially those non-biodegradable products like small plastics or napkins, we must all be responsible in disposing these items properly. If not, septic tanks could rapidly get filled or worst, clogged.

Good thing that there are companies like septic tank cleaning hollywood who are expert in drain cleaning, tank pumping, and repairing broken tanks. But one thing is for sure, everything must start from us. Nobody would want to experience clogged septic tanks and flooding, right? We should have the discipline to take care of our environment all the time. Remember, we only have one Earth.

Note: This is a paid post but all opinions and views are my own.

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  1. It should really be part of the particular local government office's routine to clean the drainage to avoid clogging and flooding when it rains. If they could do their job well, perhaps mababawasan ang baha. Of course, the citizens have a part to play din.


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