How To Choose the Right Avocado

I love avocados, so does my baby and hubby. When Trev started eating solids, this was one of the fruits I first introduced to him. But as much as we love avocado, I find it somewhat a challenge to look for the right one, the one that's just ripe enough. Most often than not, we almost always end up buying an over ripe or an almost rotten fruit, huhuhu. Ang mahal pa naman, sayang. Minsan, nakakachamba naman, which I am thankful for! :-) Sometimes we just buy the raw ones and wait for it to ripen. But of course, we won't be able to enjoy our avocados immediately because we have to wait for a day or two pa.

Glad I chanced upon this image. Now, I know. :-)

I want that kind of avocado as shown in the picture above, just right! Yummy! :-) 

Do you like avocado, too?

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