Investment and Insurance

I admit that when I was younger, I never really thought of getting myself an insurance because at that time, I didn’t feel the need. And in my mind, I had this view that I wouldn’t benefit from it. I’d rather save and deposit my hard earned money in the bank. At least when I need it, it’s easier to just withdraw and use the money. But my view with insurance changed as I get older. I realized that it’s really important to prepare for the future and find some alternative investment strategies. One way to start is by investing in insurance.

The first insurance I got was from the company I was working at. Good thing they offer it as one of their employees’ benefits. Later on, someone introduced another insurance company to me; I got interested and applied for another one. I’m just thankful I did! Now that I have my own family, I know how important it is to prepare for the future. I’m glad too that my husband has taught me so much about investing in insurance. He’s actually the one who has a number of insurances since he was young. As they say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It’s really important to diversify. There are a lot of types of insurance out there, from pension plans to life insurance, to disability insurance, and a lot more. You just have to choose what fits you. I guess if you have the means, it’s better to have an alternative way to save and invest now, not next month, not next year. The earlier, the better. Don’t worry too much about where you’re hard earn money is going, you’ll surely benefit from that in the future.


 Note: This is a paid post but all views and opinions are my own.

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