Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal

We've gone to Jollibee for I think five times now since I won Mommy Louise's giveaway last Mother's Day! Thanks to our Ph1000 Jollibee GC prize. We're big fans of that food chain and my son's favorite is Jollibee spaghetti. Sulit na sulit ang prize! Not to mention yung natipid namin! :-p

Last Saturday, we again had our lunch at Jollibee (still using the prized GC -- thanks!) after going somewhere to fix some stuff. It was already past lunch time but the branch (inside a mall) where we went to was so full. Glad they still had a seat outside the store, and since it's a new mall, the air conditioning is still in very good condition so it was okay even if we were outside. Plus there were just a few people passing by, they're all inside Jollibee ata! Teehee! :-)

Anyway, of course we ordered Spaghetti for our little boy. We were supposed to order our usual meal of Chicken Joy with Spaghetti but I have been curious about their latest offering, the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal. I have seen a bunch of customers ordering that meal and it looks tummy-filling! So hubby and I ordered that for a change. They also have an option to upsize the drinks (at no extra charge) if we'll order that meal so hubby chose that option. I didn't mind, I'm not a fan of softdrinks anyway. Besides, I'm breastfeeding so minimize or no talaga ang softdrinks for me. So, okay lang if upsized or not. Si hubby rin uubos nun! Hihi! If only they also offer that same promo on juice sana, kaso hindi eh.

Anyway, here's how it looks like:

Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal
Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Meal at Ph119 each. The meal comes with regular sized softdrinks, which can be upsized at no extra charge.

We were surprised at how big the burger steak was! They said that it's made from 1/3 pound patty, same with their Champ. I haven't really gotten the chance to try their Jollibee Champ so I honestly have no idea how big the latter is. But The Ultimate Burger Steak is sure big! It was definitely tummy-filling. I like its combination with the sunny side-up egg and steamed rice. Although I love dipping my fries with gravy (especially with KFC gravy), I just hope they have the option to change the fries to uhmm, maybe a hash brown perhaps? In my opinion, it's just somehow awkward to put the french fries under the burger steak. I don't know, maybe it's just me. :-p

But overall, the meal's satisfying. Hubby and I were really full after finishing our plate of burger steak. Of course, our little one enjoyed his spaghetti, too!

Oopps, hubby wasn't ready yet for the pic. :-p

Have you tasted Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak yet? :-)


  1. I am hungry! i want to go to jolibee right now! hehe i agree no one can beat kfc graveyyy

  2. when it comes to gravy id say KFC but sometimes kc mejo burnt ung gravy ng kfc... :/ but when it comes to crispy chicken and affordable beefy burgers id go to Jollibee although abit pricey than McDonalds, they are more "creative" with their menu and sariling atin! :)

  3. Hmmn..it really look so tummy-filling sis Van! actually, I haven't tasted it yet. Wow! Will be I be lucky in joining giveaways kaya? hehe

  4. I almost cried reading your post. I love burger steak ever since Jollibee introduced it. i always order 2 pc burger steak plus extra rice plus large pineapple juice. nakakamiss. i can't wait to go home and langhapin ang sarap!

  5. OMG malaki pala talaga! Alam ko na anong bibilhin ko! I have GCs, too, kasi. I love Jollibee! :D

  6. Nakakabusog yung meal, pero hindi ko na inulit after my first try. Hehe. Nung bagong labas pa naman sya i was so excited. :)


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