Love and Laughter

So true. :-)
I don't really mind the "chaos", whether I look like a mess, or the room is filled with toys, or the walls have scribbles, etc. I'm just happy, grateful and overjoyed that I have a cutie patootie healthy son and I have a loving husband who loves me unconditionally even if my hair (sometimes!) looks messy. Hihi! ♥

Trev, anak, always remember that Tatay and Nanay loves you so much!

Note: I lost the link where I found this image. If you happen to know the source of this image, please pretty please let me know so I could give proper credit. Thank you! :-)


  1. Like you, I'm happy and grateful too for having my son, my husband and another baby coming soon..

  2. That's part of parenting...seeing all that mess but you know that your kid is growing up just fine and healthy enough to move around and do all those things. It is better that all things are messed up, kesa yung very neat and tidy because the child is unable to play. I'd choose messy anytime, including my hair heheheh...

  3. Our home is like that too! The walls are covered with stickers and drawings ang post its with drawing. Toys all over the floor. And I don't care! I never thought that time would come when I wouldn't mind all the mess. I'm enjoying life with my little one, mess and all :)

  4. I love the thoughts...It could be teary for your children to see your blog like this someday. :)

  5. Yan ang tunay na bahay. I also grew up in the same environment. It was my brother though who enjoyed drawing dinosaurs all over the wall :)

  6. This is so true. I need to stop myself from telling my kids not to make a mess, but that is how they learn. :-)


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