On Finding An Online Job and Being A Full Time Mom

I am still in search for an online job that could help me help my hubby. For those of you who do not know, I have been a stay at home wife and mom for one year and three months now. Yes, I have a few micro jobs online but it's still not enough for me to help my hubby financially. He's not requiring me naman na i-career ang paghahanap because he is a very good provider and he keeps telling me to just focus on our family.

In the first place, that's the reason why I have to give up my 8 year old career in one of the best telcos in our country. Don't get me wrong, I never regretted giving it up for my husband and baby. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's also a mutual decision between me and hubby. Pero sometimes, I just feel the need to go work online. Ako lang talaga ang gustong makahanap ng online work. I know that my husband is sacrificing so much for our welfare. He's a very good man and I love him so much. So, in my own little way, I hope to help him raise our family financially. Sigh. I have yet to find that one job.

By the way, I would like to especially mention my fellow BC Blogger Maxine for sharing her experience and some advices on how she landed her online job. Congrats again to you sis. Thanks for the tips! It will surely be a big help. :-)

Meanwhile, to lighten up the mood, here's an image that I found online. :-)

Again, please don't misinterpret me. I love what I'm doing. I love taking care of my husband and our baby. I love seeing them everyday. I love everything about being a full time mom. :-)


  1. I can totally feel you Van. I have permanent job but I'm still one of the one who were very eager to ask Maxine about the OL job. I'm still looking for other earning opportunities whenever possible.

  2. You might want to try writing articles for PayU2Blog since you have a domain. Do you have experience in teaching English? I'm an ESL tutor for the Japanese and I do it from home. You might find these links helpful:


    Email me please if you have any queries and I'd be happy to share more about these wonderful jobs I do from home :)

  3. i also want to have an online job but I think I am so busy already with my regular job. i hope you find what's helpful for you sis.

  4. I salute you Van because you were able to give up your career for your family. I wish I can do that too, pero mukhang hindi pa namin talaga kaya. Especially with the problems we are facing now.

    Goodluck on your online job hunting!

  5. Just keep on searching, for sure later you will find the one that fits you. Just be patient lang Sis. The process is not very easy but things will fall into places, soon.

  6. thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! :-)
    sis farida, i will check the link you posted. thanks for sharing it. i'll email you if i have more queries. :-)


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