Pedia Visit + Manang's Chicken (Again!)

Last Saturday, we went to Healthway to visit Trev's pedia for his immunization. Trev was so excited to be going out again but when we were already inside Healthway, he was in his usual sad face again. I guess he already knew what's going to happen next. Like the previous months, he cried when we were already stepping inside his pedia's clinic. Injection time na naman and he knew it would hurt him. Honestly, it pains me to see him struggling to get away from our hold and crying his heart out but I just have to show him that it's okay because we're doing it for him to be always healthy. It's for his own good. Although he cried so much during the process, he's still a very brave boy. In between his tears, we asked him to give his pedia some flying kisses and he obliged. He even gave her high-5. Kahit tumutulo ang luha. :-)

Oh, his pedia gave him this flash cards. Trev loves it!

After his immunization, we went down The Block Atrium to check out the Justice League displays. There were so many people. We only managed to take a few pictures.

After that quick stroll, we opted to eat lunch at where else, Manang's Chicken. We figured we have to eat there again because like I said in my previous post, we were not satisfied with their Sesame Beef Stew meal. So look at what we ordered: 

Manang's Chicken
2 pc. Double Deep Fried Crispy Chicken. May extra rice pa! :-p

And it was so good! Yum! Manang's Chicken definitely "redeemed" themselves from the "not so good" Sesame Beef Stew we had last time. :-)

Ready to eat!

 Anyway, to end this post, here's a picture of my cutie patootie while playing with his pedia's gift.

Have a great week ahead everyone! :-)

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