Trev's Snoopy Shoes

Last Saturday, we were supposed to visit my inlaws in Bulacan. We were already at the bus station beside Trinoma when the rain started to fall. Good thing that the bus station has a wide roof, we didn't have to worry about getting wet. The rain was so heavy we doubted if we'd ever get a bus ride. Aside from that, there were so many other passengers waiting already. Allan and I were contemplating whether to push thru with our plan or just postpone it the next day. It was already past 2pm, so we decided to just postpone our visit. (By the way, we were able to visit the next day.)

We went back inside Trinoma and just window shopped. We strolled at Landmark and since Trev's current shoes seem like it shrank or something, errr, his feet grew dramatically bigger, Allan decided that we just go and look for a new pair for our little boy. The current shoes that he's using, we bought just a few months ago. Haha! Kids really do grow up so fast! Cliche but true.

Anyway, we found this cute pair at Snoopy. And it's only Ph350! When we tried it on Trev, he was so happy walking, running around and jumping up and down in front of the mirror. And he didn't want to remove the shoes anymore. Sayang, I wasn't able to take his pic. It took us a lot of convincing for him to remove his new shoes and wear his old one so we could pay for it at the cashier. Glad he obliged so we were able to put his old shoes back on. Hihi! He just loves his new shoes. 

After shopping for Trev's shoes, we went to KFC for our late lunch. Next to Jollibee, I could probably say that KFC is our next go-to fast food. Trev likes KFC spaghetti, too.

Supreme Bowl and Spaghetti from KFC Trinoma
Supreme Bowl and Spaghetti from KFC Trinoma

At home, I took a quick shot of Trev's new shoes because he was already very eager to try it on again.

Trev's new Snoopy Shoes at only Ph350. :-)

Look at my little boy as he was trying very hard to wear his new rubber shoes! He was so funny Allan and I were so amused!

Struggling to put on his new pair all by himself!

He was so happy when I took the shoes and put it on him.

Kilig na kilig sa new shoes niya! :-p

The pair is two sizes bigger than his current size so hopefully, it would last him until at least first quarter of next year. But, knowing how fast kids grow up, it would probably only last until this year ends. Haha! It's okay, seeing the look of happiness and delight from his face, we'd be very happy to buy him a new one if this new pair won't last him until December. :-)

Happy feet!


  1. Cute naman...Keep on letting him do such tasks alone by himself and it will give him confidence.

  2. nice shoes for your little one!

  3. It looks like he is loving his shoes! (

  4. I love how kids try to put on their shoes. They just look so adorable! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cute naman ng shoes at ni baby boy.. Trev is getting smarter! :)


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