Chic-Boy Lunch

Whenever we go to Walter Mart, we always end up having lunch at Jollibee, which of course we all enjoy, especially for my little one who loves Jollibee Spaghetti. Last week was different though, we decided to try Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy) which is located just across Jollibee. The latter was so full that time so since Chic-Boy doesn't have that much costumers yet, we gave it a go. We've been shying away from them basically because we thought they don't serve food that kids like Trev could eat. We thought they only offer lechon and inihaw but when we went inside, they have a variety of food pala. Of course, they also have Trev's favorite, spaghetti. :-)

Trev and his Tatay while waiting for our food. Playing with the table number. :-p

Ginawang toy ni Trev ang table number stand. Haha!

Chic-Boy's Spaghetti, which they call "Spaghetamis", worth Ph45.

Bangus Sisig at Chic-Boy
Bangus Sisig worth Ph99. Additional Ph10 if you want your Sisig with egg.

Lechon Sisig at Chick-Boy
Lechon Sisig worth ph99. Additional Ph10 if you want your Sisig with egg.

Playing while eating. Trev kept looking at the trucks passing by the street. Whenever he sees one, he would wave and clap his hands. :-)

Busog na. Trev still busy looking at the trucks and cars passing by. He doesn't want to look at the camera. :-)

So far, the meals are all affordable. They offer "Rice All You Can" on all their "Chibog Busog Meals", like the Sisig meal that we ordered. It comes with soup, too. Not bad. The food's delish, too. Sisig is one of my faves, especially with egg and calamansi. I love it spicy! :-p

The only problem we encountered was, the crews somehow get disorganized(?) with the way they serve their customers' orders. They don't serve it one time kasi, meaning paisa-isa sila magdala ng order on your table. That's okay if they have a list of your orders, but unfortunately, they don't. And considering that there were only a few costumers that time, they still got confused with our orders. We didn't order egg on the Sisig kasi (because we want to try the plain first), but they put egg on it when they served it to our table. I'm not sure why, but I hope they could improve their service because, after all, they offer yummy and affordable meals.

Next time we go to Walter Mart, we'll most probably have our lunch here again and try their other meals. I hope their service improves on our next visit. :-)


  1. Trev seemed to enjoy your lunch very much! Cute kiddo!

  2. favorite ng kids ko ang chicboy, they love the lechon and calamares

  3. Quite affordable with the unli rice hehe. Looks like you and your kiddo enjoyed it!

  4. Hi, Trev! Walang ChicBoy here in Davao, but I like the idea of a lechon sisig. Kakagutom lang!

  5. Trev is really a cute and smart kid! It's good to try other fast food din for a change hehe

  6. Two ChicBoy closed their stores here in Pampanga. I guess they're not selling good.

  7. It looks yummilicous sis, though the spaghetti sauce seems a little ha hahaha!

    1. haha! yun nga rin ang akala namin, jeng eh. yun pala, the sauce was actually under the noodles, tinabunan nila! hihi! nauna ata nila ni-pour yung sauce bago yung noodles! tapos nilagyan lang ng konti ulit sa ibabaw. haha! kaloka! :-)

  8. I think the food are looking so yummy! Trev is super cute!


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