Long Weekend Breakfast Specials

Well, these aren't really special breakfast. They're actually just simple breakfast but I refer to it as "special" because weekend is when Trev and I spend the whole day with my hubby. I try my best to prepare something more during these days. And cooking a "special" breakfast is one of my favorite things to do. It's the start of the day and it's when our bonding moments start, too.

Since it was a long weekend last week, here were the breakfasts I prepared for us. :-)

Banana with Corn Flakes for Trev, for us naman Flower-Shaped Ham, Steamed Okra, Squid-Crab-Octopus Shaped Hotdogs, and Bagoong Rice. :-)

Egg Omelet (Trev loves eggs), Happy Face Meat Loaf, Tomatoes and Fried Rice.

Longganisa, Egg, Fried Eggplant, Toyomasi for the sawsawan and Garlic Rice. Trev's breakfast is not in the pic. I prepared an oatmeal with yogurt and banana for him. :-)

That's it, pancit! Looking forward to more long weekends! :-)

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