Simple Joys Photo: Trev and the Big Digger

Trev loves cars, trucks, trains, buses, air planes, and anything similar to these. He loves watching Bob The Builder, too. When we went to Bulacan the other week, he saw this big digger and boy, was he amazed!

Trev: Tatay, wow! This digger is so BIG!

Trev: Okay po, Tatay, I saw it already. Uwi na po tayo! 

Haha! Funny Trev, after a few minutes of seeing the BIG digger, he went away na, natakot ata. Ang laki kasi compared to the ones he's seeing on TV. Hihi! :-p

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  1. My second nephew also loves construction vehicles and knows all the names too :) Yes, kids are so adorable! Expose mo lang sya sis sa mga interests nya and he'll not only learn fast but you'll discover many things about him in the process. :)


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