Simple Joys Photo: Trev and His "Pilit" (But Still Cute) Smile! :-)

Lakwatsa mode kami the other week and when I was done putting on Trev's clothes, he suddenly stood up and went near the wall, as seen in the pic above. He just stayed there and stared at us. I immediately grabbed the camera and asked him to smile. He looked like he was asking for me to take his pic kasi. Aba, he happily obliged and gave us his sweet smile. Yun lang mukang pilit ang ngiti! Haha! Nevertheless, still looking cute naman as always, hihi! It was actually the first time na siya ang nagvolunteer (somehow) magpakuha ng pic. Kaaliw! Good job, anak! We love you! :-)

= OOTD =
Shirt: Birthday gift
Pants: Tiny Tots
Socks: SM Department Store

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