Trev Can't Take His Eyes Off The Spaghetti!

Last week, we went somewhere in Balintawak but before going there, we decided to just eat our lunch at Jollibee Munoz. I guess Trev must love Jollibee Spaghetti talaga because the minute Allan put down our tray of food on the table, Trev couldn't take his eyes off of it already! He kept pointing at the spaghetti and wouldn't look at the camera! Hihi!

Jollibee Munoz
Regular yum and Spaghetti

This was his initial reaction upon seeing his lunch! Haha! Kaaliw! :-)

He kept pointing at his spaghetti! Gutom na ata ang baby ko.

Okay, picture muna. Take 1! Ay, di nakatingin si Trev!

Take 2! Oopps, Trev tingin sa Tatay, anak! Wag sa spaghetti!

Take 3! Ahahaha! Never mind, let's eat na lang, baby. :-)

The amused Tatay! Hihi! :-)

That (LRT - train) was the only thing that distracted him from looking at his food. He just loves trains and buses and cars and trucks! And whenever he sees the train passes by, he would point to it and wave his hand!

Okay, no more train. Back to my food. Yum yum! :-D

That's it for now! Hope everyone's safe and dry. The rain hasn't stopped yet and a lot of places have been flooded already. God bless!


  1. Cute naman neh Trev, talagang gusto ng kumain ayaw na pakawalan..hehehe gusto din ng mga anak ko yung spaghetti, fried tsaka chicken.. I missed Pinas tuloy. hehehe thanks for sharing the photos

  2. Hehehe oo nga na lock-in mga mata ni Trev sa spaghetti! Mommy Tama na daw pa-picture! kain na daw! hehehe

  3. Favorite talaga ah. I find kids like spaghetti and fried chicken. Messy lang when they eat by themselves :)

  4. Cute little Trev loves spaghetti! Mommy talaga, na delay ung kain ni Trev because of your photo ops. Hehehe.

  5. hihi... there's something about jollibee's spaghetti that kids love. :). buti trev is not a picky eater.

  6. Cute reaction. But speaking of spaghetti, now I want to eat one. or i might get myself something from Jollibee first thing in the morning. nyahaha

  7. Natulala si Trev, cute. Kids do love Jollibee spaghetti and I think even kids at heart. Hehe... I will always here my son saying Jollibee spaghetti un lang lagi naman puno ang Jollibee when we want to it there.

  8. hahaha! So cute! As in all photos are of him looking at the spaghetti. :)


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