Trev's First Ever Personalized Kindle Book

Yesterday, I finally received my complimentary personalized Kindle book from the founder of HowToLearn.com and the author of "I Am a STAR Personalized Book Series", she's also an award winning best-selling author who writes strategies to improve reading and learning,  Ms. Pat Wyman. The book's original title was "Jackson's First Day Of School" but since mine was personalized for my son, it's now "Trev's First Day Of School". So happy and thankful! 

Trev's First Day Of School - I Am a STAR Personalized Book Series
Trev's First Ever Personalized Kindle Book. :-)
Thank you so much to Ms. Pat Wyman for sharing her awesome book. By the way, according to Ms. Wyman, she and her son, J.P. wrote the book to empower a child to overcome concerns about going to school for the first time.

My baby isn't going to school yet in a year or two but I guess this is a good start to prepare him. So of course, I immediately downloaded the Kindle book and showed it to my husband and son. Trev was so delighted to see his first ever personalized kindle book! I read it out loud to him and he listened intently. It's so much fun to read because of all the rhymes in it. And since Trev's name is also incorporated in the story, whenever he hears his name, he smiles and gets excited. He's also so attracted with the images in the book, especially that the main character (named "Trev" of course) has a favorite toy teddy bear named "Bo". You see, Trev has a teddy bear too and it's one of his favorite toys! So, maybe while he was looking at the images, he was also imagining himself as the child in the book. 

I highly recommend this book to all of you out there who has children or even grandchildren, nieces, nephews, godchildren, or for any child that you know. It's something that children can easily relate too. It's engaging as well and I'm pretty sure that kids can overcome their first day of school jitters after reading this book. It's a rhyming story and it absolutely is a delight to read and will put a smile on any child's face.  

"How to Get FREE Books for Your Child?: If you sign up for our mailing list at HowToLearn.com, we will let you know when more book titles are available for you FREE with our compliments. We give away thousands of free books so watch your email for the subject: Complimentary Books" 

-- Quoted from the Kindle Book that I received, so go ahead and sign up, too!  :-) 
I'm sure parents will like it because HowToLearn.com offers so many wonderful learning systems that could definitely be of help to any child. I personally love the website because they have a lot of educational resources that are absolutely very useful!

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  1. Interesting site and very informative too. I'll definitely share these to my in-laws to enhance my pamangkins intelligences and skills. Thank you!


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