Red Ribbon's Macaroons For A Cause

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When I started blogging, I never really thought that I would later receive invites to events such as those of product launches, mommy events, and the like. But a few months since I started occupying a small space in the blogosphere, I have been so thankful that some have noticed my simple home (blog) and I have been so blessed to be receiving quite a few invites. (Thank you po!)

I was so happy when I received one last September 18 inviting me to the Red Ribbon's Macaroons For A Cause. The schedule was so perfect! It was on a Saturday (September 21) at 12 noon. The location was at SM The Block, which was just a stone's throw away from our place. The best part was that I could bring along my family with me! Yay! So, Allan, Trev and I went to the event.

From the press release:
"Red Ribbon’s new pastry gives you not only coconut goodness in creamy perfection, but also helps increase the Filipino youth's access to education. Each pack of 10 sells for only PhP 50. For every purchase, P7 will go to the Apl.de.Ap Foundation’s cause of building a public high school."
The goal was to sell 4.2 million packs of Macaroons for a Cause. In our family's own little way, we hope we have helped them in achieving this goal.

Press Release: Do The Macaroon Dance!

 Red Ribbon on track to build first public school

September 21, 2013, Manila, Philippines – Loyal consumers and fans of Red Ribbon gathered in The Block at SM North as the renowned bakeshop unveiled a new dance craze, The Macaroon Dance.  This new dance craze features Apl.de.Ap, member of the world-famous band The Black Eyed Peas.

Red Ribbon invited their audience to groove to the music especially made for Red Ribbon's Macaroons for a Cause.


Simple Joys Photo: Happy Birthday, Ninong!

Last September 19 was Trev's Ninong's (one of my very close friend) birthday. My bestfriend's sister asked us if we could send a birthday greeting because she's making a cute birthday card for him. She asked if we could take a family photo too, with our greeting. Sort of like a "fan sign". Allan wasn't home yet so I couldn't send her a family pic with our greeting. I decided to just take Trev's pic with his greetings instead. I was hoping he would hold the tablet with the message but he ended up adding more scribbles making the message unreadable! Hahaha! So, I asked him to just sit down then I put the tablet beside him. He sat and got his two "bestfriends", Pancho and Teddy. Then, he smiled! Click! Gotcha! Cutie smile with Trev's birthday greeting for his Ninong! Hihi! :-)

Sumo Onigiri and Tamagoyaki Bento

Eversince I learned how to cook tamagoyaki, I have always been excited to make one for my baby and hubby. (I blogged about how to cook tamagoyaki here.) To make it more interesting, for last week's bento baon, I made a little uhmm, twist(?) with my tamagoyaki. I just went with the flow and didn't actually research about how these were done so I guess they don't look presentable enough because it's all just pa-cham. Yes, short for pachamba chambang luto ng tamagoyaki with a twist! Anyway, hubby said it tasted good naman daw so I'm fine with that. Hihi! 

These are, as always, simple baon for hubby. I'm still in the learning stage until now so pardon the presentation. I just wanted to post it here so I could see my improvement, if there's any. :-P


Product Review: Human Heart Nature Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent

We all know that dengue is almost everywhere nowadays. Nakakaparanoid especially if you have a baby like me. I get really worried whenever I see that Trev got bitten again by those pesky mosquitoes. Before, as paranoid as I may be, I haven't really used any insect repellent on Trev. When he was younger, we bought him a mosquito net pero since he's so malikot while sleeping, he almost always end up being outside the net in the middle of his sleep. Haha! I make sure though that he's always wearing pyjama because those mosquitoes love to bite his legs, hay! One day, my former officemate asked me what I use to repel those mosquitoes from biting on Trev's skin, I told her I wasn't really applying anything on him. Those times kasi, I was afraid na baka there are bad chemicals on those insect repellents na di puwede for my baby. But then, I realized, there are a number of natural products available out there, so why not try? 

Then I discovered Human Heart Nature's Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent. I think it's the same HHN Citronella Spray but HHN made it even more powerful by adding soy bean and eucalyptus oil. Of course, it still has the same reliable DEET-free formula.

Product Review: Human Heart Nature Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent
100% No Harmful Chemicals: No DEET, parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, formaldehyde or other toxic substances.

Product Review: All Natural Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring

When I was still single, I used to visit Lay Bare and Let's Face It for my ME-time. Usually, I would just go to Let's Face It for facial and eyebrow threading then later on, I also availed of facial hair threading because I have downy fuzz on my upper lip and chin. It was actually fine with me before because it's not very noticeable naman but hubby sometimes teases me so na-conscious naman ako, hahaha! I go naman to Lay Bare for sugar waxing. I am both satisfied with either but sometimes, it gets kinda pricey especially now that I am a stay at home mom. It's important for me to be frugal. So, for now, no Lay Bare nor Let's Face It muna. But it doesn't mean that you can't have ME-time at home. :-)

I'm so glad that I discovered Strip It for my waxing needs. Actually, I have been wanting to buy one for the longest time but I wasn't sure how much it would cost me. I thought it was expensive and hard to use. But, boy, was I wrong. When we went to Trinoma the other week, we went to Sesou to buy Trev some natural insect repellant because we've already emptied his HHN Bug Shield, I saw that they're also selling Strip It. I was surprised to find out that a tub of 100 grams only cost Ph170! Affordable!

Product Review: All Natural Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring
The package comes with the tub of sugar wax of course, a reusable wooded spatula, instruction manual and a big spread of paper used to "strip" the hair and wax.


Press Release - Wyeth Nutrition: Dimples Romana: Tips to Nurture Your Child's Gift

Having children is a gift—a gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Everyday brings a different surprise, a new discovery or sometimes a new milestone from your child. One day, it can be the wonder to see your daughter take her first step; the next, it can be the moment she discovers that she likes to sing; or the joy of hugging her close to you after seeing her sing well at home. Then it sinks in that more than being a gift, your child is actually an exceptionally talented child.

TV Host and character actress Dimples Romana knows this firsthand. A mother to a beautiful daughter named Cal; she also hosted a TV reality program that helped develop talented kids - Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp.“I watched hundreds of kids audition and participate, and it made me realize that there are a lot and I mean a lot of talented kids out there. It’s just a matter of encouraging and tapping into their inherent talents,” notes Dimples.

Five Breastfeeding Facts


This is an interesting read. My most favorite would probably be #3. :-) 
#5 got me thinking though. Hahaha! And uhhmm, #4 got me confused. :-P

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Breastfeeding is...

Trev is 23 months old and we're still exclusively breastfeeding. So thankful that God blessed us with this wonderful gift. Trev is thriving more and more each day. Thank you Lord for blessing my husband and I with such an adorable, happy, and healthy baby. Trev, we love you so much, anak! 

Note: If my memory serves me right, I think I got this image from the Breastfeeding Fanpage in Facebook. Oh my, I hope I'm correct. If you happen to know, please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks! :-)

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Joy In Motherhood

Yes, admittedly there are hard times when you're a mom. I guess nobody would say otherwise. But at the same time, there are joyful moments, too! And that's what's more important. Treasure each moment with your child and trust in the Lord that you can handle all the hard and frustrating times with grace. Just pray and take care of your baby. Be happy that you're a mom. I am! :-)

Note: So sad that I already lost my reference to this quote. If you happen to know where this quote came from, please pretty please, let me know, so I can give where credit is due. Thank you! :-)

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Simple Joys Photo: Trev Dancing Gangnam Style

My son loves to dance! He dances to any tune he hears. He loves chacha and look up look up of Ryzza Mae Dizon. He dances to the tune of Pampers Dry commercial (the one featuring the cute little baby wearing shades). He dances whenever he hears the songs from Monkey See, Monkey Do. He dances to all of Barney's songs. And a lot lot more! And, whenever I sing Oppa Gangnam Style, he would automatically cross his arms like that and start dancing! Hihi! :-)

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There's A Ladybug On My Bento! :-)

Here I am again with another bento post. :-)

These were what I prepared for hubby's bento baon (breakfast and lunch) last week. I only had to prepare for three days because the remaining two days, he was at their former office building in Pioneer St.. He didn't have to bring baon there.

Anyway, he was at their eco-friendly and if I may say again, very posh (-- sayang, di ko na inabutan when I was still employed there, inggit mode nang very very light na naman, haha! Pero like I always say, that's okay. I'm more than happy naman being a SAHM.)  new office building in Bonifacio Global City for three days so here's what I prepared for him. This isn't much. As always, these are just simple meals that I made into very simple (o)bento.


My Maja Maiz

This is one of my fave desserts. The first time I made this was on Trev's 11th month "mini-celebration" at home. Instead of buying a cake, I decided to just make one for him. :-)

Trev at 11 months with his Maja Maiz "cake". :-)

Weekend Bonding + Konting Shopping

I just love weekends! Weekend means more time together with hubby since he doesn't have to go to work. As what we almost always do, since we're just a stone's throw away from SM, we went on a stroll at the mall about two weekends ago (yeah, late post! ;-p) 

The excited little man.


(O)Bento Baon

Honestly, I'm not even sure if you can call these as (o)bento. I'm still in the process of learning but so far, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Preparing for Allan's baon has somehow become one of my stress relievers. Thinking about what to prepare for him for his daily baon is exciting, me thinks. And even if it means that I would have to wake up earlier than usual and move like a thief in the night at the kitchen so Trev's sleep won't be disturbed and I could finish Allan's baon agad, it really is a stress reliever for me. Of course, making it a little like (o)bento takes a little bit of work pero sabi nga nila, labor of love. :-)

Anyway, enough of my drama, teehee! Here's what I prepared for his baon (breakfast and lunch) for the past two weeks. There were two holidays the past weeks so 8 lang yan. :-)

(O)Bento Baon


Breakfast On A Rainy Weekend

It's been raining every now and then during the past weeks. Sarap magfood trip sa bahay while spending time with the family. :-)

Here were some of the breakfasts I prepared for hubby and baby last week.

Daing or Sun-dried galunggong (for me and hubby), Spiced vinegar, Steamed okra, Toyomansi, Sunny side up Eggs (for the three of us), and Fried Rice.

More About Trev's Jollibee Spaghetti Moments

Lately, I have been posting quite a number of Jollibee features. Well, that's simply because my son just loves Jollibee Spaghetti! We almost always eat our lunch there everytime we're out. Trev always gets excited and giddy once he sees that we're going to Jollibee. I love the look on his face and the sparkle on his eyes whenever he sees his yummy spaghetti. Last week, we went somewhere again and since Jollibee is nearby the place we're at, we had our lunch there na rin.

Sorry for the photo overload, I just got carried away because I really love Trev's reaction on these pictures and I wanted to record it here in my blog. :-)

Okay, I'll start the photo story na. :-)

Waiting for his spaghetti. Excited. :-)


Sample Room Product Review: Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30

I have always been curious about BB Creams because of the raves I see online and on TV Ads. So, when Sample Room posted on their FB Page that they have stocks of Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30, I did not hesitate one bit to get my sample. One of the best parts is that it's not a sample size, they're offering the full sized (40ml) tube worth Ph599! And I got it for free! Yey! What a steal! Well, not counting the delivery fee of course, but that's okay. 


August Shopping Finds On A Rainy Weekend

It was a rainy weekend two weeks ago but we still decided to go to the mall because we need to buy a new pair of shoes for hubby. This has long been overdue since he's been using the same shoes for a few years now. They just recently moved in to their new office at Bonifacio Global City (inggit mode ako nang very very light because di 'ko na inabutan ang posh office namin sa aming beloved telco. Nakiki-"namin" ako, haha! You see, before I became a SAHM, we were together on the same telco. Anyway, I'm more than happy naman being a SAHM, being with Trev 24/7, so okay lang. So, back to the shoes, ayun nga, of course I wanted him to look more presentable naman dun aside from the fact that they have certain dress codes talaga. Glad that SM is just a stone's throw away from our place, no hassle going there kahit umuulan.