August Shopping Finds On A Rainy Weekend

It was a rainy weekend two weeks ago but we still decided to go to the mall because we need to buy a new pair of shoes for hubby. This has long been overdue since he's been using the same shoes for a few years now. They just recently moved in to their new office at Bonifacio Global City (inggit mode ako nang very very light because di 'ko na inabutan ang posh office namin sa aming beloved telco. Nakiki-"namin" ako, haha! You see, before I became a SAHM, we were together on the same telco. Anyway, I'm more than happy naman being a SAHM, being with Trev 24/7, so okay lang. So, back to the shoes, ayun nga, of course I wanted him to look more presentable naman dun aside from the fact that they have certain dress codes talaga. Glad that SM is just a stone's throw away from our place, no hassle going there kahit umuulan.

So, off we went to SM and looked for a nice pair for him. I'm a big fan of Skechers (the current pair he's using is Skechers din) so we went to check what they have to offer. I saw one which I really like for hubby. But as always, it's quite expensive and we're on a REALLY tight budget right now, but considering the quality, it's sulit na rin. We went to the other stores and checked out their displays, too. But I couldn't get over with the one we saw at Skechers because for me (parang ako ang magsusuot ano?) it's really nice and hubby likes it too, he said naman it's comfy, so we ended up going back and buying it.

After that, I asked hubby if we could go to the baby section to look for stuffs for Trev. I wanted to buy Trev new pyjamas because most of the ones he's using right now are all parang shorts na lang. He's grown really big and I feel like all his pjs shrank na ata. Haha! SM was on sale and we ended up buying not just some pjs but some shirts for Trev, too! Yay! :-) 

Happy baby! The saleslady was so amused because Trev was in the mood for playtime. Nagpapacute sa saleslady, hihi! :-)

While waiting for Tatay at the cashier. :-)

We went to the grocery to end our little shopping "spree".

Tatay, Trev and his "roller coaster" ride! Haha!

We went home after that, mahirap na mag-overspend, hahaha!

My little boy at home. Play na agad with his tolocar. Haha! :-)
Trev's OOTD on that rainy weekend was courtesy of my brother who happens to be Trev's ninong also. (Thanks Tininong Marlon for the gift!). 
Love that the fabric was so soft and warm on that rainy day. 

Here's what we ended up buying. 

3 pyjamas (I think this was more or less Ph160++ for three pieces), shirt with truck design (there's another shirt underneath it -- so for two shirts, this I think was Ph169.75 less 20% off), blue shirt with collar and suspender design was only Ph125 (sale at 50% off), and the black shirt & shorts terno was Ph300++ (not on sale. I was actually looking for a black shorts lang sana but I couldn't find any so when I saw this one, I got it na lang kahit medyo pricey, cute naman the design eh, hihi!).

Allan's new shoes, a belt for moi (from Ph260, I got it for only Ph100) and VO5 shampoo for me also (Ph99, I saw it at the grocery and I find it more affordable than other brands, so try natin, I'll make a review soon.)

So, that's our shopping finds for August. Thank God for all the blessings! How about you, my dear friends? Any shopping hauls lately? :-)


  1. No hauls yet. Magsha-shopping pala hehehe..Trev looks adorable. Mukhang in the mood nga, always smiling.

  2. Big winner si Trev sa shopping escapade nyo ha :) I am glad I did no shopping last weekend, but this coming weekend baka di ko talaga ma resist ang books sa NBS!


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