Breakfast On A Rainy Weekend

It's been raining every now and then during the past weeks. Sarap magfood trip sa bahay while spending time with the family. :-)

Here were some of the breakfasts I prepared for hubby and baby last week.

Daing or Sun-dried galunggong (for me and hubby), Spiced vinegar, Steamed okra, Toyomansi, Sunny side up Eggs (for the three of us), and Fried Rice.

Oh, how I missed daing! When I was still living in the province with my grannies, pag yan ulam namin, naku talo-talo na! Sarap! I remember telling Allan one rainy Saturday morning while we were having breakfast, "Parang masarap kumain ng daing kapag ganitong maulan!". Yay, the next thing I knew, we already bought some when we went to the grocery. I was so excited to make breakfast already! Oh, you may have noticed that one disastrous sunny side up egg, haha!  Sorry, namali lang nang basag ng shell!

Arroz Caldo, fried tofu, and toyomansi.

This was my husband's request, yes the Arroz Caldo with Fried Tofu. I also missed Arroz Caldo. Actually, I could not remember the last time I ate one. I always forget kasi that I could cook it naman pala at home, haha! So, there, I excitedly prepared it for the three of us. And they love it! Yey! :-)

Boiled egg for Trev (he loves eggs), Egg Omelet with Corned Beef, Steamed Okra, Fish Sauce with Calamansi, and Octopus-Shaped Chicken Franks.

There's actually nothing special with this. :-P It's just one of our usual breakfasts. It's just that I love making cute shapes out of sausages and one of my fave is making it look like an octopus. That's maybe because of my love for (o)bento dishes. I don't let Trev eat hotdogs or any other processed foods though, so it's just for me and hubby. I prepared oatmeal with fresh bananas for the little man aside from the boiled egg. :-)

How about you, friends? What's your comfort food on a rainy day? :-)


  1. your post made me crave for arroz caldo tuloy. hehe. might as well try cooking it at home, pero for one or two people lang kasi ayaw ng sister ko sa mga type kong pagkain sometimes. hehe!

  2. I'm impressed by all the excellent dishes you prepared for breakfast... Lots of delicious choices too. I'm a cereal and tea girl. :-)

  3. I love the first one...daing and okra..but I preferred okra as fried. yumyumyum.

  4. Nagutum ako sa daing sis! Sarap ng breakfast nyo!

  5. Sarap naman! Pinoy food talaga ang the best for breakfast! I like to add "buro" (the fermented rice? We call it buro in kapampangan. haha!) to that. I love the idea of the octopus franks. I should try that with hotdog one time.

  6. We enjoy eating daing too for breakfast whether it's raining or shining and I love it with salted egg and tomatoes. Lately, our rainy day comfort food is the dish we saw from the tube: fried rice with garlic, tuyo and tomato (ala chow fan). Matrabaho lang, my mom would say but masarap lalo na pag malamig and panahon! :)


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